ZERO 2.0 : The Latest Modular Electric Scooter You Can Never Say NO To!

If weight, portability, and all-around convenience are your main criteria for  selecting your first modular electric scooter, then Zero E-scooter could be the choice you have been searching for.  With the plethora of the electric vehicles – from scooters, cars, to hoverboard, it is  no longer surprising that the competition for the lightest and simplest in terms of use is on its way.  For the space-conscious people who can only own compact items and  for those who wish to take their scooters on the road,  finding something lightweight and easy-to-use is a massive advantage. If you intend to get to know the very first modular electric scooter called Zero, then read on and see the interesting features and advantages of using one.

A First Look at Zero 2.0

Back in September 2015, Zero e-scooter wowed the community of electric scooter enthusiasts around the world with its lightweight frame. Known as the first modular electric scooter in the world, Zero  was also known to be the first ever mass –produced e-scooter that is made from carbon fiber. The use of aluminum alloy in the body makes it capable of accommodating a power output of 250 W.  Needless to say, the first ever version of Zero was a huge success. Now, the first modular electric scooter  is about to produce its second version, aptly called ZERO 2.0.  The second version is  now up for pre-order and is  expected to be one sale next year.

The Top Features of Zero 2.0

Unparalleled Portability

The best feature that made the first version of the top modular electric scooter one of the best today can also be seen in the second or latest version.  The second version also possesses extreme portability as it only weighs an impressive 6.4 kilograms.  Such unparalleled portability is achieved through the use of top-of-the-line carbon fiber which makes truly lightweight and easy to carry around. This modular electric scooter is also now an ideal companion for the urban commuters. Even children or teens can make use of the scooter with ease.

The Sturdy Yet Slim Deck

Another feature of this modular electric scooter is the super slim deck which only has a width of 7.6mm. Slim, sturdy, and still highly stylish – the deck of  Zero 2.0 is also one of the most durable as it can accommodate a weight of up to 100kgs. The deck itself is shaped like  spring leaf which enables it to function as a supplemental suspension. This lets the riders of this modular electric scooter experience smooth rides even on the uneven or rough surface.

Easy Fold and Easy Storage

Using and storing this modular electric scooter  is a breeze.  It only takes A SINGLE second to fold it.  The Zero 2.0 proves that convenience is truly now a reality even for self-balancing electric scooters.  Using it the first time is just as easy. There is no need to do any complex assembly.  When done using,  one quick pull on its release lever automatically folds the item down. As it is slim and compact, it can be stored anywhere in then house – from a simple corner, underneath the bed, or anywhere where it will not obstruct any member in the household. Even for younger users, folding it and storing it away will not be a burden.

Advanced LCD Features

Being one of the models that have revolutionized the way people make use of  the scooter, this modular electric scooter is equipped with LCD functions.  It has a built-in odometer and speedometer that lets you track your journey. There is no need to make use of a separate application to check the distance, speed, and other driving settings.  This modular electric scooter also comes with a digital clock as well as  battery life meter. There is no need to know whether you are about to run out of battery or not. Essential information like such is accessible with a single glimpse at the LCD.  Moreover, aside from the braking mechanism, this  e-scooter is also designed with a powerful headlight which boosts your visual presence when during night time or when in darker places.

Technical Specifications of this Electric Scooter

This model comes with reliable Lithium-Ion Samsung batteries which are tested and certified as safe for use.   There is no need to spend so much time charging the Zero 2.0 as for only two short hours, energy replenished up to maximum level. Yes, recharging this 100% only takes an average of 120 minutes. This modern  modular electric scooter is also powered by a 24V 350-Watt Brushless Motors which include sensors.  While the unit barely weighs 7kgs, it still powerful enough to carry a maximum live load of up to 125 kgs. This is one of the electric scooters that big capacity, making it ideal for both the young and the adults.

For people who like speed, in general, this is also one of the best electric scooters to try. The latest Zero modular electric scooter can go up to 20-25 kph. However, for the upgraded version, riders may enjoy  the maximum speed of up to 35 km. The 5” tubeless rubber tires also let users enjoy rides without the bumps along the road. These tires also come with  rear aluminum rims.  The braking system installed in this unit is also at par with the best ones in the world. This modular electric scooter comes with an EBS Microelectronic Control Brake plus a Rear Fender Brake. These two systems enable the unit to halt instantly when necessary.

Novice’ Guide in Selecting E-scooters

The Zero 2.0 version is certainly one of the top modular electric scooters you may try if you are a first-timer. However, aside from the features, there are also other factors to consider in selecting the scooter that suits you best. One of  which is the distance you wish to   travel with your scooter. Are  you buying one for the everyday commute? Is it for pleasure?  If you intend to use it every day, then selecting an electric scooter that is engineered to last is the key. Select a model, such as the Zero e-scooters, that are made from high quality and durable materials.

Your age, as well as the place where you intend to use the scooters, are both important points to check also.  Note that e-scooters have their own recommended age for use. Some allow children of 12 years old, while others can go as young as 8 years old.  When the scooter is for daily transport, it is also important to check where you intend to use the modular electric scooter.  It is highly recommended to check whether electric scooters in your area can be legally used in  public.

The quality of the battery is also just as important. You may want to check if the battery system of your electric scooter has been certified safe for use. The battery life is also dependent on the brand of the batteries as well. Go for the well-known brands and those who offer fair warranties on both the batteries and the unit itself.  Get to know the coverage of the warranty by checking the manufacturer’s website as well.  Moreover, get electric scooters from legitimate sites and stores. Learn how to spot a knock-off from a genuine modular electric scooter.

Price is also a factor. If the electric scooter is too inexpensive and is ‘too good to be true’,  then it probably is. Quality brands are slightly pricier than most brands. It is also highly recommended to check those reviews that are usually found on-line. Joining online communities is also another option to know the insights of other e-scooter enthusiasts. Going the extra mile and doing more research will enable you to find out whether the modular electric scooter of  your choice  is the right one for you.

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