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Buy Your Scooter from Scooter Stores, Not Big Box Stores. Here’s Why

With price being the prime motivating factor, many scooter buyers are abandoning their local scooter stores and looking to buy their scooters and bikes at big box stores like Costco. This however could quite literally be a fatal mistake. Here’s what you need to know:

There are Scooters and There are Scooters

As in virtually any industry you can think of, from washing machines to cars to computers, there is a wide range of prices when it comes to purchasing scooters and the big box stores tend to sell the cheapest stuff because that’s what their customers demand. Hey, that’s all right. Costco and Sam’s Place aren’t scooter stores and they don’t pretend to be such. Instead, they sell everything under the sun and they sell it cheaply.

Great for Bulk Pretzels, Not So Much for Scooters

This is fine when you’re looking to purchase bulk pretzels, because one pretzel or another pretty much tastes the same and you can usually make an informed decision about purchasing your pretzels from a place like Costco without a problem. However, this becomes a highly problematic situation when you replace local scooter stores with big box stores; and the problem isn’t just cost.

But Let’s Talk about Cost First

Okay, we just got through telling you that it’s not about cost, well not only about cost. However, prices are a big reason why people don’t want to shop at scooter stores – the big box places are cheaper. However, as noted above, the problem with big box stores is that the material they sell, especially for high ticket items like electric scooters, tends to be the cheapest material available. This may be fine when you’re buying your pretzels, but a scooter, which has to go into and out of traffic needs to be made of quality materials. Otherwise, you are quite literally risking your life in order to save a few dollars.

Even if They Had Name Brands

Beyond that however, let’s talk about name brands and big box stores. The typical big box store employee earns minimum wage and has to sell blue jeans, blueberry syrup and blue shirts all at the same time. This means that even he or she happens to be stocking the scooter section of the big box store, he or she isn’t likely to know anything about electric scooters or which ones are safer for which uses. He or she won’t be able to offer the kind of advice about safety that someone from one of the local scooter stores might be able to offer you. At most, if you’re lucky, you’ll have someone who tells you where the helmets are located.

Contrast that With Scooter Stores

Now contrast that with scooter stores. These stores have people whose only job it is to sell scooters. They know which ones are junk and likely to cause an accident. They can tell you which ones are good for a flat neighborhood, but will be a safety hazard in a place like San Francisco. Plus, if you need to know about safety gear, there is no replacement for visiting one of your local scooter stores.

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