Where To Buy An Electric Scooter

I recently moved to a lovely neighborhood with many kids riding electric scooters. I fell in love with the idea of a scooter and wanted one for myself. So, I started searching through online retailers and different brand websites and narrowed down some best sources. To make it easy for others like me who might be interested in getting an electric scooter for themselves, I am writing out my findings here today. 

How To Buy An Electric Scooter?

When you decide you want to buy an electric scooter, make a list of the specifications you would like and do a search of the electric scooters available in the market that meet your preferences. If you want a particular brand that is not available in store, you can search for it online.

Where To Buy Electric Scooters?

Online retailer websites sell electric scooters these days. Some well-known options are Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, and Kohl’s, and they make the buying process easy.

#1. Amazon

Around 95 million users use Amazon in the US, and many  are regular shoppers. Try to opt for a scooter that is sold or fulfilled by Amazon because it will be easy to return the scooter if you are dissatisfied with it. The reviews on the product by consumers will help you choose, and you can also compare with similar products.


  • Wide range of options.
  • Easy return policy.
  • Cash on delivery and EMI facility.
  • Free shipping on scooters if sold or fulfilled by Amazon.
  • Customer reviews make it helpful when choosing.
  • Attentive customer service.
  • Multiple options help you compare and pick the best.
  • Competition between sellers will often result in the best prices available.


  • Products can be out of stock occasionally.
  • Available only online.

#2. Best Buy

Buying an electric scooter from the Best Buy website is about as streamlined as any online retailer, and they offer free shipping for any purchase over $35. A fifteen-day timeline is given for you to return the product if you do not like it. If you cannot pay the total price in one go, you will also get an option to go for EMI and offer a different payment option.


  • Free shipping.
  • Easy return policy, including option to return to a store.
  • Price matching is easy.


  • The refund policy is slow.
  • Scooters are generally only available online, and not in store.
  • Some scooters are sold through 3rd party marketplace sellers, and cannot be returned to a Bestbuy store.

#3. Walmart

Known for repeat customers, Walmart has a number of electric scooter choices from different brands. You get low prices at Walmart, and in case you have any issues, you can quickly contact their customer service. Walmart gives you an option to return most of its products in thirty to ninety days.

couple with resting with parked electric scooter

When you try to buy an electric scooter from Walmart online, the best seller shows at the top of your search. Also, if any other sellers are selling the same electric scooter, you can compare the offers. There are typically a number of Walmart stores around, so most customers will be able to reach a store for customer service if needed.


  • Variety of options to choose from.
  • Regular offers.
  • Reasonable prices compared to other retailers.
  • Available both online and offline.


  • Comparison with different products of the same brand may not be possible sometimes.

#4. Kohl’s

Different designs and brands of electric scooters are seen in Kohl’s online or retail stores. When you click on a product, you will see photos of it along with a star rating. When you scroll down, you can see product details explaining the features of the scooter. The customer reviews on the bottom will help you understand real user experiences. If you have any queries on the scooter, you can post them. 


  • Option to buy online and pick up from a store saves time.
  • Free shipping on purchases $75 and up.


  • Limited options to pick from.

What Are Some Good Electric Scooter Brands?

Apart from the above options mentioned, you can also find an electric scooter from the respective brand website. To name a few popular brands:

#1. Razor

One of the top brand names that you will come across when buying an electric scooter is Razor. Their website is easy to access and has complete information about each scooter. When you pick one, you will see photos and videos to help you visualize the selected scooter.

When you scroll down, clear information of features and specifications is displayed. Reading this will help you in identifying features that you are searching for. By searching on the Razor website, you can compare similar products and find the differences.


  • Durable scooters
  • Strong build quality
  • Classy designs
  • Guarantees smooth ride

#2. Xiaomi Mi

Mi scooters are a subsidiary of Xiaomi, a large consumer electronics manufacturer known for their smartphones and other popular devices. Mi scooters are available through their user-friendly website. The product pages provide a clear understanding of each scooter’s features. Once you choose a scooter, you can buy it on Amazon or another online seller. 


  • Good customer service
  • Scooters are not heavy
  • Stylish design

#3. Uberscoot

Uberscoot is another popular brand and claims that five million of their products are on roads. On their website you will see a wide range of scooter options with detailed information for each. You can also learn about the accessories available for each scooter. These scooters are available on various online selling platforms.


  • High-quality accessories
  • Reliable scooters.
  • Rugged designs.
folded electric scooter

#4. Gotrax

Gotrax makes some high-performance electric scooters. Their website provides details for every scooter along with a display of images and a clear feature description, as well as comparable options. You can also see their return policy and warranty details. Gotrax sells directly from their site and they are shipped quickly. Customer support is easy to reach as well.


  • Shop directly from brand website.
  • Comparison with similar products is easy.
  • Customer review under the product will make it easy to compare.
  • Any product on sale is visible on the home page.
  • No delay in shipping when you buy from the website.

#5. Segway

Segway is perhaps the most well-known personal electric vehicle brand out there, and they have entered the electric scooter market in a big way with a range of high end options. Their website is informative and easy to access. Similar product comparisons make it easy for you to compare and choose. Like Gotrax, you can buy these scooters from their website or other websites. When you subscribe to their website, you can get a coupon for a discount.


  • Offers are easily visible.
  • Accessories and parts are also available.
  • Easy to contact customer service.
  • Reliability of a major company.

Electric Scooters For Sale Online

The advantage of buying an electric scooter is you get many offers on them. This is because of a wide range of sellers offering the best price and regular sales for holiday seasons or at mid-year times. 

  • The website of the electric scooter brand offers regular discounts on the products.
  • Websites like amazon have different sellers providing a variation of prices on the same product.
  • You can see sales on premium brands and mid-range electric scooters often.
  • Walmart generally stocks budget models and offers deals on them.

Parting Words

Making a list of my desired specifications made it easy for me when I visited different stores and browsed websites to buy an electric scooter. The suggestions above will make your work easy as these are the best places from where you can find an electric scooter.  I hope these tips helped you and you are ready to purchase an electric scooter today. Let us know which stores or websites worked the best for you!

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