Voyager Night Rider Foldable Electric Scooter

Electric vehicles have become a necessity in this fast-moving world. Whether you need to run errands or just venture around the neighborhood, electric vehicles are a fun way to get around.

Voyager is a leading manufacturer of personal electric vehicles. From hoverboards, electric bikes to electric scooters, they make them all. With strict quality control and adhering to all the certification standards, they use all the best quality components in all their products.

The Voyager Night Rider electric scooter is one of their best scooters designed for kids and teenagers. 

This article will provide a detailed Voyager Night Rider foldable electric scooter review, with its pros and cons, features and benefits, and an alternative to this electric scooter.


  • It has a strong build with steel material.
  • On a single charge, the battery offers a range of six miles.
  • It features a powerful brushless hub motor.               
  • It is suitable for children as young as 6 to 12.
  • The LED lights offer better visibility at night.
  • It has a compact and lightweight design.


  • It has an outside cable that is prone to breaking.
  • It does not have much inclination capacity.

What To Look For In An Electric Scooter

  • Design: An electric scooter for kids and teenagers, the design should be attractive and simple. It should have a folding mechanism, and the system should be quick and easy. Having all the controls at the handlebar would also be preferable. 
  • Weight: An electric scooter for kids and teenagers should not weigh more than 20 lbs. The lower the weight, the better, as it will be easier to handle whilst driving and also easier to carry. However, less weight tends to mean less durability. Apart from the scooter’s weight, it is important to consider the load capacity of the electric scooter. This usually ranges between 100 to 160 lbs.
  • Battery: For an electric scooter, the preferable battery type is a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. An electric scooter for kids and teenagers should have at least 24-volt batteries.
  • Motor Power: An electric scooter should have a minimum of 250 watts of motor power. Anything less than that, and the scooter will struggle even on slightly inclined roads.
  • Speed: Some electric scooters can reach up to a maximum speed of 30-40 mph. However, it is not ideal for an electric scooter for kids to have such high speed. A children’s scooter should run somewhere between 5-10 mph for safety purposes.
  • Safety: Safety is of high importance in a kids’ electric scooter. Having good quality brakes and skid-resistant tires is a must. The lighting of an electric scooter also enhances safety while riding at night.
  • Price: An electric scooter for kids and teenagers can range somewhere between $100 to $300. The price factor varies with the addition of features.

Features And Benefits: Voyager Night Rider 


This electric scooter has a sleek and simple design. It comes with a quick and single-fold feature, which is great because the kids won’t have trouble understanding the folding mechanism—the electric scooter folds and locks, making it easier to store and carry around. 

girl on yellow sweatshirt on electric scooter

This electric scooter has a black color with orange hints. This color combination is pleasing to look at and will grab the attention of kids and teenagers. The handlebar of the electric scooter is adjustable. It allows the kids to lower or raise the height of the handlebar as per their comfort. 

This electric scooter also has a kickstand that allows the kids to park it between rides without needing a proper place for parking.


The Voyager Night Rider electric scooter has a lightweight design despite using steel material in its frame. It weighs 18 lbs which is great for riders who are younger, i.e. 6 to 12 years. Kids that young will have trouble carrying a heavyweight scooter. Having a lightweight design, kids won’t need any help from a parent to carry the electric scooter inside a home after a fun ride.

This electric scooter can comfortably support a weight capacity of 155 lbs. Since it is for kids and teenagers, the weight capacity is sufficient to ride comfortably without hindering performance.


The Voyager electric scooter features a 24-volt rechargeable battery. On a single charge of the battery, it can last up to a six miles range. This much range is sufficient for a child or teenager to have fun riding around their neighborhood without having to recharge until afterwards.

The battery takes about six hours to completely charge. After a ride, charge the electric scooter in the night and it will be ready for its next adventure in the morning.


The Voyager Night Rider foldable electric scooter comes with a brushless 250-watt electric motor. This much power is sufficient for riding on flat surfaces comfortably. The high-power motor also allows a better inclination power and can climb over small hills with ease.

While the motor power is basic in the case of an electric scooter but, since it is for kids, it is manageable. Higher motor power would also result in increased cost.

Low Speed 

This electric scooter has a maximum speed of 7.5 mph. While this may seem low for an electric scooter in general, having a higher speed would be very dangerous for kids, especially if they are unattended. 

Having a low speed allows kids to safely ride the scooter while having fun. Riding at a lower speed also makes them less prone to accidents and getting hurt. Even younger kids can ride this electric scooter at a low speed without needing any supervision from their parents.


This electric scooter comes with hand brakes which are easy to apply in case of an emergency. The electric scooter is easy to step on, and the deck is wide enough for better foot support. The grip-resistant handlebars are comfortable to hold without the risk of slipping off while riding.

The tires of this electric scooter are skid-resistant and thus avoid slippage even on uneven surfaces. The LED lights make riding safer in low light or at night.

friend riding electric scooter

Alternatives to the Voyager Night Rider 

Gotrax GKS Electric Scooter 

The Gotrax GKS electric scooter would be an excellent alternative to the Voyager Night Rider foldable electric scooter for kids and teenagers in the 6-12 age range. The GKS offers a maximum speed of 7.5 miles, similar to the Night Rider. The GKS can reach up to four miles on a completely charged battery, while the Voyager Night Rider can reach up to six miles.

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The Gotrax GKS has no external cable, making it easier to use for kids than the Voyager one. The motor power is where the main difference between these two lies. The GKS features a 150-watt motor, while the Voyager features a 250-watt motor. 

With better motor power, the Voyager Night Rider would be a better choice than Gotrax GKS electric scooter.

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Gyroor Electric Scooter

Gyroor electric scooter would be another great alternative to the Voyager Night Rider electric scooter for the kids aging 6-12. The Gyroor features an 80W motor, which is much lower than the 250 watt motor of the Voyager electric scooter. 

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This electric scooter has a 6 mph speed, which is less than the Night Rider. The handlebars in the Gyroor electric scooter are adjustable, similar to the Night Rider. The maximum weight capacity of the Gyroor is 110 lbs, which is much lower than the Voyager’s 155 lbs capacity.

The Voyager Night Rider electric scooter is a better choice for older children, whereas Gyroor is meant for younger children whom you might not want driving so fast.

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Urban Drift K1 Electric Scooter

Another great electric scooter for kids within the age range of 6-12 years is the Urban Drift K1 electric scooter. It features a 120-watt electric motor that offers a low speed of 3.7 mph, which is less than the 7.5 mph of a Night Rider with a 250-watt motor.

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The mileage of the Urban Drift is 4 miles which are less than the Voyager. The complete battery charge time is 2 hours in K1, while the Night Rider takes 6 hours.

One of the great things about Urban Drift K1 is that it has a no-cable design, which makes it more durable than the Voyager Night Rider foldable electric scooter. What is even better is the 10 lbs weight of the K1; it is more convenient to carry around than the Voyager. 

For younger kids, Urban Drift K1 would be a better choice, and for older kids, you may like to go with the Voyager Night Rider.

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MAXTRA Electric Scooter

The MAXTRA electric scooter is another great choice for kids ages 6- 12 years. It offers a top speed of 10 mph, which is higher than the Voyager electric scooter. The maximum load support is 155 lbs, similar to the Night Rider. The mileage of the MAXTRA and the Night Rider is the same, with 6 miles per charge.

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The MAXTRA takes about 6-8 hours to charge the battery and the run time is 8-10 hours. 

With a lower price, the Voyager Night Rider electric scooter would be a better choice than MAXTRA electric scooter.

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After comparing the product with several other electric scooters, I have rated this product on its features:

  • Design and Weight: 8.5/10
  • Motor: 9/10
  • Battery: 8.5/10
  • Safety: 8/10
  • Price: 9/10
  • Overall Score: 8.6/10

Parting Words

The Voyager Night Rider electric scooter is a great ride for kids and teenagers to have fun at the local playground or ride around the neighborhood. It compares very favorably with the alternatives in its class, featuring a strong motor, great speed, long mileage, and acceptable charge time in its category. For younger children, you may want to opt for another children’s’ electric scooter that is not as heavy or fast as the Night Rider.

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