Volkswagen Electric Car e-Golf ready to wow drivers with a boost in mile range

Volkswagen Electric Car e-Golf ready to wow drivers with a boost in mile range

If you have been itching to get the latest on Volkswagen electric car called e-Golf, then  this might just put a smile on your face. There is just so much to expect from the latest tweaking on e-Golf. Firstly, you may find the battery a bit bigger – now with the 35.8-kWh capacity. What does this translate to? – Yes,  bigger mileage. In fact, experts believe that with this power capacity, you may go around town for 124 miles.  The truth is – this is so much better and longer than what was previously expected of his electric vehicle. The previous rating of the e-Golf is only within the range of 83 miles.  It will not be surprising if many consumers would start including the e-Golf in their cars-to-scrutinize checklist.

The change in the battery capacity will automatically be part of the up and coming better version of the e-Golf which is scheduled to hit the market this coming fall.  Although a bigger battery will keep people wait in excitement, its usual on-board charger will not undergo any change.  The question now is – will this massive addition in mileage be enough to give Volkswagen skyrocketing sales this year? The answer is – potentially YES! Last year, the company sold  about 685 units around April. This year, the company has already sold about 740 e-Golfs around the same month.  The increase is equivalent to eight percent. While this does not sound ‘big’ to many, the boost in mileage might just turn this to a double-digit soon for this electric car.

The Volkswagen e-Golf: A  Quick Check

In the world electric vehicles (EV’s),  the Tesla Model S and the Nissan Leaf may be the first models to come to  mind. However, models such as the e-Golf are also starting to make waves.  The world has fallen in-love with Volkswagen’s hatchback cars and the idea of manufacturing electric vehicles may comes as  a surprise.  However, it is interesting to note that aside from the pioneering EV models, the e-Golf is also slowly making a name of its own. It is also one of the models covered state and government subsidies. Moreover, it is also now one of the recent models with massive electricity storage among the EV’s at present. So, aside from the battery capacity, the e-Golf also has features that can wow you.

The Driving Modes – Normal vs.  Eco vs. Eco +

Yes, there are three different driving modes in  the e-Golf car model. The default setting is at the ‘Normal’ mode.  When opting to extend the range of the car, you may switch to the ‘Eco’ mode.  When done so,  the maximum power of the electric motor reaches 94 horsepower while working on a 162 lb-ft  starting torque. The Eco mode also automatically changes the air conditioning system while the top speed is slashed to 72mph. It also takes 13 seconds on an average to accelerate from 0 to 60mph. On the other hand, the Eco+ mode offers a maximum output of 24 horsepower. This also totally disables the air conditioning. In addition, the top speed drops to 56mph.

Charge up and drive

It is really as simple as that. The e-Golf prides itself for having the ‘plug-and-play’ feature. Charging is done easily on any 240V wall box charger you may have at home. Charging stations are also located strategically or you may opt to drive to any of the 22,000 available ChargePoint. If you cannot still find out, then you can head to selected dealerships of Volkswagen and have your electrics car powered up. A Bosch home kit or workplace charging station can also be used . For issues that you may encounter on the road, you may simply call for driver assistance – one of the perks of getting this electric car. The e-Golf is also equipped with a Forward Collision Warning system which s basically a sensor that can instantly alert you to any risk of collision.

What happens if a collision is imminent?  Don’t worry as the e-Golf also makes use of an Autonomous Emergency Braking technology. This is likewise included in the front assist and is automatically activated to brake the car in an instant. Such feature is available only on selected trims. Aside from this technology, another interesting feature of the e-Golf is that its hatchback versatility is retained. It is spacious and versatile. Moreover, it does not come with a tailpipe. This practically means that e-Golf is virtually a zero-emission electric vehicle.

The E-Golf Driving Experience

Knowing the features is just the tip of the iceberg. The real measure of its efficiency is based on the driving experience you can have with e-Golf.  Reviewers have noted that driving e-Golf feels so much faster – even faster than the expected maximum acceleration of speed . Its throttle is likewise observed to be faster by as much as 500%  than that of a typical petrol-fueled car.  Its responsiveness is basically one of the best among the electric vehicles today.  The steering experience is also described as  solid and agreeable.  The regenerative brake that e-Golf is also an icing to the e-Golf cake.

Nissan Leaf vs. Volkswagen E-Golf Car

Another way to check the competitiveness of the VW e-Golf is  by comparing it to one of the Goliaths in the car manufacturing business – Nissan.  When the e-Golf was unveiled back in 2014, many experts noticed an uncanny similarity in the technical specs of the Nissan Leaf and the e-Golf.  It is, however, fair to mention that the latest model of the Leaf includes  a massive boost in terms of the range.  The Leaf can cruise up to 107 miles. On the other hand, with the improvement in the battery storage of the e-Golf, it is possible for this EV to reach a range of  124 miles. This is 17 miles farther than the Leaf’s range and 21 miles longer than the previous range of 83 miles.  The difference is indeed notable.

These two different car models also took on two different paths were introduced and put on the market. The e-Golf car is technically an evolved version of the Golf model released last year. You must see that the car is far different from the petrol-fueled seventh generation of Volkswagen Golf.  On the other hand, the Nissan New Leaf is the only EV model of Nissan. While these two have their own strengths, the Leafs continue to bolster its sales in the US, particularly in the state of California where charging stations have become more common.  Volkswagen may still up to roll up its leave to trigger a surge in sales.  This is also where educating people on electric vehicles come to play.

The electric motors used to power up these two cars also differ. For instance, the Leaf’s motor can power up the car with an output of 110 horsepower.  On  the contrary, the Volkswagen Electric car  has motors that power up the front wheels of up to 114 hp in output. Charging is also a lot faster with e-Golf. While the Leaf gets charged up using its 6.6 KW onboard charger, the e-Golf’s power supply is replenished by the 7.3 kW charger.  When it comes to space and passenger volume, the Leaf has the slight edge.  It has a  rated 24 cubic feet space behind the rear seat while the e-Golf only has about 17 cubic feet.

Purchasing these two electric vehicles does not come cheap, but both are qualified for government incentives.  As for the Nissan Leaf, you can purchase  the S base level at a little less than $30,000. The high-end model of Nissan Leaf may cost about $40,000.  As for the Volkswagen e-Golf, one can purchase it starting at $29,000.  This electric car also comes in two different trim levels. The Limited Edition and the Premium model. Note that for buyers in U.S., availing both the state and federal incentives on EV purchase can reach a whopping $10,000.

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