Upgrading Health Standards when Using EScooters in New Zealand after the Lockdown.

The COVID 19 global pandemic opened the prospect to rehabilitate rideshare e-bikes and e-scooters in the streets under level 2 of the lockdown. A health standard protocol must be in place before releasing the populace back to society, otherwise a disaster will result in the surge back of the coronavirus. Here is an update on how escooters in New Zealand can help during lockdown.

EScooters in New Zealand: The Standard Safety Protocol

A plan to establish a safety protocol was fabricated by micro-mobility providers together with the Ministry of Transport and Worksafe. The standardized procedure is under official review by the National Crisis Management Centre (NCMC) in New Zealand.

According to Beam, a Singapore-owned e-scooter company, its Auckland warehouse staff has implemented obligatory temperature checks every day. The company requires its workers to wear full protective gear upon providing quality services to the public while operating its scooters to avoid certain contaminations. Beam will be disinfecting its e-scooter units at least once a day.

Flamingo E-scooter Company Implements Higher Health Standards

During the 3rd phase of the lockdown, New Zealand’s largest operated e-scooter Flamingo, got into the food delivery business. The company put on hold its rideshare niche and positioned its entity to deliver food orders and became a two-wheeled UberEats-style service during the lockdown. Customers opt to have their food delivered than to risk roaming the streets in a global crisis that could kill them.

Flamingo agreed to coordinate with local councils once safety measures are in place and ready for implementation. The firm’s representative stated that they will  resume their operations with health and safety protocols recommended by the National Crisis Management Council. With the upgraded health standards, Flamingo can operate its food delivery services and resume rideshare operations as well.

Proper sanitation procedures will be regularly applied in all areas operations. Sanitary procedures are due for implementation on the electric scooter units. Upgraded health standard enforcement is due for their warehouse and on the streets as well.

EScooters in New Zealand

LIME Electric Scooter Company Upgrades Health Standards

Lime also agreed to upgrade its regular health standard protocol. The company recommended the use of disposable gloves aspart of its proper implementation of sanitary procedures. Lime ensures the safety of the e scooter riding public with the upgraded health standards when they resume their operations this week.

Sanitation and cleaning procedures will also include special focus on high-touch areas and other surfaces that are handled multiple times a day by various individuals. Apart from enhanced sanitation of each scooter, companies decided to take record and keep track of the sanitation controls of the scooters in their systems. The health protocol will enable the company to monitor the number of rides and current condition of the scooters.

Electric scooters that fail to pass the health standard level will not be allowed to operate until they are in the monitoring system and thoroughly sanitized. Unsanitized E-Scooters out in the streets are apt for recall and will be remotely shut down to prevent its usage.

A Taste of Lime: Uber leads $170M investment

Despite not being a part of the current six-month Auckland Council licensing period, Lime, the largest electric scooter-sharing company in the world, will be back on the city’s streets with its quality services with the help and assistance of the financial establishments in the United States.

Lime recently acquired Uber’s Jump electric bikes and scooters, making a complex deal last week in the US. The latest deal is a part of the $170-million investment in the company.

Lime NZ Public Affairs Manager welcomed JUMP electric scooter company in their thrust for expanded mobility services to other cities around the globe.

Experts predict that more integrations will happen between the two companies in the future while remaining  active in their lines of operation.. Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi declared that LIME has the capacity to deliver a scaled and sustainable micro-mobility enterprise. The company’s riders will have continued access to bikes and scooters in both their apps. Lime believes that micro-mobility is a significant component of urban living and will be the ride of the future.

Analysts believe that the collaboration of Jump and Lime opens a door of opportunities to both micro-mobility platforms to achieve greater reach and breadth. Many cities all across the world prefer cleaner forms of transport services once the lockdowns are over. For the time being, Lime did not release statement regarding their collaboration until the deal is final. Herald mentioned that Jump scooters will continue to be featured on Uber’s application.

EScooters in New Zealand: Lime’s Immediate Response to Public Health Safety

A plan is underway for the general public to minimize the use of automobiles. As they are the major contributors of greenhouse gas emissions. Uber allowed transportations to have cleaner options that will be beneficial to the people practicing social distancing measures.

Illnesses caused by inactivity, carbon monoxide poisoning, greenhouse gas emissions and other sources. Cars and trucks are the cause of these. So are crashes and vehicular accidents. Electric Scooters will be the solution for all this untoward health hazards and accidents. Cycling and walking are basically safe in going to and from work, school, and offices. The health and physical threats to people are avoidable when micro mobility options. Like electric scooters, can limit the use of private vehicles. Everybody will benefit from this course of action using micro mobility options.

The largely micro mobility infrastructure is missing at this point in society. It is high time to train the vision of government to escooters in New Zealand and other means of transportation.

New Zealand will have its share of implementing health and sanitary protocols. As it lifts their pandemic lockdown and begins their new normal against the dreaded coronavirus. Health protocols will be in place and citizens will be kept in check for the contagion.

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