Two-Wheel Electric Scooter’s Clean Revolution

Two-Wheel Electric Scooter’s Clean Revolution

Luke studied a lot of circumstances carefully for the Gogoro two-wheel electric scooter to avoid the mistakes. Gogoro’s incredible alien-like designs, complex features and eco-friendly easy to swap batteries made it unique from other battery-swap vehicles. Though prices are predominantly higher than most scooters, the use and essentiality is worth your money. It is also promising to be a good solution for domestic transportation problems today and to the future.

Horace Luke

Horace Luke’s obsession with functions and beauty in every little thing has made him the chief innovation officer of HTC, the company of Smartphones several years ago. He desired to have the Tesla Model S, and as far as two-wheel electric scooter is concerned, he is the very first person who aimed to have this Model. Unfortunately, his Teslas were not sold in the country of Taiwan, so he arises in a thought of importing it. Until finally his girlfriend talked to him some idea. An insight which gave Luke the idea of creating a product for 99% wherein he included the charging hubs for the two-wheel electric scooter and solving the problem for garage and parking spaces.


Luke’s Background

Luke was born in Hongkong and up until he was 13 years old his family moved to Seattle. He studied industrial design with focus on furniture at the University of Seattle. He was a self supporting student selling pieces of jewelry to art collectors he personally made. After finishing school, he worked at Nike and later transfer to Microsoft for tech jobs. He started the GoPC project, visualizing a PC in a pocket, but the project was not become a success because the technology was not enough to conceptualize that kind of project he wanted. Later in 2006, he moved to Asia and worked at HTC as the chief innovation officer. In 2011, he had this smartphone race. Presently, he was the founder of the two-wheel electric scooter of Gogoro.  

The Partnership

Over 4 years ago, Horace Luke and Matt Taylor launched Gogoro, a company bringing innovative designs for two-wheel electric scooters known as the Smartscooter. Bearing technology, fashion and energy saving capability; these two colleagues of HTC were able to create the electric two-wheel motorbike with the precise combination of Nike, Microsoft and HTC. Using its 125cc powered engine, these two-wheel scooters can do such an acceleration of 30 mph in 4.2 seconds and can maximize up to 60mph. Interlocking Vespa, iPhone and Smartphone App via Bluetooth; Gogoro electric scooter is the realization of a dream come true motorbike. According to Luke, Gogoro’s price is ranging from $2, 000 to $3,000 from Yamaha and Honda bikes distributors in Asia.


Gogoro two-wheel electric scooter earned an estimated net that is worth of around 4.2 billion dollars. It has gained finances from several people in the industry. Samuel Yin the CEO of Ruentex Group, a company engage in real estate, retail and other financial services is the first among them giving up 40 million dollar as his investment and from billionaire and HTC’s co-founder Cher Wang sent about 10 million dollar. A total of 150 million dollar was raised by the Gogoro.  CEO and co-founder of Gogoro two-wheel electric scooter Horace Luke still has to close a 100 million dollar to import for the company.


Rise of Gogoro Two-Wheel Scooter

Matt Taylor and Horace Luke planned of combining the two companies together. Luke had the bright idea of the very efficient mode of transportation. The two Gogoro two-wheel electric scooter founders imitated what the Tesla did; and it is borrowing amount from the Department of Energy in getting the Model S for their two-wheel electric scooter project. A $50 million was raised from Wang and Yin together with several suppliers. Its batteries are supplied by Panasonic, which is also the choice of Tesla for the supplies of batteries. In the grey industrial suburb located 20 miles of Taipei in a 266,800 square foot secret space the prototyping and design was conceived.

Two-Wheel Breeze

Nowadays, many people prefer to be in their easy riding outdoor equipment; whether going to the grocery store, commuting to work, going to a movie, in the neighborhood, gym etc. and they find it best to use the two-wheel electric scooter (i.e. the Gogoro Smartscooter). With this two-wheel electric scooter it is much easier, possible and non time consuming to go from a place to another. Even in movies and TV shows, just like the Hollywood actor Norman Reedus of “The Walking Dead” seasons is popular in using the two-wheel scooter giving him a good fashion and style. His grooming as a biker was deliberately seen in the motorcycles he uses in the movie/ TV show.

Taipei Launch

Luke’s launch of the Gogoro two-wheel electric scooter in Taipei was successful last summer. Its next target is the other megacities.  With over 15 million scooters out of 23 million people in the country, Taiwan is one of the highest scooter-to-human ratios worldwide.  Gogoro’s two-wheel electric scooter aim is to provide 1.6 charging stations per square mile making it easy for a vast network of battery-sharing. Luke is currently dealing with the Taiwanese government who has ownership of 75% of the country’s gas stations for the Gogoro’s goStations. Several families in Taipei has their own gogoro Honda or Yamaha Smartscooter for their individual members.

Battery-powered Advantages

Although Gogoro two-wheel electric scooter’s price is a bit high and cost more than an ordinary scooter is, Luke delivered the best way on how to cut cost by using the affordable batteries and some business twist on the go. You don’t need to buy more batteries to keep your two-wheel electric scooter always ready for a ride. Instead, Gogoro’s marketing strategy is thru battery swapping in all Gogoro charging hubs and stations. Paying a low monthly fee for this portable battery swapping doesn’t cost too much time, effort and money because you can make a reservation for these batteries on the charging hub near you. In the future, Luke is looking forward for a vision to make this Gogoro two-wheel scooter cheaper expecting a subsidy from the government of Taiwan.

The price is right

Prices for the coolest Gogoro two-wheel electric scooter range accordingly from $2,000 to $3,000. From styles and several features that maybe present to the costly one and lacking on the cheaper one. Gogoro isn’t just a scooter, it’s well known and smart features are incredible and breathtaking causing additional price for a single model. Some of its features are the Bluetooth, Smartphone App integration, LED lights and sleek design adding amount for any updates and upgrades. Advanced experience in riding is another reason plus the alerts to show you of any malfunctions in the system telling you to schedule for a service and there’s a show map for goStations when you need batteries. On the contrary, its electric powered battery is much lower in cost compared in the car battery.

There’s more to expect from Gogoro two-wheel electric scooter in the near future. But together with these expectations is the additional funding for the self realization of this project; but of course, not only a million dollar but billions of dollars. And just like in Taipei wherein in every family member, the Gogoro is the primary means of transportation, it is also possible in other megacities of Taiwan and the other countries of the world. Why settle for less when there is a much easier way to enjoy life and make it easier to live? Luke’s shared vision and goals have come to this beautiful point making living more comfortable. His innovation is something worth considering.

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