Top 10 Most Popular Electric and Push Scooters for Kids

Top 10 Most Popular Electric and Push Scooters for Kids

Kids are fonder in enjoyable cool fun ride toys, especially when these are automatic toys that they can used to ride safely and play along with their friends. They more likely to get along when they own a toy just like what their peers have. These known electric and push scooters for kids are powered by rechargeable batteries making it safe for kids from electric shocks and can mostly travel of only 10 km/hr. maximum speed for the fastest. At their affordable prices, you can buy your kid these toys as a gift or just an award for doing well in school. Check out the top 10 lists of the most popular and safest among them:


10. The Razor A Push Scooter for Kids

The The Razor A2 kick scooter model is a classic alluminum in style. Additional features include spring less front suspension.  Advisable for use by children ages 5 above; this type of push scooter for kids weighs 6 pounds and can carry of up to 143 pounds. Six colors are available; clear, black, green, purple, red and blue. Some other features are: urethane wheels, adjustable handlebar, patented rear fender brake, patented folding mechanism and aircraft grade alluminum t-tube and deck. It is easy to fold and carry and no need to assemble upon purchase. Razor A2 push scooter for kids is not just an ordinary scooter, it has a springless front wheel shock system and wheelie bar.



9. Powerwing Push Scooter by Razor

Razor Powerwing electric and push scooters for kids comes in multiple colors for girls and boys. This kick scooter is single-folded. It has 98mm polyurethane wheels and can handle a maximum weight of 143 pounds. It is made to stop easily because of its rear-step friction brake, ABEC bearings and adjustable handles. Weighs only 5 pounds and suggested for children with ages 5 above. You can select among the 6 colors available: red, clear, black, blue, green and pink. This push scooter for kids’; additional features are; urethane wheels, patented folding mechanism, patented rear fender brake and air-craft grade alluminum t-tube and deck. It does not require assembly upon purchase and available in selected locations only.


8. Electric Scooter of Razor E100 Model

Razor E100 electric and push scooters for kids is the original and classic model of razor scooters developed in the year 2000. This had been an essential ride for anyone in America and now on its push scooter for kid’s version. Recommended for children ages 5 and above, it only weighs 5 pounds it can carry a weight of up to 143 pounds. Available colors are: black, red, clear, green, blue and pink. Other significant features include: rear wheel friction brake- this enables the scooter to stop smoothly and adjustable handlebars- for easy shifting of direction. It does not require assembly upon purchase.


7. UberScoot Electric Scooter by  Evo Powerboards

Uberscoot electric scooter for kids is manufactured to have beautiful and attractive designs for kids to love. Mainly powered by two pieces of 12V rechargeable batteries, with 100 watts motor. Can run at the speed of 8 to 10 mph the reason why it is only for kids 8 years old and above. The battery can last up to 250 cycles upon single charge of 4-8 hours; charger is also included in the package. Additional features of this electric scooter for kids are: rear foot brakes, 8 inch solid rubber street tire and a maximum load capacity of 110 pounds.  Several colors are available; pink, black, blue etc.


6. Hoverboard Self Balancing Electric Scooter

The self balancing Powerboard Hoverboard electric scooter for kids is also called as mini segways. Its primary features are comparable to monorover but is less than the price of it. On one charge of 3 hours or so it can travel up to a maximum of 12 to 18 km., having a climbing angle of 25 degrees where it takes an hour or two to master this electric scooter for kids. Adult supervision is suggested due to high risk of accident in this scooter. Four colors are available to choose from: black, white, red and chrome.  Warranty period is one year.


5. PowerRider 360 Electric Scooter by Razor

This electric and push scooter for kids is a three-wheeled product of Razor. It does not require pedaling but only a push button to turn it on and off. As it name implies it has the high performance of 360 degrees dual inclined wheels and 360 degree full spin racing at 9 mph speed. Suggested for children with ages 8 years old above, this 33 pounds electric scooter for kids can carry a maximum weight of 120 pounds. Powered by a 12V rechargeable battery and includes a battery charger in the package. You’ll need to assemble this electric scooter upon purchase. One full charge may last up to 30 minutes.


4. Power Wing 3 Wheeled Push Scooter by Razor.

Razor Power Wing three wheeled electric and push scooter for kids generally features a side-to-side ride. It has the capability to drift sideways and spin at 360 degrees. This product weighs only 15 pounds and recommended for 5 years old and above. Specifications include dual inclined clusters for accelerating, drifting and turning. This push scooter has a three wheel designed uniquely to provide stability and fun for the kids. It has high performance bearings, Polyurethane rear wheels and urethane front wheels. It also has a removable stability bars and is easy to fold for convenient storage. It does not require assembly on purchase.


3. Harley Style Mini Bike Electric Scooter

Harley style electric and push scooters for kids is comparable to a mini scooter. Significantly made for children ages 3 to 8 years old and with weight not more than 90 pounds. It reached popularity thru testimonials that the price is right for the product. Its weight is 48 pounds and can run at a maximum of 2-5 miles per hour. Battery charging time of 6 to 8 hours for a one piece of 6v rechargeable battery can last up to 5 hours. Additional features include 15” wheel, painted flame tank, motorcycle sounds, and key ignition and saddle bags. It includes a battery charger in the package and a 30 day warranty period


2. Pocket Mod Electric Scooter by Razor

Razor Pocket Mod Kids Electric and Push Scooters for kids is every young girl’s wish. Fashionable design, hottest accessories and fun set of wheels match the design of the classic Italian scooter. Available in 4 colors: Betty (purple), Sweet Pea (Pinkish), Vapor (Black) and Bella (Pink). Every single charge of 8 hours can travel up to maximum of 10 miles and carries a maximum weight of 170 pounds. Powered by two pieces of 12V lead acid battery system,  with a 250 watt electric motor. Other specifications include: high torque motor with chain drive, retractable center mount kickstand and 12” pneumatic tires. Recommended for 13 years old and above. Battery charger is included in the package. Also require assembly upon purchase.


1. MotoTec Dirt Bike Electric Scooter for Kids


Mototec electric and push scooters for kids bags the top 1.  It’s the ultimate ride-on bike for cool kids. The speed of this bike can be set from 5 to 16 mph that kids really love to enjoy in the backyard and driveway. Primary features of this electric scooter include: large 13 inch knobby tires, front and rear brakes, front and rear suspension and its 35o watts electric motor. Recommended for ages 12 and above because of its speed. It is designed to carry a weight up to 150 pounds. Charging time is 4 to 6 hours and charger is included in the package. It also requires assembly upon purchase.

Kids don’t want to be late with these fantastic electric and push scooters for kids. If adults desired to have their own, children also want to experience the pleasure of every ride. As long as safety is your first priority, you can choose well among the top list scooters; whether it is push or electric the kids will love it. But don’t forget to take into considerations the other factors in the selection of your beloved scooter. Be particular with the features of the scooter that you love to buy, the age of your kid, your budget, the risk factor and last is the style.

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