Top 10 Amazingly Fast Electric Scooters

You will probably be looking for a fast electric scooter if your goal is to lead a quickest way to any of your destinations. Aside from cheerfulness, it is designed to give you freedom in exploration in the most practical and economical way. For an instance, it doesn’t require a license to operate but make sure to follow some laws and restrictions governing the use of these scooters because speed is a huge road issue. Anyways, these electric scooters are also eco-friendly for it uses electricity instead of gasoline to run the streets. Use this as a guide on selecting the best one for your needs.

10. Pulse Performance Products GRT-11 Electric Scooter for Adults

Pulse Performance Products GRT -11 is the ideal electric scooter for beginners. Its maximum speed is up to 8 miles per hour and can lasts to 50 minute riding time on a single charge. This fast electric scooter is equipped with a push-to-go technology with integrated foot brake making it easy to perform transition from kick scooter to fast electric scooter and vice versa. It is made from zero maintenance cast polyurethane wheels with the size of 160mm by 30mm along with additional ABEC-5 bearings keeping a smooth ride. This fast electric scooter uses an 80-watt chain driven motor with additional on/off LED lights display as safety indicator.

9. Maxtra Electric Scooter Bike

Fully packed with the latest technology and high quality durable materials, this Maxtra electric scooter bike is a very powerful and fast electric scooter. This Maxtra reaches the speed from 12 to 14 miles per hour and 60 minutes of continuous use within just a single charge and can carry a weight at a maximum of 177 pounds, is definitely well for those who are looking for enjoyment. Made from durable steel with aluminum T-handle gives a strong twist grip throttle of this Maxtra fast electric scooter for total acceleration control. This fast electric scooter is approved and certified by CE/ROHS. The package includes a battery charger and tools for adjusting the handle bars.

8. Adult Electric Foldable Kick Scooter

Adult Electric Foldable Kick Scooter is made from aircraft-grade carbon fiber material. This fast electric scooter has a patented T-tube and deck design which folds conveniently for easy transport from place to place. It has a good lithium-ion 24v high capacity battery and a urethane wheels with ABEC-5 bearings and 5-inches wheels. The electronic braking system of this fast electric scooter is under E-ABS which follows the patented rear fender brake system that quickly stops the scooter. It is very fast at a speed of up to 25 kph and carries a maximum load of 240 pounds traveling a distance of 25 km.

7. Currie Technologies eZip E4.5 Electric Scooter with Seat

Currie Technologies eZip E4.5 electric scooter with a seat will surely give you a practical and affordable riding experience. It is powered by a 300watt DC motor using an EV-rated SLA type battery with a plug and play design in nylon pack. This fast electric scooter is eco-friendly and the materials used are safe. Its top speed can reach to 12 miles per hour at can run at a distance of 5 miles on a single charge of 5 to 8 hours highly proportioned with the weight of the user and terrains. The manufacturer of this fast electric scooter offers a 90 days warranty period for all its buyers.

6. Go-Ped 750H Electric Scooter

Whatever the terrain may be, this Go-Ped 750 H electric scooters will definitely give you a stable ride. It has a low center of gravitation and out of this world maneuverability. This Go-Ped fast electric scooter is known for its “mad dog” disc brakes and a modern programmable controller system. This product has a top quality feature of controllers that are ergonomically designed for the purpose of personal safety. More so, it is equipped with a built-in smart charger and strong handle bars. The materials used for this fast electric scooter are straight forward to maintain, sturdy and durable that’s why it is expected to last for years.

5. Evo 1000 Electric Scooter with Seat

This Evo 1000 electric scooter with seat is a high-end fast electric scooter with bulk of impressive features carefully made for your benefit including a chain drive. This fast electric scooter is powered by a 1000watt motor equivalent to more than one horsepower. It has a 10-inch wheels with a front and rear pneumatic durable street tires. In addition, it has 3 12v rechargeable batteries and front and rear strong disc brakes. The package also includes a charger and a removable seat. It can carry a maximum weight capacity up to 265 pounds. This Evo 1000 fast electric scooter is inspired by a Puzey design and manufacturing styles and techniques.

4. Go-Ped ESR750 EX Electric Scooter  

Go-Ped ESR750 EX electric scooter is one of the best selling fast electric scooters in the market today competing with hundreds of products and models yearly. This fast electric scooter has an advance system for giving riders unbeatable comfort when traveling. It is equipped with lots of different useful features even when on and off the road. This Go-Ped ESR750 is made from sturdy materials and durable body construction making it ready for rugged and long term use. This fast electric scooter speeds up to a maximum of 12-15 miles per hour, carrying a weight of not more than 260 pounds.

3. X-treme x-600 Electric Scooter with Seat

When it comes to the best performance on top of speed, this X-treme x-600 electric scooter with seat is the point of all truths and rumors among all. This fast electric scooter can reach a maximum speed of up to 20 miles per hour and a longer distance of 10 miles in just a single full charge. It is powered by a 600 watt motor enabling it to run on distances and several types of terrains, hills and flat surfaces where the speed is dependent. This fast electric scooter can carry a weight of maximum capacity of up to 260 pounds.

2. Uberscoot 1000W Electric Scooter with Seat

Uberscoot 1000w electric scooter with seat competes well with the Black SUP800-2 Super Turbo electric scooter due to its 25 miles per hour speed. This fast electric scooter comes with a standard disc brakes located on both of its wheels for easy stopping. It is very reliable and has a high quality because of the materials used. The charging time for this fast scooter will take you 4-8 hours and this full charge will be good to reach a distance of 10 miles. Its battery is rated for attaining 250 charge cycles before you need to dump it. Warranty period is 60 days from date of purchase.

1. Black SUP800-2 Super Turbo 1000W Elite

This Black SUP800-2 Super Turbo 1000w Elite electric scooter made it to the tap rank because of its speed of 26 miles per hour. This makes it the extremely fast electric scooter in the market and online stores today. This fast electric scooter can take you at a distance of 18 miles on a single charge, but this will be inversely proportion to your weight, type of terrain and speed. Charging time for this fast electric scooter is up to 4-8 hours before the battery meets the full level. It is also equipped with LED lights so you can be able to use it when roaming around at night time. Its battery is expected to lasts until 350 charge cycles, before you have to replace it with a new one.

These fast electric scooters are opting to give immeasurable benefits. So, if you prefer riding instead of walking to quickly go anywhere you want to, or need a service going to the office, school, gym, salon or supermarket you surely need one of a kind popular electric scooter. For fast, reliable and convenient use, choose the electric scooter which is able to carry your weight without any problem and is fit to travel even on terrains. Check for available features and balance it according to your needs. These electric scooters are a bit expensive, so why waste money on something that is unusable.

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