To Buy or Not to Buy an Electric Scooter

Electric scooters are the latest innovation that continues to make waves across the transportation industry. With its convenience and practicality, they are a popular choice for people in bustling cities or for on the go millennials.  With the hype surrounding electric scooters, consumers will undeniably scrutinize the product in search of its drawbacks. This article will guide you to decide whether electric scooters are worth their price or are just one of the many unnecessary inventions of humankind. You will be able to decide to buy or not buy an electric scooter.

Electric scooters are lightweight, portable, and environment friendly. They are the best alternatives for transportation and are also cost-effective. You can avoid traffic jams and easily navigate through sidewalks. With people showing a growing interest in eco-friendly options, these scooters run on electricity, which neither creates smoke or noise, lessening environmental pollution.

Electric scooters may seem like an upgrade from your usual motorcycle. The design is similar, with a built-in engine, brakes, handlebars, suspension, and tires. They come in different forms; others may have a seat, while some types will require you to stand throughout your ride. The difference is that these eco-friendly scooters rely on electricity to operate while your usual motorcycles require fossil fuels.

Peugeot was the foremost producer in releasing these revolutionary devices. Mass production of electric scooters led to it becoming commercially available to consumers in the year 1996. Scoot’Elec, with its three horsepower DC motor, took the world by storm. It quickly sold out in many places as customers were happy with its top-notch features.

Buy an Electric Scooter

Buy an Electric Scooter: The Love-Hate Relationship with Electric Scooters

With several misconceptions surrounding electric scooters, it seems that the micromobility industry is a failure since the beginning. The future of electric scooters remains uncertain as cars and public transportation can also afford to meet the needs of its consumers. But what makes this popular tech gadget still a famous alternative for some others? Undeniably, they are the best cost-effective option to get around the city and crowded places.


Cars are the mainstay for anyone who wishes to travel long distances. But for anyone who wishes to navigate quickly through the busy streets of the city, cars will render angry and frustrated drivers. With its bulky design, cars will occupy more space and will need a bigger parking space as compared to portable electric scooters. Here are other features entailing the cons of using an automobile in the city:

Disadvantages of Using a Car in the City:

  • A pollution contributor
  • Creates traffic jams
  • Cost on maintenance and repair
  • Occupies much space on the road
  • Requires space to park

Public Transportation

Public transportation can be a great option in crowded cities as compared to owning a private vehicle. Cities usually have allotted lanes for public vehicles so commuters can arrive at their destination quickly and safely.

Cons when using public transportation:

  • Longer waiting times as public transportation runs on a set schedule
  • Quite crowded during rush hours
  • Safety – increasing crime rates in public transportation


Though electric scooters offer a wide range of advantages to its consumers, bicycles possess more substantial benefits in regards to an individual’s health. As technology continues to evolve, allowing convenience for people to do most of their activities at home, people are becoming more inactive and have no motivation to do exercises. When using a conventional bicycle, riders have no choice but to work the pedals going to and fro between their homes and desired destination. Ultimately, this activity becomes his form of day to day exercise.

On the other hand, electric scooters take less effort and don’t require any pedaling. Riders can enjoy a sweat-free cruise riding along the streets of the bustling city. Individuals can quickly arrive at their destination without breaking a sweat and still looking fresh.

Electric Scooters are the Best Solution

Electric scooters are the best solution for offering the most efficient way to solve this problem:

Using them as a last-mile vehicle

One of the most notable advantages of riding an electric scooter is that you can avoid the stress of traffic jams and navigate safely through the crowded area and arrive quickly to your destination. Because of its lightweight and flexible features, e scooters are easy to carry around and require no parking space.

With this revolutionary tech gadget, you can avoid traffic jams and parking spot problems.

Buy an Electric Scooter: Using them for the full ride

The assumption that electric scooters are only for short distance travels negatively impacts this innovation. In truth, e scooters are not only for traveling through bustling streets in cities, but they are also convenient for long-ranged travels. Professionals can conveniently use e scooters to travel to their workplace without worrying about traffic jams. Students can also take advantage of this eco-friendly device when they quickly need to get around campus. 

Undoubtedly, its sustainability will depend on the build quality and types of equipment that a rider decides. The first limit is the battery range. With various models of batteries available for an e scooter, riders should pick the best option by carefully weighing its pros and cons. An outstanding battery pack will offer top-notch functionality at a range of over 12 miles. With its excellent performance, it only means that this type of battery will also cost more or may go over your budget. However, if consumers are keen on sticking to their budget, they may also find the best bargain at a cost-effective price.

Gone are the days when scooters were gas-operated that significantly contributed to harmful emissions for the environment. With technology making immense changes in the transportation industry, the majority of scooters are predominantly battery-powered, creating less noise and greater energy efficiency, and needing far less maintenance than their predecessors.

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