Three upcoming 2017 electric scooter models to watch out for

New 2017 electric scooter models are scheduled for launch next year, so electric scooter aficionados, rejoice! If you are thinking of buying one this year, why not wait for next year? New modes are said to perform better and have more exciting features than existing ones, so expect increased mileage, better efficiency, and powerful performance with next year’s e-scooter models. This will be worth the wait for the 2017 electric scooter.


2017 electric vehicle market already heating up

There is no better time than next year to purchase an electric vehicle of any type. 2017 also happens to be the scheduled launch of Tesla’s Model 3 sedan, their most affordable electric car to date, but the Silicon Valley-based auto manufacturer is not the only one shaking up next year’s electric vehicle market.

Chevrolet will also be launching their new all-electric car, the Bolt, which is cheaper than the much-anticipated Model 3. The Bolt will possibly become the first ever 200-mile electric car sold under $40,000. Korean auto manufacturer Hyundai is also coming up with the Ioniq Electric, offering them in three versions: hybrid, all-electric, and plug-in hybrid. BMW and Ford promise increased range and longer-range battery with their i3 and Focus Electric, respectively.

For the 2017 electric scooter market, the launch of upcoming models gives electric vehicle aficionados more options to choose from – and more time to consider these options. Electric cars will surely offer customers more room (is not that obvious?) and more mileage (as expected), but the upcoming 2017 electric scooter models will offer riders a more socialized riding experience, plus a wide range of new features. E-scooters will give electric cars a run for their money.


2017 electric scooter models for an electrifying 2017

E-scooters of different kids are up for grabs next year. Watch out for the launch of the following 2017 electric scooter models:


Ather S340

Electric vehicles are an inevitable future, so said Tarun Mehta, CEO and co-founder of the Bangalore, India-based start-up Ather Energy, which is set to ship the fully electric Ather S340 in the first two months of 2017. What is special about India’s first smart electric scooter? Aiming to combine the power of data and intelligence, the 2017 electric scooter features a digital touchscreen dashboard with 24/7 connectivity. The dashboard contains a diagnostic system that monitors the rider’s behavior and an indicator that shows how much distance the e-scooter can travel on the remaining charge. Its mapping technology uses data to estimate arrival time, analyze road conditions, and identify charging points on the route.

The Ather S340 offers a personalized driving experience. For one, the rider will be able to sign in via the touchscreen dashboard. Its personalized profile feature allows you to create your own profile, inputting all basic information. The Ather S340 should be the 2017 electric scooter of the year.

Regarding performance, the Ather S340 does not disappoint. The sporty electric scooter can speed up to 45 mph and cover 60 km on a single charge. It only takes about an hour for a full charge, so you will be again to ride the e-scooter as soon as you want.



When it comes to portability and versatility, the eFOLDi multi-functional e-scooter should be the 2017 electric scooter of the year. There is no other e-scooter that is as versatile as the eFOLDi. By the look of it, it can pass as a disability e-scooter, but users can utilize it as a seat for use in outdoor events, and even fold it into a piece of average-sized luggage for convenience.

The eFOLDi multi-functional electric scooter is the brainchild of a father and daughter tandem that has a combined 66 years of experience in the field of engineering. Renowned Chinese engineer Jianmin Wang, who used to be the chief engineer for China’s national acrobatic troupe, broke his leg in 2012. Unable to get around due to the lack of durable and portable scooters, Wang decided to design his own method of transport. With help from his daugther Sumi, he came up with the world’s most versatile e-scooter. No contest, the 2017 electric scooter plum should go to eFOLDi.

The eFOLDi multi-functional e-scooter weighs only 19 kg (42 lbs), its frame is of steel and aluminum combination, and its wheels are made of aluminum. Unlike other 2017 electric scooter models,  the eFOLDi offers two battery and two motor choices:

  • Far Reach: 24V 12AH lithium-polymer battery that powers the eFOLDi up to 12 miles (22 km). Intended for elderly and disabled people by most airlines.
  • Air Safe: 24V 4AH lithium-ion battery that can run up to 4 miles (7 km). Perfect for air travel for everyone.
  • Light Motor: 24V 250W brushless motor with no reverse gear. Weighs 2.5 kg (5.5 lbs)
  • Reverse Motor: 24V 250W brushless motor with reverse gear. Weighs 3.5 kg (7.7 lbs)

Unlike any other 2017 electric scooter, the eFOLDi offers three different speed configurations:

  • 4 mph (6 km/h) when used as an off-road mobility scooter
  • 8 mph (12 km/h) hen used as an on-road mobility scooter
  • 12.5 mph (20 km/h) for recreational use

The eFOLDi multi-functional e-scooter also comes with features, just like other e-scooters. It comes with braking lights, front and rear lights, battery indicator, and LED indicators. The eFOLDi has won many awards for its unique design and mechanism, so it should not be hard to bag the 2017 electric scooter of the year plum.


Rolley Scooterson

The Rolley Scooterson is not your ordinary electric kick scooter. Bulky yet trendy, the “Made in England” Rolley Scooterson has the widest wheels of all e-scooters, almost as wide as the wheel of a conventional car. This feature makes it the perfect scooter for riders with balance problem. The Rolley Scooterson, dubbed as the world’s first intelligent and connected kick scooter by its creators, may lack portability, but its intelligent features and unique digital connectivity will suffice to make it as the 2017 electric scooter of the year.

What’s impressive about the Rolley Scooterson? Lots!

  • The kick scooter starts rolling when you are within activation range.
  • It uses knowledge of your daily habits to predict or suggests your most likely destination, using motion detection and algorithms. It simply understands how you ride.
  • With its wide wheels, the potential 2017 electric scooter of the year will stand by itself, thus no need for a center stand or kickstand.
  • Sharing is digital. Using an app, you can grant your friends or colleagues access to use your Rolley Scooterson with an app. All then need to do is to send you a notification to grant them access, and it is up to you whether you accept or not. Accept, and the app will unlock your 2017 electric scooter.
  • The Rolley Scooterson has a complex anti-theft protection system that automatically activates when you leave a short distance from your scooter. If the Rolley is moved from its parked position, the wheels are automatically blocked, and the Rolley sounds off an alarm and notifies you.

What about the specs and performance of this 2017 electric scooter? The Rolley has a combined CNC machined aerospace aluminum and Carbon/Kevlar reinforced polymer. It runs on a direct drive rear hub motor and automotive lithium-ion battery. It has a maximum speed of 25km/h (16 MPH) and goes about 30 miles (48 km) on a single full charge, which takes about three hours. The Rolley Scooterson allows customization, something no other 2017 electric scooter models offer.

The future is so great for electric scooters. Research indicates that around 138 million electric motorcycles and e-scooters will take the road by next year. With 2017 electric scooter models set for launch, that number is a sure statistic.

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