The Perfect City Companion

A Power Scooter Is the Perfect City Companion

Living in a city, as most Americans seem to do, can be a bit confining; it can also seem to be exercise in futility as you are either stuck waiting for the bus or finding a park spot in a crowded downtown area when you just want to go out shopping. However, for those smart enough to own a power scooter in crowded cities, the city suddenly becomes their oyster.

No More Parking Problems

Imagine going out to the movies one evening together with your spouse or significant other. You hop in the car and drive down to the theater and begin the hunt for a parking spot. By the time you find a spot, you’re 10 minutes late for the movie and you’re wondering what happened in the beginning that made this guy start running away from the police.

Now imagine that you and the girlfriend/boyfriend (or wife or husband) hopped on a power scooter, or a pair of them if you’ve got small ones that don’t accommodate two people. Not only can you then skirt the traffic jams, but you can also avoid parking problems since you can pretty much park anyway. Then, you can be the annoyed couple who give dirty looks to the people who arrived late and sheepishly admit later that they couldn’t find parking.

Hop Down to the Grocery and Back Quickly

Another thing that makes a power scooter the ideal city companion is the short trip to the grocery store a mile down the road. It’s too far to walk but at the same time, you don’t want to be bothered with getting into the car and fighting for a parking spot next to the grocery store. When you own a power scooter, it’s no longer a problem. Many of them come with a compartment for storage meaning that the quick hop the grocery becomes a breeze because you can just drop everything into the trunk and go.

Never Be Late for Work Again

How many times have you had to sheepishly tell your boss that there was a huge accident on the way to work and you were stuck in bumper to bumper traffic? How many times has it cost you a promotion or even a job? With a power scooter, those problems don’t exist because you simply flit in and out of traffic and route yourself around the accident, laughing at those who are stuck in their cars. It’s the ultimate power trip to zip by on your power scooter while the person in the car next to you has a pained look as they contemplate the traffic jam ahead and stare forlornly at their watches.

Insurance and Gas

Finally, owning a power scooter just makes sense from the point of view of insurance and gas. Insurance for a power scooter is generally cheaper than for a car and as for gasoline, forget about it. You’ll get five times the gas mileage driving around the city and doing all your chores on your power scooter. - The only site you need for expert electric scooter information, reviews, and help finding the best e-scooter for your lifestyle & budget.


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