The Advantages of Electric Scooters

Electric scooters are becoming more popular globally. From 44.3 million units 2018 to 46.8 million units in 2019, the Global Retail Sales has gone up . By 2020, the total units sold is expected to reach 50 million.

Children and teens were the primary users of these two-wheeled scooters not too long ago. In the present time, they are now a hit with users at all ages. It is a usual sight to see professionals use them to travel from work to home.

The Electronic Scooter is handy, cheap, and economical. Also, they are safer than automobiles, and will be more cost efficient. If you are looking for reasons to buy an Electric Scooter, here are some amazing advantages of electric scooters for you.

Advantages of Electric Scooter: Lesser Money Spent for Commuting

Gas prices are increasing in the UK and around the world. You can ride on an electric scooter, instead of spending hundreds of pounds for gasoline.

These two-wheeled vehicles run on batteries and can cover a distance of 40 miles without the need to charge, depending on its model, the climate, conditions of the road, and how much the driver weighs.

The faster the speed you ride your scooter, the longer the distance you will get without the need to charge.

Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

As stated, batteries make the electric scooters work. Therefore, they do not emit chemicals that are toxic to the environment . Making them the best choice for those who are environment conscious and lessen their carbon footprint.

Accessibility and Portability

Portability is the electric scooter’s number one advantage .With its light weight on most models, you can carry them around. You can ride a bus while carrying your scooter, place it in a hallway, or park it in limited spaces.

The Red eGo Electric Scooter Plus, for example, has a weight of only 17 pounds. It can easily be carried by a child. It is also foldable, handy for storing it in the trunk of your car or placing it in a large drawer. Recharging stations are available if ever your e-scooter runs out of batteries.

Meanwhile using a car will be more difficult. If ever you run out of gas, you might get stranded in the middle of the road.

Electric Scooters are Time Saving

With Electric scooters’ solid design, these vehicles are the best choice for areas with heavy traffic, and over full parking lots. With their sleek and portable design, reaching your destination will be easier no matter how busy traffic is.

Picture yourself in your car during the peak hours of traffic and everyone is rushing to go home. You can spend many hours on the road stuck in traffic. Not to mention that in emergency situations your electric scooter can save your life.

For now, electric scooters are prohibited in urban areas in the UK.

However, other countries in Europe and countries abroad do not have laws prohibiting the e- scooter . If you are planning to travel, you can bring your e scooter with you in your car and use it when you reach your destination.

You can ride your e-scooter on your own premise or any other private property that does not prohibit its use. These restrictions are expected for abolition due to the growing popularity of the e-scooter.

Forefront in Safety Features

Modern Electric Scooters are safer than the ones released in the market back then. Among the new features of todays’ electric scooters are electric brakes, brake lights, shock absorbers, and dual brake systems.

It is always important to wear a helmet. Regardless of your riding experience, you must always expect the unexpected when on the road. For safety measures, always wear your helmet whenever you go for a ride.

Also, keep in mind that the e scooter is for individual use. There isn’t enough space for two people to ride it. Check the weight limit of the model that fits with your body before purchasing an e-scooter.

Easy on the Pocket

The low price cost of the electric scooter is another one of their benefits. They cost less than a motorcycle, a car, or a mountain bike.

The best part is it is way easier to maintain than a car. If a certain part becomes damaged, finding a replacement is easy and cheap.

One year warranty is granted for new models which will help you save more money.

Advantages of Electric Scooter: Stay Fit while riding 

Trying to lose weight?  Or trying to improve your balance and coordination? 

You can insert riding your electric scooter into your workout routine. Aside from burning calories, the e scooter can give you better balance, coordination, and help you feel energized..

Although, Riding this electric vehicle in normal mode will only give a small increase in energy consumption. To burn more calories use your leg to push off.

So why wouldn’t you ride a bike? Biking may burn a lot of calories but it causes more strain on your body. Biking would be the last thing you should do if you are tired. An electric scooter is better for all ages in terms of exercise. Not to mention it is fun and safer to use than a bike!

Is an Electric Scooter the Best Choice for you?

E-scooters are here for good. For these past few years they have become popular with users ranging from children to professionals.  Even those who have issues with mobility opt to use these scooters that are powered by battery.

The British government is presently analyzing new ways of travelling , such as e-scooters, will contribute to the improvement of the way people move around cities. Hopefully, these vehicles will be granted use on public roads.

For now, you can enjoy riding your scooter in designated areas or private property. It is a good initiative to workout and have fun at the same time without going to the gym.

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