Mobility Scooter Risks

Mobility Scooter Risks

You will most certainly have seen people using mobility scooters. You might even use one yourself. Here are some of the things you need to know about Mobility Scooter Risks. Mobility Scooter Risks Common thought If so, don’t worry, you’re not the only one. This is quite a common thought nowadays. Doctors have also been […]

benidorm banned electric scooters

Benidorm Banned Mobility Scooters

Holidaymakers have been left fuming after one of the largest hotel chains in Benidorm Banned Mobility Scooters unexpectedly. Social media rants Travelers took to travel forums and social media as physically challenged and old guests who had already booked at the organization’s nine resorts in the Spanish city worried about what they should do. One […]

Scooters and the Elderly

Scooters and the Elderly

Electric scooters have been increasing in popularity for children and adults. Scooters and the elderly are like partners that is why they always had a large market among the elderly. Unlike the trick-performing scooters that are popular among teenagers, or the maxi-scooters that help a number of people commute across the city, Elderly scooters help senior make […]

mobility scooter

Mobility Scooters for Heavy Users

One important factor behind choosing motorized wheelchairs and mobility scooters is how powerful the motor is. Traditionally, when we thought of mobility scooters and wheelchairs, the image of disabled and elderly people came to mind. However, these devices have captured another market: people suffering from obesity. When heavier customers consider buying a motorized wheelchair or […]

various electric vehicles

The Various Electric Vehicles

These days, we have seen an increase in various electric vehicles and heavy machinery being used. This is largely due to technology that has made batteries more effective and efficient at storing electricity. Electric scooters have also increased in popularity as a result of technological advances. When you usually say the word scooter, people think of […]

Where Society Has Failed the Disabled

Mobility scooters have long since provided a viable alternative to short-distance transportation for elderly, obese, and disabled individuals. They are powerful enough to carry between 300 to 400 pounds while being energy efficient and environmentally friendly. While we have built our society on the values of equality among all Americans, the elderly and disabled have […]

Mobility Scooters Increase Happiness

Mobility Scooters Increase Happiness

Mobility scooters are an excellent option for elderly and disabled individuals. While they are similar to wheelchairs in function, mobility scooters are more powerful and much easier to navigate. The main problem with wheelchairs is that they strip individuals of their independence. Unless the user has strong upper body strength, which senior citizens generally do […]