Dockless Electric Kick Scooter

The Dockless Electric Kick Scooter: Your Ride to the Future

The e-scooters are small enough to avoid the rush hour traffic but very well convenient for sightseeing.  Furthermore, many opt to use dockless scooters as they are environmentally friendly compared to its conventional gas-emitting counterpart.  Presently, there are approximately 85,000 electric-powered vehicles  in the U.S. that can be unlocked using one’s personal phone.  In the […]

future of electric scooters

The Future of Electric Scooters

In 2017, the BIRD Electric Scooter launched its startup company  in Santa Monica, California, USA. In just 15 months, the market value of this e-scooter company rose to $1 billion. Investors where flabbergasted by the return of investments that they began funding scooter companies hoping to rake in more revenues and profits. The population welcomed […]

electric motorcycle, electric bike, 3d printed motorcycle, 3d printed bike

Light Rider: World’s First 3D-Printed Electric Motorcycle

The unveiling of  the world’s first ever 3-D printed electric motorcycle fundamentally means that anythings are now possible thanks to the advent of technology.  This news has given tech enthusiast and riding enthusiast a reason to celebrate.  Just recently,  Airbus Aerospace’ subsidiary company called APWorks has released the Light Rider, an electric and lightweight motorcycle […]

various electric vehicles

The Various Electric Vehicles

These days, we have seen an increase in various electric vehicles and heavy machinery being used. This is largely due to technology that has made batteries more effective and efficient at storing electricity. Electric scooters have also increased in popularity as a result of technological advances. When you usually say the word scooter, people think of […]