Dockless Electric Kick Scooter

The Dockless Electric Kick Scooter: Your Ride to the Future

The e-scooters are small enough to avoid the rush hour traffic but very well convenient for sightseeing.  Furthermore, many opt to use dockless scooters as they are environmentally friendly compared to its conventional gas-emitting counterpart.  Presently, there are approximately 85,000 electric-powered vehicles  in the U.S. that can be unlocked using one’s personal phone.  In the […]

Harley-Davidson Electric Scooter

Upcoming Harley-Davidson Electric Scooter

Electric scooters or commonly known as e-scooters are eco-friendly vehicles that are propelled with the use of a motor. These electric vehicles are vastly becoming popular all across the world mainly because of the advantages that they can contribute to the needs of the people such as high portability, less noise pollution, safety, balance and […]

Revolutionize Public Transport

Scooter will revolutionize public transport

Electrics scooters will revolutionize public transport as they have been a very important part of many countries where there is almost no urban transport or overcrowded streets which require navigation. But people still consider it unusual without actually understanding the flexibility and freedom it offers. E-scooters can charge in less than 2 hours and can be folded […]