Dockless Electric Kick Scooter

The Dockless Electric Kick Scooter: Your Ride to the Future

The e-scooters are small enough to avoid the rush hour traffic but very well convenient for sightseeing.  Furthermore, many opt to use dockless scooters as they are environmentally friendly compared to its conventional gas-emitting counterpart.  Presently, there are approximately 85,000 electric-powered vehicles  in the U.S. that can be unlocked using one’s personal phone.  In the […]

Electric Kick Scooter

Electric Kick Scooter Efficiency

The electric Kick scooter is an efficient substitute to fuel fossil powered cars and trucks. The car is not an efficient mode of transportation when the car itself is the cause of its inefficiency. Electric Kick Scooters are More Efficient Than Cars Cars are inefficient because of its design. An average American driving his car […]