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In Search of the Best Electric Bike this 2016: Explore this List and Learn!

Have you found the best electric bike yet? Are you keen on switching from conventional bicycles to electricity-powered ones?Do you wish to know which electric bikes are worth investing in?  If you are a complete novice on electric vehicles  (e.g. electric bikes, electric cars, electric scooters, etc.) , it would be helpful to understand why […]

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The First Ever Electric Trail Bike

Bultaco Brinco R :  The First Ever Electric Trail Bike To the surprise of countless  motorcycling enthusiasts globally, Bultaco’s  return to the cycling market marks a new-age innovation – the introduction of the electric trail bike.  This Spanish motorcycle maker has made quite an impression for launching a full-throttle, electricity-powered mountain bike called the Brinco […]

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Global Surge in Electric Vehicles Sales

The rise of electric vehicles is igniting a new technological revolution. Not only it is inspiring scientists to come up with new innovations in the fields of fuel cell technology and electric mobility, but is also encouraging car makers and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to adopt at least one model of electric car in their […]