When Style Meets Functionality: Hoveround Power Wheelchairs

When Style Meets Functionality: Hoveround Power Chairs

Innovation knows no limit and this is 100% true with the birth of the electric mobility chairs. Gone are the days when people with mobility problems need to be wheeled around manually. These powered wheelchairs are not simply helpful, but also boost the morale of the people by giving them the independence and the tool to mobilize as others. Power chairs or these motorized wheelchairs are considered an answered prayer for many people with disabilities.   These chairs are equipped with technology that enables users to navigate even the tightest corners or narrow spaces. They are likewise built to be used by individuals who weigh up to 600 lbs.  Both young and old can navigate these wheelchairs  easily. In addition, these are easy to purchase and are available on-line too.

Meet the Hoveround Power Chairs

Hovering around is no longer a problem with  Hoveround. The company is regarded as one of the top manufacturing and selling companies of power chairs.  Those who have purchased a power wheelchair of this brand may have likely gotten hold of its patented design called Round for a Reason.  The Hoveround power chairs are designed based on two different requirements – physical and medical. The Round for a Reason technology is applied to these wheelchairs irrespective of the requirement. The technology itself becomes the brand’s core feature in providing individuals enhanced maneuverability.  So, you may be wondering which type of power wheelchair should you choose?

Basically, there are two different types of power wheelchairs you can use – either you go for ‘Standard’ or ‘Heavy Duty’.  Most users may need the standard-type of the wheelchair.  Hoveround has two different models under this category – one is Teknique and the other one is FWD. Both models can be used by people who weigh as much as 300 pounds. When you are looking for a wheelchair with a compact design, the MPV5 can be your ultimate choice. It is also the company’s most popular model as it is highly maneuverable in small spaces. On the other hand, if you both like the indoors and the outdoors, the Teknique FWD may be the suitable choice.

Another type of is the Heavy Duty and this is for individuals who have a bigger frame of body, or those who weigh up to 600 lbs.  There are two models under this category. One is the Teknique XHD which is built with broader seat, powerful motor, a pair of tandem rear tires. The design aims to offer  a comfortable chair that is dependable at all times.  This model is highly recommended for bariatric users. The second model is the Teknique HD6 which is built with a custom-sized and  contoured seat for utmost comfort and support. These power wheelchairs are basically customized to fit every medical and physical need of the patient.

How to Choose the Suitable Power Chair

Ditching the conventional wheelchair is a massive first step for many who have been accustomed to using them for years. If you are one of them – one of the biggest questions you may be confronted with is –  how to find the best one for me?  For starter, you need to understand how the digital controllers can aid you. A responsive controller and the drivability of the model should be paramount in the selection process.  Next is to also check  how comfortable the seat  and positioning are. Another criterion should be based on accessories. If there are other medical equipment or accessories that have to be attached to you all the time, you may want to choose the power wheelchair with the appropriate accessories.

Comparing Mobility Wheelchair and Mobility Scooters

While the mobility scooters have been around longer than the power wheelchairs,  the Hoveround chairs  are highly recommended due to the joystick located on the armrest. This facilitates the users in  navigating through narrow spaces using just their fingertips.  On the other hand, the electric mobility scooters tend to be operated using a tiller and bike-like steering.  The latter is also mostly used outdoors and a little difficult to use in smaller spaces. Moreover, the power chairs can also be used by individuals who are not able to use their hands to the fullest. The mobility scooters are also usually for those who only use mobility device on specific occasions for the purpose of outdoor assistance.

How are the Hoveround Power Wheelchairs Manufactured?

The assembly of each power chairs are done in the U.S. A group of expert designers and engineers  are constantly in the process of researching, developing, and improving  to ensure enhanced usability and comfort.  The rugged design of each wheelchair  is to ensure durability for a long-term worry-free use.  Each chair is also equipped with an inner-spring seat that makes each of them comfortable to use indoors and outdoors. The factory ascertains two important factors in manufacturing these mobility chairs – safety and reliability.  Tests are also conducted to simulate the actual use of the chairs. The tests are also performed through different phases and paces to simulate the years of use of these chairs. For patients with specific requirements, the design team also go the extra to customize the chairs to cater to their needs.

How to Purchase these Electric Mobility Chairs

Unlike with the scooters where the patient needs to purchase it on their own, the power chairs can be covered by the private insurance and Medicaid IF  the physician deems it is necessary for the patient.  In addition, Hoveround also has its own team of experts who would evaluate and validate whether you can truly get one free or change based on doctor’s recommendation or if you would still be required to pay a little amount. To check if you qualify, you would be required to fill out a questionnaire and to call a specific number. Your doctor’s prescription is also one of the mandatory requirements.

When you are done with the purchase,  you can expect your Hoveround to be delivered right at your doorstep. Moreover, a Mobility Specialist  will also come to provide you with an in-home  training.  This specialist  is highly trained and will also do the necessary adjustments and fit your power chair.  You will be observed on how you use and the specialist will also offer tips and techniques, so you could get accustomed to it right away. One of the biggest advantages that Hoveround users have is that when they are not 100% satisfied with the chair upon delivery, it can be returned for adjustment without  a single question asked.  This does not come with any obligation or return fees from the customer’s end.

As in any gadget, device, or tech-rich tools, you may also need to have your Hoveround tweaked. The company has its specific set of rules on service and patients are highly recommended to review this section first.  This is particularly important if you are going to be completely dependent on your electric mobility chair.  It is also advised that customers get to ask all the questions necessary while the mobility specialist is around for the  training. Tips on how to better take care of your powered wheelchairs are likewise provided. Most importantly, you will get to use  and test it while the specialist is around.

Final thoughts on Hoveround Power Chairs

Gone are the days when people with disability are completely dependent on another individual for  mobility.  More than just mobility, the availability, and presence of these electric mobility chairs boost the morale of the patients who tend to be challenged by their medical and physical problems. It would also be so much better if these power chairs would become more accessible to people with the minimal ability to cater to their medical needs. For sure, technology will continue to play a vital part in the improvement of healthcare and in contributing to the development of quality life for every individual.

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