Where Society Has Failed the Disabled

Where Society Has Failed the DisabledMobility scooters have long since provided a viable alternative to short-distance transportation for elderly, obese, and disabled individuals. They are powerful enough to carry between 300 to 400 pounds while being energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

While we have built our society on the values of equality among all Americans, the elderly and disabled have often been left behind. Moving up flights of stairs, opening doors, and stepping onto bus platforms are easy tasks that we take for granted. However, for many disabled people, these mundane actions can be difficult, if not downright impossible.

Unfortunately, society’s infrastructure is not doing a good job of keeping up with the demands of the elderly and disabled. Traveling around town can be quite frustrating for individuals who depend on mobility scooters and wheelchairs as a means of transportation, as many cities in the United States do not meet the standards required to accommodate such citizens. Because of this lack of city planning, disabled and elderly men and women are at a higher risk of accident-related injury. Pedestrians who rely on wheelchairs as their means of transportation were found to be 36% more likely to be killed by a car than any other type of pedestrian.

Many cities across the United States are making an effort to remedy this problem by installing ramps and sensory devices throughout the city. While this is a great start, the process of making a city disability friendly will take time. Until then, mobility scooters provide a great alternative for men and women with trouble walking.

Mobility Scooter

The Mobility Scooter is an excellent choice for individuals with mobility issues. It is easy to maneuver, meaning you can ride around supermarkets and shopping centers without a problem. It goes 9.5 miles-per-hour and is able to maintain a charge for 35 miles of use. Since it is able to carry as much as 400 pounds of weight, it is a great scooter for heavy people as well the elderly and disabled.

Drive Medical Maverick 3-Wheel Mobility Scooter

If power is what you are looking for the Drive Medical Maverick 3-Wheel Mobility Scooter is the perfect fit for you. It is strong enough to ride through dirt, gravel, rocks, and bumpy terrain. While it does not have the capacity to climb stairs, it does have the power necessary to go on surfaces that a wheelchair has trouble accessing.

H2 Wheelchair

If you are not a fan of mobility scooters, and enjoy the feeling and comfort of a wheelchair, then the Power Wheelchair might be the right fit for you.

Heartway USA Sahara KX Power Wheelchair

The Sahara KX is a motorized, all-terrain wheelchair that is capable of riding on rough and uneven surfaces. Its thick tires and engine power, which is strong enough to support 450 pounds of weight, make it excellent for hills and rocky trails. While it is not as fast as most mobility scooters, reaching slightly over 6 miles-per-hour, the Sahara KX Power Wheelchair comes with comfort and maneuverability that that isn’t offered by most mobility scooters.

Motorized wheelchairs and mobility scooters are proving to be an excellent way to help people move around the city. As cities begin to implement services that accommodate disabled and elderly citizens, these machines will play a crucial role in helping wheelchair and scooter users move around as easily as the rest of us.

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