Segway May Have Produced the Best Self-balancing Electric Scooter Yet

Yes! The headline says it all as Segway launches the best self-balancing electric scooter that lets you control it just like a drone. This means using your own phone, you get to control your scooter with ease.  This latest Segway to hit the market has been the latest offering of the company after it was acquired by a Chinese tech giant Ninebot back in 2015.  The phone-controlled scooter was launched recently in June and was made available through pre-order via Amazon. If you intend to get yours, get ready to spend a bit more money than usual. The cost  would range between $1000 and $1300.

What Can You Expect From the Best Self-Balancing Electric Scooter?

One of the fundamental differences you may notice from this  is the absence of handles. Unlike the other Segway models available on the market, this latest one relies on a stick that is knee-high. This stick detects the rider’s movement and therefore helps him navigate and steer the best self-balancing electric scooter to date. The knee control bar is also adjustable to make it comfortable for any individual of any height to use.The features are certainly a notch higher than other types of self-balancing scooters today making g this specific model the best self-balancing electric scooter available on the market.

Meet the MiniPro Hands-Free Segway

Segway has been known to revolutionize the world of electric scooters.  The company was founded in 2001 in the town of Bedford, New Hampshire. Segway itself has been synonymous to a two-wheeled scooter that is designed to carry human while cruising on sidewalks. However, the company has faced tough competition from the other makers of self-balancing scooters such as then hoverboards.  There has been an increase in demand for these items which prompted Segway to take their self-balancing scooters a step higher and produce the best self-balancing electric scooter.

Now becoming a cut-throat industry, the makers of self-balancing scooters such as Razor and Segway are in  for a tougher competition as Segway releases rage MiniPro Hands-Free. The new hands-free mode lets users control the scooter using the smartphone. The purpose is to let owners use this self-balancing scooter as  mean to carry things around – just like how a drone is controlled when used to transport things or people. The hands-free mode will not work if the system detects a person riding the MiniPro. This makes it the best self-balancing electric scooter.

Features of the miniPro

The dual functionality of the MiniPro Handsfree has earned this model the nickname “the luxury SUV” among today’s scooter.  Despite the absence of hand controls, reviewers of this scooter have raved about the stability  and smoothness of the ride itself.  Read on to learn more about today’s best self-balancing electric scooter.

Perfect for Novice Riders

The miniPro prides itself on being one of the easiest scooters to ride. Novice or first-time scooter users need not spend hours to practice balancing and using this new tool. The technology used in the scooter intends to simplify the rider’s overall experience.  One of the key features of the miniPro is its ergonomic design which is built with precision sensors. These sensors are able to capture the movements of the body which facilitate the support and balance. The knee-high control stick or bar lets users navigate more conveniently and precisely.  These features alone make the miniPro a worthy contender for the best self-balancing electric scooter alone.

Wireless Control with Bluetooth Phone Application

This is highly recommended for the tech savvy who have the penchant for innovation. The miniPro comes with a built-in antitheft security. It also has firmware updates plus a LED light that can be customized.  When purchasing a unit, you will also have access to a mobile app. This is an integral feature of the miniPro and you need to download it to maximize the function and enjoyment of using it. To fully understand  the entirety of the app features, you will be provided with a brief tutorial.

Feel Secure with Automatic Safety Lights

Designed for both visual appeal and immense safety, the miniPro comes with  LED headlights and taillights that come on during day and night. These LED lights will keep the rider visible at all times which therefore helps eliminate any possible accidents.  What makes this feature exciting is that users get to choose from 16 million color combinations and options. Only the best self-balancing electric scooter can do that.

Top Speed and Range

As the miniPro is powered by quality lithium-ion batteries, riders can expect a range of up to 14 miles with only a single change. The battery system is UL certified which ensures that it  is not prone to overheating and is completely safe for use. Riders can also cruise with a top speed of about 10 miles per hour. The battery range is, however, up tp 14 miles. Therefore, if you intend to purchase the best self-balancing electric scooter, you can certainly enjoy it while being confident that you are completely safe.

Extremely Road Adaptive

If you love the outdoors and cannot wait to use an electric scooter, then the miniPro can the ideal model for you.  This self-balancing electric scooter is engineered to use on various types of terrains whether one speaks of outdoor or indoor. It is equipped with a dual-motor type of engine that can traverse with ease on 15-degree slopes. You can expect maximum performance on any type of conditions while still enjoying utmost stability and  safety.

The miniPro is built with a 3.5” chassis plus 10.5” air-filled, pneumatic tires that are designed to offer shock resistance of military-grade. This means that the tires used can resist bumps and can effectively smooth them out while absorption any degree of vibrations. Every component of the miniPro is conceptualized with comfort, safety, durability, and performance in mind. There is no doubt that this could truly stay as the best self-balancing electric scooter for a long time.

Compact, Lightweight, and Absolutely Transport Ready

The best self-balancing electric scooter also leads in terms of durability and portability.  These two qualities are essential to Segway, in general. The  miniPro is built with durable and lightweight magnesium alloy on its frame. Therefore, one unit is only about 12.7 kgs which make it easy to store and transport.  As the knee bar is detachable, one can easily store the unit even in smallest spaces.  If you like to bring it with you, you can simply tuck it in your car trunk and you are ready to go.

While using the best self-balancing electric scooter seems to be enticing due to its range of benefits and features,  you still need to check whether it is street legal to use them in your state. There have been other places from across the globe which prohibit the use electric scooters in general. For instance, self-balancing scooters have been banned in the  historic centers in Prague, Czech Republic.  This comes after the protest of the locals in the said city who were not pleased with the growing number of scooter-riding tourists in historical sites. Hoverboards that are not UL Certification compliant are also banned in the US. Before purchasing the best self-balancing scooter, you need to double check the legal issues in your area.

Final Thoughts

It is evident that companies such as Segway and the  like are all in the process of outdoing one another. While the use of these electric scooters is primarily for transportation purpose, one should also highlight the contribution they provide in  lowering down emission. The best self-balancing electric scooters promotes sustainability. However, consumers must continue to be keen on selecting genuine and top quality self-balancing scooters. As there has been an influx of poor-quality and counterfeit hoverboards, it would be essential to know how to spot a real one from fake. Checking the UL certificates is also advised. Lastly, regardless of the safety features of the best self-balancing electric scooters today, you should  make an effort to keep yourself protected when using it.

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