In Search of the Best Electric Bike in 2021: Explore this List and Learn!

Have you found the best electric bike yet? Are you keen on switching from conventional bicycles to electricity-powered ones?Do you wish to know which electric bikes are worth investing in?  If you are a complete novice on electric vehicles  (e.g. electric bikes, electric cars, electric scooters, etc.) , it would be helpful to understand why many people are starting to switch from conventional vehicles to battery-powered ones. For starter, both economy and sustainability are two of the main reasons why there is an influx of electric vehicle users in the last two years. Many of which are in the constant hunt for the best electric bike.

Read on as we check  five the top electric bikes that had gained grounds in the year 2015 and 2016. As we search for the best electric bike, we will also go over the high-performing ones. If you are highly interested in knowing details about these  models,  checking and participating in different online e-bike communities is advised. For now, continue reading and be informed of the best electric bikes that have wowed  many individuals from across the globe.

Five of the Best Electric Bikes of 2016

2016 BULLS Cross Lite E-Bike

One of most noticeable features of this electric bike on the first try is the weight. It only weighs less than 50 lbs thanks to the nice air suspension fork that houses la lockout and ergonomically-designed grips. Many also consider this model as the best electric bike of the year due to the fully-loaded accessories and features which include LED lights, aluminum rear rack, and fenders that come with mud flaps.  It also has an upgraded hydraulic brakes for a more powerful braking system.  It also comes with an Intuvia Display Panel that is detachable makes it easy for users to read essential information about battery life, speed, and range.  In addition, the  2016 BULLS Cross Lite E-Bike also has a Micro USB charging port for your portable electronic gadgets.

While it may be a  bit pricey for  $3,700,  the advanced safety feature, the accessories, and the quality of the model and the battery are certainly worth every dollar spent on it.  Equipped with a removable and interestingly lightweight Bosch battery,  safe storage, and charging is made easier  and more convenient. It is also not surprising that many e-bike enthusiasts consider this as the best electric bike for the past two years due to the powerful Bosch motor and the pair of smooth hybrid tires. These two parts immensely contribute to the 35+ miles driving range of the e-bike. This model also has a built-in Bosch driving system that can automatically sense when the driver  halts the power and shift the gears.

2016 Electra Townie Go!

Just as expensive as the 2016 BULLS Cross Lite E-Bike, this 2016 Electra Townie Go! also has a wide range of features that every new and existing e-bike enthusiasts  would appreciate. Many have dubbed this unit as the best electric bike of today due to the whopping changes and improvements were seen in the recent Electra Townie Go! model. As compared to other e-bike models produced by the same maker, this unit comes with a much better Bosch Hub Motor. The new motor and battery packs generally cause the biggest improvements in almost all  aspects – speed, power, driving range, etc. The large Schwalbe balloon tires make the overall driving experience pleasant and smooth. These innovative tires absorb the shocks from bumps and cracks while functioning as a basic suspension.

The pedal-assist modes are in four different models. The lowest one called the Eco Mode allows the riders  to cruise a lower speed. This is perfect for leisure biking or for people who are not comfortable with speed. The best electric bike also has a flat floor frame design which has been patented.  This frame  prompts riders to sit  comfortably with legs out for a more relaxed  ride. This e-bike is powered by a 350-watt Bosch Performance Cruise Motor which also spins the bike’s chain rings. When the driver shifts gears, the motor responds instantaneously which consequently prevents any  strain on the chain.  With these top-of-the-line features, this model can very well be the best electric car for this year.

2106 Haibike SDURO FULL FatSix

Quality and performance have a price, and the 2106 Haibike SDURO FULL FatSix certainly speak of it. At a staggering cost of $5300, this unit is certainly one of the most expensive on the market today.  Nevertheless, many still consider it as potentially the best electric bike of the year. You ma be wondering – why is it that expensive? The answer  to this question is rather simple — the features, the solid motor, the hardware itself, the battery, and the overall performance can certainly dethrone existing excellent e-bikes  and make this the best electric bike today.  To start off, the bike is powered by the technology called the Yamaha Mid-Drive e-bike system which includes a zero cadence pedal assist, a 500-watt motor, and a total torque of 80 Newtons.  

This e-bike has a full-suspension and it comes with a Shimano Deore XT drivetrain. The maker of this e-bike also prides itself on producing one of the best body frames, therefore, giving its buyers a good 5-year warranty on it.  Novice riders will also not have difficulties maintaining this unit as it comes with  front and rear thru-axles that are quick-release in nature.

2016 Gocycle G2

This model is one of the best electric folding bikes available on the market today.  Weighing only less than 36 pounds, the 2106 Gocycle G2 is also one of the highly portable e-bikes that are ideal for travelers. The molded Magnesium body and the quick-release wheels make it easy to be stored in compact areas or compartments of the  vehicles. Comfort is also one of the key features of this e-bike and this is achieved with the help of a mini rear suspension.

Aside from portability, the accessories that come with it are also among the top reasons this model could  qualify as today’s best electric bike. Users can control the bike with the use of a Bluetooth smartphone application. They can also provide feedback and change the advanced settings or controls using any electronic device. If you are ready to spend a hefty $5K for the best electric bike, you may want to check this one too.

2106 Rad Power Bikes

For those who are aiming at the best electric bike, but only have $1500 to spend, this model could be an excellent option. The 2106 Rad Power Bikes is powered by the 500-watt motor, a seven-speed drivetrain, and a 48V Lithium Ion batteries, all of which is designed to provide you a pleasant biking experience.  The ergonomic grips, immensely comfortable seat, and the suspension forks are among the features you can expect from it.  The features and functionality of this e-bike make it ideal to be used by new or novice bikers.

Another key feature of this model is the integrated headlight. The Kenda tires and the sturdy mechanical disc brakes are among the op safety features of this e-bike. Novice bikers can also enjoy  riding these e-bikes  in two different drive  modes – one pedal assist and another one in throttle. This bike was crowdfunded via Indiegogo and is now considered as one of today’s best electric bikes.

These are just a few of the best-bikes we have now and we can expect newer  and more models next year. The advanced features that one can find in the best electric bike today also offer massive convenience and functionality to people. As cities and urban areas are now being developed to accommodate more bikers and pedestrians, it is expected that people will also start to see the other benefits of  riding the best electric bike on a daily basis. The result? We can now see people getting more and more interested in checking whether these electric bicycles suit their lifestyle. The question now  is – are you ready to bring home the best electric bike of the year?

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