Choosing A Scooter for Short Commutes

Power Scooters are a Great Choice for Short Commutes

The news from the Middle East, no matter when you read this, is likely to be pretty grim, with wars and problems threatening to make oil and consequently, gasoline, become ever more expensive. However, before you rush out to buy an electric car, consider the option of looking at power scooters instead. These little babies are great for short commutes around town, to take you to and from the grocery shop and even down to the dentist’s office. Here’s what you need to know:


First of all, power scooters are economical. Whereas a gas powered car can get, at best around 30MPG, gas powered scooters can do something in the neighborhood of 100MPG. Yes, that’s right – power scooters can do as well for you as a Chevy Volt or a Nissan Leaf. Plus, while the power scooters that you see on your city streets may not get the oohs and ahhs that your Chevy Volt is getting, the fact is that the owner of the Chevy Volt will spend around 20 times the amount of money for his car as you’ll spend for your scooter.


Another great thing about power scooters is the convenience factor. Let’s face it – when you drive around in a car, especially in the city, not only do you have more of a chance of getting stuck in a traffic jam, but you also have a much better chance of being trapped without parking. Try getting around New York City during rush hour for example, and you’ll be sitting in traffic for an hour and then pay a garage $30 for 30 minutes to park your car, if you can even get into the garage (many of them have signs up saying that they’re full, even at the crazy prices they charge).

Compare that with power scooters and you quickly realize that it’s no contest. Power scooters can get around traffic jams while still remaining perfectly safe, allowing you to get to where you need to get to quickly and easily. Add to that the fact that power scooters can easily be parked by chaining them to a pole and you’ll got a winning combination.

Better for the Environment

For the environmentally conscious amongst us, even the electric car can’t beat power scooters as far as providing the feeling of doing good for the environment. It’s a simple matter of physics. If you were to use an electric scooter for example, you’re simply moving that much heft since you don’t have a whole car around you which needs to move together with you. You just have a little engine with two wheels. This means that no matter how efficient electric cars get, they’ll never be as friendly for the environment as power scooters.

Bottom Line

The bottom line is this: power scooters are a great choice for all of your short commuting needs. While you may not want to ride one on a 3,000 mile cross country trip, for everything else, including the average commute that most of us have to work or to the grocery store, it’s clear that nothing beats power scooters. - The only site you need for expert electric scooter information, reviews, and help finding the best e-scooter for your lifestyle & budget.


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