Schwinn S 180 Electric Scooter

The Schwinn S180 Electric Scooter is an all-around fun little battery-powered vehicle. It starts with a simple switch of its power button, and charges via a convenient charging power just above the deck.

With a 180 Watt Earth Magnet DC motor and a Currie electro drive system, the bike runs at 15 miles per hour (MPH) and has enough charge to last 8 to 10 miles.

The history of the Schwinn goes way back. Ignas Schwinn was the first mechanist in Germany to work on bicycles. Later on, Ignas partnered with Adolf Arnold, and together, they started the company, “World Bicycles.” Many famous athletes won medals riding on Schwinn Bicycles.

In 2019, Schwinn launched its first electric model. Partnering with Together We Ride, Schwinn Bicycles helped kids all over the US to achieve the dream of learning to ride. Schwinn is one of the oldest companies to sell large units of bicycles all over the US.   



  • No reflectors or LED lights

Technical Specifications

  • Build: Heavy-duty Tubular steel alloy with high tensile strength folding bar and stem and direct chain drive.
  • Motor: Schwinn S180 Electric Scooter is driven by a DC 24 V motor 
  • Smart controller: A 22 amp pulse modulate controller includes low battery protection, motor overheat protection, Stall protection, peak amperage protection, speed controller. 
  • Kickstand: 12 inches UCP kickstand bearing
  • Handlebar: Half Twist throttle with handlebar-mounted with variable speed. 
  • Battery: 2 power source battery eliminator of 12 V – recyclable lead-acid batteries mounted in a steel box
  • Colors: Available in multi-colors Blue, red, black   
  • Twenty-four inches seat to the deck and 33 inches seat to ground clearance when the seat is lowered.
  • One-piece deck steel plate 
  • Oversized, chromed handlebar
  • One-piece of holding bar and stem 
  • Front V-Brakes, Rear – 90 mm band break from safe stops 
  • Rims made of alloy, 12 x 1.75 6N torque
  • 24 H F-14G spoke alloy wheels 
  • Hub, front 24 H Chromed and rear 24H nutted, threaded for electro drive
  • Brake levers are fastened three-finger MTB Style
  • In the box: 2 A, Smart Charger, 5 A boost charger, External kickstand. 
  • Patented Electro drive suited for all-weather direct drive with 12 mm HD clutch and bolt-on mounting head.

Buyer’s Guide: Schwinn S 180 electric scooter 

The Schwinn S180 Electric Scooter manual is an all-weather scooter It was built and engineered with a strong and non-bendable alloy. The scooter body consists of an alloy material of higher tensile strength which is perfect for rainy seasons as its 90 mm all-weather hand brake quickly puts the vehicle to a stop. 

old man holding an electric scooter

The seat is quite comfortable and can be adjusted to suit your kid’s height. With the self-start button on the scooter, you can be at the store in minutes. Your kids can ride to school every day and arrive on time. 

Before making a purchase, make sure the scooter is in perfect condition. It is essential first to give a test ride. 

The Schwinn S180 electric scooter price stands at $299 for the entire setup. Spare parts are also available in case of replacement. 

Features & Benefits: Schwinn S 180 electric scooter 

In my opinion, some of the features that set the Schwinn S180 electric scooter apart are: 

Build Quality

  • The scooter is built with steel. The alloy prevents the body from rusting and maintains longevity. You can use the scooter for years as it will never rust.  
  • The body of the scooter has a higher tensile strength. You are not going to get scratches and dents on your scooter. 
  • It weighs up to 180 pounds, so it is lightweight and easy to store. The height of the scooter is 42 inches from the floor to the top.
  • The length of the footboard is 15 inches. It is quite easy to place the tippy toes of little tots in a perfect position. 

Saves time

  • The Schwinn S 180 electric scooter not only allows for easy riding but helps your kid to reach school on time. Want a quick run to the store? The electric scooter saves the time and effort of parking your car. 

Easy Maintenance And Less Storage Space

  • Schwinn S180 electric scooter parts save a lot of space and have easy maintenance. 
  • The body of the motor-driven scooter is lean and does not require much space in the parking garage or the closet. 
  • This scooter provides you with more space to store your items. It fits perfectly in the back of the car if you are going on a long vacation.

Easy Adjustment

  • Parts of the vehicle can be adjusted conveniently. Seats can be easily adjusted based on the rider’s comfort level.
  • The ergonomic seat ensures increased comfort provided to the user. The seats of the scooter help to maintain posture.    

Amazing Battery Life

  • Schwinn S 180 electric scooter batteries are lead-acid batteries. Each battery is 12 Volts.  
  • Smart charger plugged in fills up the juice in 8 to 9 hours.
  • Sealed Lead-acid batteries are highly economical and inexpensive. Therefore, these electric devices come in handy and are quite affordable. 
  • Batteries for Schwinn S180 electric scooters are rechargeable and have a versatile use. Apart from these, the 10 Amp Hour battery serves large devices such as alarm systems, mobility scooters, etc. 
  • You can stock up the batteries at room temperature. Without any usage, these batteries discharge only 3 percent in a year. They have a prolonged shelf life. A patented spill-free steel cover prevents the upper metal surface from corrosion. 
  • A fully charged battery makes the scooters roll at 15 miles per hour speed. 

Riding Range

  • With the batteries juiced up, the vehicle runs at 15 miles per hour. You need not worry about charging your scooter over and over. The average riding range can be up to 8 miles per charge. You can simply carry the scooter and plug in the batteries for long miles to enjoy the rides on plain roads. 

Skit-free Tires And Easy Controller

  • If you are out during the rainy season, the scooter does not skit on pressing the brakes. With 90 mm band breaks, the powerful brake prevents the vehicle from skitting on roads. 
  • A smart power console helps you to control the scooter from a distance. You will be able to access easy power controls for safer movement. 
woman with brown coat riding electric scooter

Alternatives To The Schwinn S 180 Electric Scooter

#1. Segway Ninebot kick scooter zing

  • Runs at a lower speed- 8.5 mph
  • Weight capacity depends on model: E8 – 110 lbs, E10 – 132 lbs
  • Affordable price for each models (E8 – $199, E10 – $229)
  • Undersides have cool LED lights
  • Reflective stickers as a replacement for reflectors

#2. Gotrax GKS Electric Scooter

  • Unique break and acceleration method for first-time riders (ages 6 to 12)
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Weight capacity is 154 lbs
  • Max speed ranges up to 7.5 mph, which is less than other scooters

#3. Razor E100

  • Great for beginners and first-time learners (Age 8+)
  • Steady battery life and lasts upto 5 hours
  • With battery power, the scooter runs at ten mph.
  • Lightweight and portable (handles rider weight up to 120 lbs)
  • Chain drive requires maintenance as it slips off
  • Blue LEDs on the deck light upon twisting the throttle


Based on my observations, here are my ratings of the Schwinn S 180 scooter based on experience.  

  • Build: 10 /10
  • Battery: 8/10
  • Stealth mode: 10/10
  • Controller: 9.5/10
  • Power Charger: 9/10
  • Tires: 8/10
  • Overall Rating: 8.5/10

Parting Words

With so many brands and models of electric scooters out there, Schwinn stands as one of the most reliable brands. The Schwinn S 180 Electric Scooter cuts fuel costs and is budget-friendly.

The durability of the scooter and its parts is quite high. In addition, the parts are replaceable. Be it a ride or a run to a nearby store, the Schwinn S 180 Electric Scooter comes to the rescue as an excellent little electric vehicle.

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