Riide Second Generation Bike: 1.45KW Rent to Own E-Bike is in

Riide has a Kickstarter electric bicycle success stories, getting their start on the platform in 2015 in order to start a sustainable e-bike business that has lasted the test of time in a competitive market. The Company presents a lighter method to own a Riide second generation bike that is easy on the pocket: The Riide 2 ‘Rent to Own’ option.

The Riide Second Generation Bike

The Riide 2 has a step-through frame and powered by a rear direct drive (no internal gears) hub motor rated at 500W continuous and 1.45kW at most.

If that seems like a wide range, then you are correct. But there is usually a simple reason for the discrepancy between peak and continuous power ratings. The former is what you feel during acceleration and when going up a hill. The latter is the number that keeps the bike legal in most places. 

Supplying that powerful hub motor is an 840Wh battery rated at 17.5Ah and 48V. It is not the biggest e-bike battery we have seen, but it is still one of the best. Most commuter e-bikes with batteries of this size get ranges of around 35 miles or 56 km on throttle-only operation or around 60 miles or 97 km with moderate pedal assist. You could go even further if you put the pedal assist into a lower level, or you can do worse if you ride constantly at 28 mph or 45 km/h which is the top speed of the bike. And of course range varies with everything from rider weight to wind direction to local terrain.

Riide 2 Batteries

It has a removable battery and gets locked into the downtube of the bike, helping improve the Riide 2’s line and give the impression that it is not an electric bike.

In addition to the fact that it has an integrated battery pack, there is also an integrated LED lighting in the front of the bike and rear as well, and the hydraulic disc brake lines of the bike are even run internally, maintaining the sleek look of the Riide 2. We saw internal routing for rear brake lines before, but running the front brake line down in the hollow fork arm like the Riide 2 is rare.

There is  no shifter cable to hide on this bike, but not because of wireless shifting. Rather, there is just no shifting. The Riide 2 is a single speed bike, so do not expect to drop it into low gear on a hill. Instead, you would be happy for that 1.45kW peak motor when the hills begin to ramp up. The lack of a multi-speed drive train makes it easy to keep weight down on the hefty 51.9 lb or 23.5 kg bike.

Riide Second Generation Bike

Riide 2 Features

You might also be happy with the lack of a shifter due to the inclusion of a Gates carbon belt drive system. Gates is the single most respected belt drive manufacturer in the industry, and the presence of that belt drive certainly means you not only get a quiet ride, but you never have to worry again about a greasy chain messing with your cotton dockers. Between the hydraulic disk brakes and the belt drive, there is almost nothing you would have to fiddle with on this bike. Occasional brake pad and tire changes are pretty much what consists of the maintenance list, and most people could probably do that once or twice a year.

The Riide 2 is part of a new breed of tech savvy bikes, full of features like 4G LTE connectivity, built-in GPS, 9-axis accelerometer and a Bluetooth Low Energy.

Riide Second Generation Bike: Riide 2 Warranty

With a 2.5-year warranty, the bike is protected longer than most of the electric bikes on the market which only come with a standard 1-year warranty.

Riders can pay $299 down plus $99 every month  for 2 and a half years ($3,269) or the bike can be bought outright for $2,799.

You will not see this lease-to-own structure in the electric bike industry very much. It allows people that can’t afford to purchase an electric bike of this quality level outright, but still would want to experience a quality electric bike.

The Riide 2 has a strong direct drive motor, integrated 840Wh battery, 180 mm rotor hydraulic disc brakes, integrated lights, Gates belt drive, internal brake lines etc. There is embedded tech like the GPS and 4G, and the $2,799 price starts to seem more reasonable. You could buy other 28 mph e-bikes for half of this price, but they are not going to last as long. Offer as many features, or require as little maintenance as the Riide 2.

The single-speed feature is definitely mind-boggling. It probably will not matter much for flatland riders and would only be of small impact for riders on hilly terrain. Visit our website at www.electricscooter.com for updates of e-bikes.

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