The right hoverboard for girl: 5 models to look into

Is there such thing as a hoverboard for girl? Of course, there is. Although self-balancing scooters or hoverboards may not exhibit a feminine-inspired look, their fancy colors, features and specs do glitter in the eyes of gals. But if it is not enough, a girl can just replace the hard plastic shell with a custom shell that is adorned with flowery art, cute figures, gold glitter or anything that resembles the decors of her bedroom or scrapbook. If she’s asking for a hoverboard for girl that is studded with diamonds, that is way too much. But hey, diamonds are a girl’s best friend, right? Brands could roll out one but it will come with an expensive price tag.

What is the right hoverboard for girl?

Any self-balancing two-wheel electric scooter that is safe, durable, and high quality is good for all girls as long as she is capable of driving it and is not overweight. Hoverboards are recommended for ages 14 and above, and the maximum weight most self-balancing e-scooters can support is up to 220 lbs (100 kg).

If you are looking for a hoverboard for girl as a gift to your daughter, girlfriend, or spouse, make sure it is UL certified. Any self-balancing electric scooter that is UL certified is deemed safe for use. It has successfully passed a rigorous series of tests to determine its safety and quality. It has the assurance that it will not catch fire. Look for the UL holographic certification label with the enhanced mark on the bottom of the hoverboard for girl and the UL Mark for self-balancing scooters on the packaging. The UL mark should also appear on the charger/adapter and battery pack. (To know if the battery is UL certified, open up your hoverboard safely.)

5 recommended self-balancing e-scooters for girls

There are hundreds of self-balancing electric scooter brands and models in the market. Which of them is the right hoverboard for girl? Without further ado, we introduce the following models, which we think every girl should have:

Razor Hovertrax 2.0 Hoverboard

When it comes to safety and brand recognition, Razor is the name you can trust. The company may have arrived late in the self-balancing e-scooter scene and their entry was just a result of acquiring the patent rights to the Hovertrax from Inventist, but they never fall short of quality workmanship. In fact the Razor’s Hovertrax hoverboard for girl is just one of the few hoverboards that are UL certified.

The lightweight Hovertrax weighs 25 lbs (11 kg) and supports a maximum load of up to 220 lbs (100 kg). The rubber wheels come with aluminum hubs to promote a smooth and safe ride. The self-balancing electric scooter has a scratch resistant shell made from high quality plastics with shatter-resistant polymer. Running on dual hub motors, the device is powered by a 36V lithium-ion battery pack, which takes up to two hours to charge. This hoverboard for girl has two hours of continuous runtime and a top speed of 6 mph (9.6 km/h), which is already fast and safe enough for gals not to run into an accident.

Balancing is easy, thanks to the patented EverBalance technology. The Hovertrax will balance itself out even without pressure on the anti-slip foot pads, so it is easier to get on and off the coolest-looking hoverboard for girl.

miniPRO by Segway and Ninebot

The miniPRO by Segway and Ninebot is the first self-balancing electric scooter to become UL certified before any hoverboard. It is also one of the first few hoverboards that integrate features and functions with digital connectivity. By accessing the Segway and Ninebot smartphone app, you can operate the miniPRO via remote control even without riding it, adjust the LED lights, enable the anti-theft alarm, modify safety features, and view the device’s performance. The miniPRO is indeed the most advanced hoverboard for girl.

Since it comes with a padded knee control bar that is never found in conventional hoverboards, the miniPRO offers a highly innovative steering method rather than foot-pivot steering. You steer by gently pressing left or right on the steering knee bar, which can be adjusted to suit individual rider’s height. Looks like an easy-to-use hoverboard for girl, huh?

The miniPRO has an aircraft-grade magnesium alloy frame and 10.5” shock-resistant pneumatic tires, thus being able to support a maximum load of 220 lbs (100 kg) and offer riders a safe and stable ride. This self-balancing electric scooter by Segway and Ninebot features a 1600W dual motor engine and a powerful UL certified lithium-ion battery. The fastest and farthest this hoverboard for girl can go is at 10 mph (16 km/h) and 14 miles (23 km), respectively.

Jetson Future Foot

The Jetson Future Foot is a good all-rounder self-balancing electric scooter. It is one of the heaviest hoverboards in the market, weighing 28.8 lbs (13 kg), but also one of the sturdiest and most durable, being able to support a maximum load of 325 lbs (147 kg). The good weight capacity is complemented by the 8” wheels and a pair of hard rubber tires. This hoverboard for girl speeds up at 13 mph (21 km/h), undoubtedly one of the fastest self-balancing electric scooters. And thanks to its very powerful battery, the Jetson Future Foot can travel up to 13 miles (21 km) on a single charge.  

IO Hawk

The IO Hawk is one of the earliest self-balancing electric scooters to come out in the market, and it’s one of the most popular and durable too. It offers riders a clean and handlebar-less locomotion. Coming without a handlebar, the IO Hawk allows riders to balance and maneuver more naturally. Indeed, it is more exciting to ride a handlebar-less hoverboard for girl.

The Hawk has landed with a cool feature that is not present in most self-balancing electric scooters: it comes with LED backlights just like in cars and motorcycles. The rear LED lights do not only serve as a cool factor, but also as an added security feature. It acts as an indicator for pedestrians and motorists moving behind you, informing them of your presence and the direction you intend to move. The LED lights come in handy for this hoverboard for girl that absolutely makes no noise when it glides.

The IO Hawk, made of lightweight and sturdy material, has smaller footprint compared to the massive miniPRO. The self-balancing electric scooter weighs only 22 lbs (10 kg). With the Hawk’s compact built and lower weight, you can take it around with you wherever you want. What’s more, the Hawk offers two riding modes: the beginner mode with a maximum speed of 4 mph (6 km/h) and the standard mode at 6 mph (10 km/h). This hoverboard for girl take 2-3 hours to charge, travels up to 12 miles (19 km) on a single charge, and supports a whopping 280 lbs (127 kg) maximum load.


This is probably one of the best-looking self-balancing electric scooters that market has ever seen. For girls who love listening to music while on the go, the Wonfast happens to be the right Bluetooth hoverboard for girl you need. The Wonfast comes with an on-board Bluetooth speaker, which you can pair with your mobile phone so blast around as you cruise along. But the Bluetooth is not the only thing that makes the Wonfast cool.

The Wonfast features a 36V 4.4AH battery pack and two 250W motors – a combo that powers the device at a top speed of 6 mph (10 km/h) and keeps the ride for up to 12 miles (20 km) on level ground. This hoverboard for girl is equipped with dirt-resistant rubber pads, durable rubber tires on sturdy treaded wheels, LED indicator and front lights, and a metallic power button. The Wonfast self-balancing scooter can support up to 264 lbs (120 kg) maximum load.

Which hoverboard for girl are you going to buy? Each one looks impressive. Don’t miss every one of them.

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