How To Get A Replacement Tire For Razor Electric Scooters?

Razor is a renowned worldwide leader in electric scooters. Since 2000, they have sold more than 15 million electric scooters. Due to their unique technology and features, they have become global experts in electric scooters innovation. 

Razor believes commuting from one place to another should be both fun and practical. From manual scooters to skateboards, from hoverboards to electric scooters, they ensure people experience a fun ride with every product they bring into the market. 

However, even the best scooter in the market is of no use if your tires wear out or go flat. If  you are looking for repair or replacement of your tires, this guide is for you. In this write-up, we will discuss how to get a replacement tire for a Razor electric scooter. 

What Kind Of Tires Does Razor Electric Scooters Use?

But before we get into the detailed guide on replacement, you must know some basics about the tires offered by Razor. As we all know, Razor comes with various models of electric scooters. Every model has different types of tires. 

So here are two types of tires that are primarily used in the production of Razor electric scooters. 

Pneumatic Tires 

Pneumatic tires are air-filled tires. Razor Eco-Smart motor, E300, E200 are popular Razor electric scooters that are fitted with pneumatic tires. 

Overall, Razor electric scooters that are constructed with pneumatic tires perform better as compared to solid tires. This is because air-filled tires are more efficient and offer better traction and balance. 

Most tires you see on Razor electric scooters are pneumatic tires. All pneumatic tires are made of flexible rubber, and to maintain their structure, air pressure is required. There is a valve stem either on the side or center of the wheel used to fill the air in the tire. There are two subtypes of pneumatic tires: tubeless and inner tube tires. 

Tubeless Tires 

Tubeless pneumatic tires are rare on electric scooters. Such tires have an airtight seal over the tire rim. Tubeless tires are more heavy-duty, puncture-resistant, and high performance. Generally, only expensive electric scooters are equipped with tubeless tires. 

Inner Tube Tires 

Inner tube tires on electric scooters are common. They have an outer shell with treads that touch the road when you are riding the scooter. Inside the outer shell, an inner tube has a valve system that holds pressurized air. These tires are easy to manage when you get a flat. All you need is to replace the inner tube. 

Advantages Of Pneumatic Tires 

The three significant benefits of pneumatic tires are better cushioning, better traction, and lower friction. 

Lower rolling friction means that the tires lose less energy as they roll on the ground. There will be better mileage and better speed with pneumatic tires. 

Better cushioning is due to air pressure in the tubes. They can absorb bumps in the road better. 

Better traction allows you to stop quickly when sliding. Also, these tires offer better traction on wet roads. 

Disadvantages Of Pneumatic Tires 

There are two disadvantages of Pneumatic tires: maintaining tire pressure takes a lot of work, and these tires are easier to become flat. The most common complaint that a rider comes with pneumatic tires electric scooters is a frequent need to replace the tires.

flat tire electric scooter

Solid Tires 

Solid tires are made from either rubber or foam. The solid rubber provides integrity, which makes them more durable than pneumatic tires. Solid tires are immune to punctures and never get flat like pneumatic tires. 

The Razor Dirt Quad SX McGrath is equipped with solid tires, which are tough to change and require the entire wheel to be replaced. They never go flat from getting punctured. They are often made of hard plastics that wear down quickly. There are two types of solid tires: honeycomb and filled tires. 

Honeycomb Tires 

Honeycomb tires have an internal design like a honeycomb that offers structural integrity and keeps the weight down. These tires offer more cushioning and tend to be lighter than pneumatic tires. 

Filled Tires 

Filled solid tires are stiffer and heavier than other tires. 

Advantages Of Solid Tires 

The primary benefit of solid tires is that they never flatten, and there is no need to maintain air pressure. They are also less expensive than pneumatic tires. 

Disadvantages Of Solid Tires 

Disadvantages of solid tires include poorer traction and lower performance relative to pneumatic tires.

How To Get A Replacement Tire For Razor Electric Scooter 

If you are looking for a replacement for your Razor electric scooter’s tire, then you should know what the process is and from where you can quickly get a replacement. Here, we will explain where you get a replacement tire for a Razor electric scooter. 

# Official Website 

To get a replacement tire for Razor electric scooter, you can visit the official website to learn about the quality and price of the tire you are looking for. 

Whether you want pneumatic or solid front or rear tires, Razor gives you the convenience of getting your replacement tires all in one place, right from the scooter’s manufacturer.

# Amazon 

As we all know, Amazon is a worldwide shopping platform that has everything from electric scooters to its spare parts. It is also a great place to get a replacement tire for a Razor electric scooter. For example, if you are looking for Razor E200 Electric scooter tires, buying TOPEMAI replacement tires (ASIN: B07H4NLNDB) is a great option. All you need to do is check your tires’ product model number and size before look up a replacement tire for your electric scooter. 

# Walmart 

Like Amazon, Walmart is a retail and online shopping platform where you can buy most anything you want. When it comes to replacement tires for Razor electric scooters, Walmart has almost every model and every size tire. To order tires online, you need to filter the search first with your model number, tire size, and types of the tire like pneumatic or solid, and there you proceed with the replacement of Razor electric scooter’s tire. You can also visit your nearest Walmart and go to the tire section to see the selection available there.

# Monster Scooter Parts 

Monster Scooter Parts is an online retail shop that specially sells vehicle accessories and replacement parts. 

Whether you are looking for a Razor E200 electric scooter rear-wheel or tube set for MX 400, you can always count on the website for high-quality and durable replacements at an affordable price. The website also comes with a return and money back policy; if you are not satisfied with the size or material of the tire, you can rely on their return policy. 

# Electric Scooter Parts 

When you need a replacement tire for a Razor electric scooter, you can visit the Electric Scooter Parts store and look at its website. It is an employee-owned company that specializes in selling electric scooter parts. 

# Ebay 

eBay is an online selling platform that also offers electric scooter parts. Regardless of the brand, you will find most every spare part and tire for an electric scooter on the website. This is another good source for getting a replacement tire for a Razor electric scooter, but make sure to check the shipping costs before you put through your order.

How To Replace An Electric Scooter Tire

Before we get into replacing Razor electric scooter tires, solid tires and pneumatic tires have different replacement processes. Replacing solid tires is much more difficult compared to replacing pneumatic tires. 

Repairing tires of electric scooter

How To Replace A Flat Pneumatic Tire On Your Electric Scooter 

There are three ways to fix a flat tire of your Razor electric scooter. 

The first method involves: 

  • Release all the remaining air from the tire.
  • Remove the tire from the rim.
  • If the damage is repairable, fix the tire or get a new one. 
  • Install the tire back on the rim.
  • Inflate the tire. 

The first method is a bit complicated in some models as sometimes removing tires means removing many parts around the wheel. If this is the case, try the second method, fixing the tire without removing the tires. 

The third way is to go to a professional to fix a flattened tire. 

Replacing The Punctured Tire – Inner Tube 

Tools You Need to repair or replace the punctured tire are: 

  • Allen Key or a universal multi-tool key 
  • Wrench 
  • Tire Lever 
  • Tire Inflator 
  • Repair kit glue in case you are not using a new tube 
  • Tire patch 

Steps For Replacing 

  • Start by releasing the remaining air 
  • Unscrew the Valve and press with the help of Allen key. 
  • Loosen the nuts of the wheels from both sides by using a wrench. 
  • Use a tire lever to remove half of the tire from the rim. 
  • Find the inner tube and remove it. 
  • Now either replace the inner tube or get a tire patch and fix it with the help of repair kit glue. 
  • Once you have repaired or replaced the tube, fix it inside the tire and put the wheel back 
  • Tighten the screws and inflate the tire. 

Parting Words

Tires are an essential component of an electric scooter, and they have to be intact and in proper condition to ensure a smooth ride. Whether you want to replace your Razor electric scooter tire or repair it, this article is intended to help you move ahead for your tire change and we hope it is helpful to you.

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