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Another form of electric vehicle that is now capturing the interest of many is the presence of the electric unicycles. Fun to watch and to learn, the self-balancing electric unicycles have  slowly gained ground in the realm of electric vehicles. Also known as EUC, many manufacturers from the occidental and oriental side of the world are now dabbling in the production of yet another form o self-balancing scooter. With the immense popularity of the two-wheel self-balancing scooters or the hoverboards, it will be not surprising if these electric unicycles will also one day take over the world. The question now is – what should we know about these modern types of unicycles?  Read on and get in the loop.

Basic  Form of  Electric Unicycles

It is quite similar to the conventional unicycles , but only better and equipped with technology used in other self-balancing scooters. One of the most obvious characteristics of self-balancing scooters is the  single wheel that operates it. Typically the wheel measures around 12-16 inches in diameter.  The best electric unicycles to date also come with massive outliers and technology used for safety measures.  These electric unicycles also possess motors  that are power, making these unicycles viable to be used as a real mode of transportation.

Advantages of Using Electric Unicycles

Speed is one of the top reasons why using electric unicycles is efficient. The highest speed among these self-balancing unicycles is  22 miles per hour. Note that this is even faster than many electric scooters available on the market.  Different makers over different maximum speed. Therefore, if you intend to purchase a model that can truly help you get moving at a fast pace,  you may opt to check the available electric scooters to date.

Many people may be surprised by this but electric unicycles also have the ability to be used on off-road. This basically means that today’s electric unicycles can be used on  grassy surfaces. It is also just as effective on gravel, dirt, and any rough surfaces. Note that in order to be used on an off-road, your electric unicycle of choice must at least have a wheel of 10 inches in diameter. The smaller ones can solely be used on smooth surfaces or pathways.

Another advantage as to why purchasing an electric unicycle is advisable is that these units also have the ability to go up and down the curbs.  This is particularly true for the electric unicycles with larger wheels. You may also be impressed as to how functional and efficient it is now to use and own and electric cycle.  In order to keep your unit in top shape, it is also recommended to go for the larger ones. As the general rule in finding the best electric unicycle today goes, ‘the bigger the wheel, the better it is’. For first time users, buying a cheaper unicycle is recommended to have a grasp of the system. However, for safety and performance-related reason, a more expensive one is better in the long run.  The electric unicycle can also be protected with the use of rubber bumper strips.  They also add an extra layer of comfort for novice riders of electric unicycles. If you are in search of the top electric unicycles to date, you may opt to give the following a quick look before purchasing.

Three of the Best Electric Unicycles At Present

Gotway Msuper

The  Gotway Msuper Electric Unicycle has a top speed of 22 miles per hour when configurated in mid-speed. It is also becoming popular among the unicycling enthusiasts as its power is often described to 6-8 times better than the existing entry level units.  The unit is powered by 1000 Watt hub motor and a battery system that houses 64 cells.  Note that entry level unicycle such as those produced by Airhweel only has 16 cells.  The wheel is 18 inches in diameter which is big enough to take on obstacles of up to 4 inches in height.

When the unit is fully charged, users can enjoy a maximum distance of 35 miles. To even make the ride more comfortable and to potentially extend the driving range, the users can make use of the large pedals that each unit has. The pedals also make the use of this electric unicycle even more comfortable for taller and heavier users. Users may also operate this model using the Gotway App. The add allows users to configure the driving parameters such as the distance, speed, wheel calibration, warning alerts, and pedal angle.  The manufacturer also offers a year warranty of all non-wearing parts and a 6-month warranty on the batteries.

Ninebot  One E-Plus

The Ninebot  One E-Plus comes with the technology that offers efficient operation and use of the unit. As with other modem electric scooters available now, this model allows users to operate the unit with the help f the  free Ninebot App. The App  allows users to adjust the settings,  check the speed of the unit, change the LED lighting, and set the necessary driving parameters.  This electric unicycle  is also recommended for  both the novice and the experienced riders.

Another advantage of this self-balancing electric unicycle is that is can be used on cruising mode when on a flat and pleasant surface, and it is also advisable for an off-roading experience. The foldable handle is also one of the reasons this model is one of the easiest to store is that it comes with a foldable handle.  This model also lets users benefit from the upgraded battery output  of up to 320 W.  This boost the range and the speed of the unicycle.

The IPS121 New Self Balancing Unicycle

There’s another unicycle set to invade the unicycle enthusiasts in the US. The IPS121 New Self Balancing Unicycle comes with a gyroscope system that receives information on which movement you are about to the take. The system does an analysis on the data in order to perform an automatic adjustment and keep the user on balance. The user has to simply lean in the direction he wishes to go to. Thus, such technology makes it easy and convenient for first-time users to use and get used to the unit.

The wheel of this electric unicycle measures 16 inches and can be used on both smooth surface and off-road areas.  Users can enjoy a top speed of 12.5 miles per hour – not too slow among the existing electric unicycles today.  It can also cover a maximum distance of 12 miles.  The IPS  unicycles also come in two different models and bearing an approximate $100 in difference. The color of choice for both models are red and white.  In terms of performance and technology, either of the two models is worthy of your spending money.

While it is possible to find electric unicycles with exceptional speed today, it  is also suggested that users may try the brands that also come with basic function. It is also expected that more and more people will continue to be interested in these electric unicycles as many big cities are experiencing a major face-lift  in  terms of urban planning. In areas where urban planning is becoming more considerate to pedestrians and users of electric scooters and the like, the use of the electric unicycles tends to make the ‘commuters’ dream’ a reality.

Needless to say, prices may also vary from one unicycle to other. Although there are fewer models available now as compared to other self-balancing scooters or electric scooters in general, it is possible that mass production of electric unicycles can happen within just as few years. There are also several prototypes being presented to the public which signifies an upcoming boost in the electric scooter industry as a whole. Before purchasing the model you want,  make an effort to analyze the purpose of the unit for you. Is it for leisure? Do you intend to use it for the everyday commute?  Your answers to these questions will certainly determine which the best electric unicycles for you.

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