Razor Power Core E95 Electric Scooter

Razor electric scooters have ruled the world of off-road scooters for the past 20 years of their existence. Manufactured by Razor USA LLC, these scooters have never failed to impress their users across their product line.

In this article, our focus will be on the Razor Power Core E95 electric scooter. This model holds the reputation of being one of the best kick scooters for kids. This will be one to consider especially if your kid is between 8 and 10 years. The model got its name when Razor decided to switch from chain-driven motors to a new 90 watts hub motor. The scooter comes in green and blue.

Let us discuss all the aspects of the Razor Power Core E95 electric scooter, including benefits, downsides, and features. We will also present some worthy alternatives to this model.


  • The scooter is made up of alloy steel, making it more durable than aluminum, as steel is harder to break.
  • The scooter features beautiful patterns and colors.
  • The scooter does not offer fast speed when it starts, which is regarded as a safety feature for kids learning to ride.
  • The brakes of the Razor Power E95 electric scooter are pretty sensitive and robust.
  • The scooter’s front wheels are made from urethane, while the rear wheels are made up of rubber, which makes them exceptionally strong. 
  • The scooter can reach a top speed of 10km/hour, making it relatively safe for kids learning to ride.
  • It is pretty easy to assemble the scooter as it does not require complicated installations.


  • The front wheel, made up of urethane, makes the ride quite bumpy for users.
  • You need to charge it for 12 hours which is considered to be quite long.
  • The scooter does not run well on wet surfaces.
  • The scooter does not have speed control.

Technical Specifications

  • Power: 90-watt motor
  • Recommended Age: 8 to 10 years
  • Weight: 22 pounds
  • Weight Capacity: Maximum capacity is 120 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 31.7” (80.4 cm) x 12.9” (32.7 cm) x 32.9” (83.6cm)
  • Battery: 12 V, lead-acid
  • Range: 21 km
  • Top speed: 10 mph 
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Buyer’s Guide: Best Electric Scooters For Kids

The market for electric scooters has grown immensely in the past few years. More and more people are turning towards purchasing these powered scooters when it comes to enjoying a safe yet fun-filled ride. Witnessing the popularity of these scooters, many brands have ventured into the business of manufacturing electric scooters catering to both adults and kids.

However, there is a difference between electric scooters manufactured for kids and ones designed for adults. Here are some points that you need to consider when planning to purchase an electric scooter for your eight-year-old who is just learning to ride.

  • Design: Design plays a meaningful role when it comes to kids. The scooter should have features that are beneficial for kids who are beginner riders. Electric scooters for kids should be toys but with good safety features suitable for youngsters.
  • Small in size: You should also consider the scooter’s height, as these electric scooters for kids ought to be downsized versions of adult scooters. Also, make sure that the scooter you purchase is extendable. The reason is that kids grow pretty fast in height, and their scooters should also grow with them.
  • Maximum Load: Though most adult scooters can carry around weights more than 100 kgs, this is not the case with kids’ scooters. Most scooters designed for kids will carry around 50 to 60 kgs. Ensure that you consider this aspect when you are purchasing the scooter, as riding a scooter beyond the maximum weight limit can be unsafe.

Features And Benefits: Razor Power Core E95 Electric Scooter


The Razor Power Core E95 Electric Scooter is proof of its manufacturer’s dedication to offering only the best for its users. This is a scooter that provides greater traction and control when you ride it. You just need to kick off and then push the throttle to start a smooth acceleration up to a speed of 10 mph. The assembly of the scooter is relatively easy, and it requires practically no maintenance. Razor has been paying attention to the feedback for its previous models and has made relevant changes in this one.


The Razor Core E95 shows off its alloy steel frame and its airless rear tires, contributing to its high durability quotient. Also, its 90-watt core motor ensures a smooth and maintenance-free ride for its riders with just a push of that throttle!.


The scooter comes equipped with a 12V sealed lead-acid battery. This battery ensures that you get an extended riding time of about 80 minutes with one charge only. 


The brake system of the scooter is quite sensitive and easy to operate. The kid will quickly figure out how to use the brakes within minutes of riding. The brake lever present on the left handlebar captures the brake pads present on the front wheel, ensuring a safe stopping time after you apply the brakes.  


Since the scooter has been designed especially for kids, manufacturers have paid particular attention to its durability and safety. The wheel of the scooter can withstand long hours of punishment and rough riding. The wheels are small in diameter, only 5 inches, and can withstand only kids’ weight. Also, since the front wheel is made up of urethane and the rear wheel is made up of rubber, they are pretty strong. Also, a rear-wheel-drive ensures that the rider gets a balanced control ride.


Kids tend to enjoy putting their scooters through rough terrains, and Razor Core E95 has been designed to endure such harsh tests! It has been tested repeatedly so that even after long rides, the scooter does not require any kind of maintenance. However, as with any vehicle, it is advisable to occasionally check two points: first, that the brakes are working correctly, and second, that the screws are perfectly tightened. 

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#1. Macwheel Electric Scooter

The Macwheel electric scooter is a fantastic alternative to Razor Core E90, as it is also designed for kids of age eight years and above. Lightweight and easy-to-fold, the Macwheel is different from the Razor model in many aspects.

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It is powered by a solid 350-watt brushless motor and also comes with a 21.6V lithium-ion battery. The scooter offers variable speeds of 5, 8, and 10 mph. You can choose your speed by pressing the power button, a feature that is not available with Razor Core E95.

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#2. Maxtra Electric Scooter 

The Maxtra electric scooter can also be a reliable alternative to the Razor Core E95 electric scooter. It is a perfect scooter for kids between the ages of 6 and 12 years. 

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Similar to Razor E95, this model can also give you a speed of 10 mph, though this one offers two riding modes to the user. It comes with 6″ airless wheels, which ensure no flat tires as well as no maintenance. Its rear-brake system offers excellent braking performance and provides complete control for the rider.

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#3. Gotrax GxL Electric Scooter

Another alternative to the Razor Core E95 electric scooter is the Gotrax GxL scooter, which can also move at 10 mph. However, the Gotrax scooter has pneumatic tires and a solid 250-watt motor.

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Also, it comes with a 36V battery that makes sure that your scooter gets charged in four hours compared to Razor E95, which requires 12 hours for charging. In addition, Gotrax comes with a braking system consisting of disc brakes and ABS anti-lock brakes, which give you a comfortable stopping time.

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  • Power: 7/10
  • Range: 8/10
  • Top Speed: 8/10
  • Tires: 8/10
  • Design: 8/10
  • Portability: 9/10
  • Overall Rating: 8.9/10

Parting Words

Razor Power Core E95 electric scooter should be one of your top choices when you seek to purchase a maiden electric scooter for your child who is ready to learn to ride a scooter for the first time. The scooter has a simple design but has all the safety aspects required for a child, including a reasonable speed of only 10mph and well-functioning brakes. In addition, it comes at an affordable price from a reliable company.

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