Razor Electric Scooter Comparison

Razor is a well-known name in electric scooters for kids. Ever since its founding in 2000, Razor has been one of the top manufacturers of electric scooters. Razor has a vast lineup of scooters and it can become confusing to differentiate them. 

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Today, I will be comparing five of their most popular models: E90, E100, E200, E300, and EcoSmart Metro. I will be talking about how similar or different these scooters are from one another and help you find the best one suitable for you. Let’s not waste any more time and have a look at the comparison.

Razor Electric Scooter Comparison

Four of the electric scooters that we are comparing have quite a similar design, with the EcoSmart Metro being slightly different with its seat. The only way to properly compare the other models would be to talk about features. 



The design of the electric scooter would be the first thing your kid would notice and thus one of the essential features that you will want to consider. The electric scooter should have a foldable design for ease of carrying around. 

  • E90: The E90 has an all-steel frame and deck, which is durable and makes the scooter lightweight. It features an easy-to-fold mechanism that makes it convenient to carry. It comes with a retractable kickstand which allows the rider to park it in between rides.
  • E100: The E100 has the same construction as the E90 with a steel frame and has a foldable design. It is slightly bigger in dimension than the E90, and that increases the weight of the scooter, but it is still light enough to carry around. It also has a kickstand for ease of parking.
  • E200: The E200 has a more robust build than the other two and is heavier than the others. It has a folding mechanism but is challenging to carry with the heavyweight. It also has a steel frame and deck and has a kickstand.
  • E300: The E300 has a more significant sized deck, lending to increased comfort, and can be folded down easily for loading in the trunk of your car. The frame and deck are made of steel. The retractable kickstand makes it convenient for parking.
  • EcoSmart Metro: The EcoSmart Metro has a steel frame but comes with a bamboo deck which looks attractive. It also has a seat that lets the rider sit in comfort while riding the electric scooter. 
man holding folded scooter


How long of a ride the scooter can last for depends upon the batteries. It also determines how long it will take to recharge and be ready for your next use. Let’s have a look at the batteries of these Razor electric scooters.

  • E90: The E90 comes with a low battery capacity of 12 volts. But under ideal conditions, it offers the highest run time of 80 minutes. One full charge of a completely discharged battery takes up to 12 hours. It provides a mileage of 13 miles in ideal conditions.
  • E100: The E100 features a slightly better battery capacity than the E90 with 24 volts batteries. It takes the same amount of time to recharge at 12 hours. Even with a bigger battery, the run time is only 40 minutes. The mileage of the E100 is 6.5 miles on a single charge.
  • E200: The E200 also features a 24-volt battery which gets fully charged in 12 hours. The battery offers a run time of 40 minutes on a single charge, and the mileage of the scooter is about 8 miles.
  • E300: The E300 has a 24-volt battery which offers a run time of 40 minutes, similar to others. However, the mileage is 10 miles on a single charge and the battery charge time is again 12 hours.
  • EcoSmart Metro: The EcoSmart Metro has the highest battery capacity with a 36-volt battery. The battery gets fully charged within 12 hours, and on a single charge, provides a mileage of 12 miles. It also offers a run time of 40 minutes.


Carrying the electric scooter back home can be a task if it is heavy in weight. Yet, the scooter should be dense enough to support the rider’s weight properly.

  • E90: The E90 weighs 21.22 lbs which is the lowest of all the electric scooters we are comparing. The E90 can carry a maximum load of 120 lbs comfortably and is thus suitable for smaller kids.
  • E100: The E100 weighs 26 lbs which again is not very high. The load capacity of the E100 electric scooter is also 120 lbs.
  • E200: With 38.17 lbs weight, the E200 is heavier than the above two and might be challenging to carry around but is still manageable. The highest load it can carry comfortably is 154 lbs. It is suitable for slightly bigger kids.
  • E300: The E300 has a weight of 43 lbs which is the highest of all four electric scooters without a seat. This scooter is meant to carry around with a foldable design, which becomes problematic with a heavy weight. It supports a maximum load capacity of 220 lbs which makes it suitable for teenagers and adults alike. 
  • EcoSmart Metro: The EcoSmart Metro comes with a seat that automatically makes it heavier than the other. With a heavyweight of 67 lbs, this scooter is challenging to carry around. It supports a maximum load of 220 lbs, which is plenty and makes it usable even for adults. 


The motor power of an electric scooter is what is responsible for its speed. It also determines how well the electric scooter can handle inclines. 

  • E90: The E90 has 90-watt motor power. While it may not seem much, it is better for young kids. The motor power allows the electric scooter to reach a maximum speed of 10 miles per hour. This much speed is sufficient for kids to have fun riding the scooter while being safe.
  • E100: The E100 features a chain-driven 100-watt motor. It offers a better hill climbing ability than the E90. The highest speed that the E100 can reach is 10 miles per hour. The rate and the incline degree depend on the riding condition and the rider’s weight.
  • E200: The E200 also comes with a chain-driven motor like the E100. But it ups the motor power to 200 watts. The higher power offers a high speed of 12 miles per hour. With high torque, it can handle uneven terrains better and reach the top speed faster.
  • E300: This electric scooter features a 250-watt motor used in low-end electric scooters for adults. It has sufficient power to ride on uneven surfaces comfortably and can even handle small hills efficiently. The high power also enables a high speed of 15 miles per hour. Older kids would have fun riding this electric scooter.
  • EcoSmart Metro: The EcoSmart Metro has the highest motor power in all the five scooters that we are comparing. It comes with a 500-watt powerful motor. The powerful motor allows you to reach a maximum speed of 18 mph and climb inclines faster.


Having good quality brakes on an electric scooter is essential for the rider’s safety. They are responsible for stopping the scooter quickly whenever needed.

  • E90: The E90 model comes with a hand-operated front brake. Brakes are easy to apply and offer excellent stopping power. The scooter remains stable and comes to a smooth stop even when the brake is pressed at the highest speed.
  • E100: The E100 also has a hand-operated front brake. But since the model is higher in weight than the E100, applying brakes may make the electric scooter unstable. It is advisable to lower down the speed gradually and then use the brakes.
  • E200: With hand-operated rear brakes, the ride on the E200 remains stable. The rider has more control over the scooter even while applying the brake at high speed.
  • E300: With faster speed than the others, the E300 also features hand-operated rear brakes, which offer better stability.
  • EcoSmart Metro: The EcoSmart Metro also has a hand-operated rear brake. The rear brake offers stable riding even when applying brakes in an emergency and has less risk of falling over.
back view of electric scooter


Wheels on an electric scooter will determine how smooth a ride is going to be. They should be able to provide some cushioning in case of rough terrain. Having wheels with a better grip would resist skidding and falling of the electric scooter.

  • E90: The E90 has polyurethane wheels which are more durable than the others, but they do not offer shock absorption.
  • E100: The wheels in E100 are pneumatic, which offers better shock absorption and is durable. The wheel’s sizes are 8 inches which are small but provide excellent stability for the size of the electric scooter.
  • E200: The E200 has the same pneumatic 8″ wheels as the E100 model. 
  • E300: The E300 features 9″ pneumatic wheels, which support the higher load capacity better. They offer better stability, even on rough surfaces.
  • EcoSmart Metro: With 16” pneumatic wheels, the EcoSmart Metro is a champion in the wheels category. Bigger wheels offer better stability and more shock absorption.


Not all electric scooters are suitable for every child, so the rider’s age should be considered when choosing a scooter. Riding on an electric scooter intended for older kids or adults can be dangerous for younger kids. 

  • E90: Kids above the age of eight are best suited for riding the E90 electric scooter. With the lightweight design and kick start, this electric scooter is great for young kids to ride.
  • E100: The E100 electric scooter is also best suitable for kids above the age of 8. It also has a kick start mechanism and is lightweight, making it a perfect ride for small kids.
  • E200: The E200 electric scooter is heavier in weight and has a higher speed than the above two. It is not suitable for young kids. The minimum age recommended to ride this scooter safely is 13 years.
  • E300: The E300 electric scooter also has high speed and is heavy. Young kids won’t be able to balance it properly. It is also suitable for kids above the age of 13.
  • EcoSmart Metro: This electric scooter is not suitable for kids. The minimum age of the rider should be at least 16 to be able to ride this electric scooter safely.

Parting Words

Electric scooters are beginning to gain immense popularity among kids and adults alike. Kids can ride them to have fun at the playground or to roam around the neighborhood with their friends. Adults can use them to commute to and from work or to bridge between home and a bus stop. 

To select an electric scooter for your kid, you will want one that would be suitable for their age and preference. It is better to compare several different models before settling on one.

All the electric scooters compared in this article are some of the best scooters from Razor, a major player in the growing electric scooters industry. I hope this Razor electric scooter comparison will be helpful and narrows your choices down a bit.

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