Range-Boosting Tips for the Best Electric Bikes

For those people who constantly aim at extending the driving range of their ride, keeping their best electric bikes in top shape is an absolute must.  For any type of electric vehicle, maximizing the battery power is always a concern.  In addition, several factors come into play that  may give a rider different maximum range.  Fundamental factors may include but are not limited to road conditions, the power input, the terrain, as well as the weight of the driver.  These variables may likewise be measured differently depending on the which of the best electric bikes you are driving. Therefore, to answer the question – how far can your bike go? one needs to double check the different factors and tips below. See how you can further boost the range of your bike to maximize your range and overall riding experience

Charging and maintaining your batteries correctly

Yes! The battery is basically the core when it comes to riding and using the best electric bikes. Before heading out, you need to be sure that your battery is fully-charged.  For riders who have become quite accustomed to using conventional bikes, forgetting to fully charge their battery packs is not surprising. It is recommended that you create a habit or a routine at home. For instance, charging the battery once you get home is actually effective. It would allow you to have sufficient time to charge it. If you charge the battery too late at night, you may have the tendency to sleep on it. Overcharging can certainly impact the battery life and deteriorate its quality over time.

To maximize the range of the best electric bikes, you likewise need to follow certain tips to maintain the batteries. For instance, keeping the Lithium batteries cool is highly suggested.  The elevated temperature can also shorten the battery life. It is recommended that when the battery of the best electric bikes is not in use, it should be stored in a cool and dry place of about 68 degrees F or below.  Never store your batteries when  they are completely discharged.  This is due to the fact that Lithium batteries tend to discharge themselves slowly even when not in use.  If it has reached an extremely low voltage, this could automatically cause irreparable damage to the cells.  

Many riders also tend to fully discharge the batteries of the best electric bikes. This has been a myth that has been proven wrong and extremely damaging to the cells.  A study performed by the Battery University shows that when lithium ion batteries are regularly discharged,  it causes damages to the battery system which shortens the lifespans.  In order to go further with your biking, you need to ensure that your batteries are in top shape, too. Taking care of your chargers is also an important factor to consider.

Consider pedaling or rolling to start off

One of the first important concepts riders need ti know is that constantly making sharp changes in the acceleration makes use of a lot of energy. This could contribute to the quick draining of the battery charges. For first-time users of  the best electric bikes and for those who enjoy speed, going at full throttle may be quite tempting. To save energy and to prolong your battery charge, starting off with rolling or pedaling is helpful. This is to allow your e-bike to overcome the frictional forces it experiences at the beginning. It would also be helpful if you pedal more when you feel that the motor starts to strain or the battery starts to drain. This is to stretch the trip further and to avoid completely draining the battery which could deteriorate its quality and life over time. Riding with the best electric bikes can be made more enjoyable with the pedal and throttle combination.

Learn how regenerative brakes can helpful

The best electric bikes are equipped with a system that includes regenerative brakes. This feature basically converts the motor into a generator so as to make it function like a brake. Doing so would  replenish a bit of energy back to the lithium ion batteries.  Knowing how this feature works can help you maximize your range as well. The best electric bikes have brake levers with a special type of sensor.  Once this sensor is activated, the regenerative brakes become functional.  While it is still unsure as to who much energy is replenished by the system’s use, you can still take advantage of it and enjoy  a longer stretch of the ride.

Don’t forget to oil that chain

Getting rid of the rust build-up and oiling your chain can immensely improve the pedaling efficiency of the best electric bikes. Oiling can also help the motor’s efficiency especially if it is subjected to cranking. Examples of motors that benefit from it are Bosch or the Panasonic type.  Note that excessive, on the other hand, may be harmful. See to it that after you oil the chain,  just let it sit for about 10 minutes. Then, start wiping off the excess. You can enjoy a smoother and longer ride after.

Make sure your tire pressure is up

Ensuring that the pressure in your tire up can give a  massive difference in  the amount of energy needed to move and navigate the best electric bikes around. Even the best electric bikes may feel sluggish if the tire pressure  is low. It is recommended that the tire pressure should be between 50-60 psi to cruise more comfortably and to further extend your bike range. It is also important to note that over inflating tires can make the ride rougher. To ensure that your tire has good pressure in it, find the best floor pumps via researching on-line and reading reviews.

Consider buying a backup battery or replacing the old one

If you have been riding the best electric bikes for quite some time now, you may want to consider changing the batteries. If you have been using the battery for more than  three years, you can expect that the amount of energy it can store and use will eventually have decreased. If it disrupts your ride one too many times,  then replacing it would be a sound choice. Another tip to ensure that you will enjoy an extended range is buying an alternative battery that you can add to the best electric bikes. There are certain makers of electric bikes that allow users to install a second battery pack so as to have an instant extension for power. If you are yet to purchase an electric bike, you can also factor this point in choosing the best electric scooter or electric bike for you. You can check will a local distributor or inquire directly to the e-bike manufacturer.

Carry an extra charger if you can

This tip is particularly helpful to those who are after a long adventure or those who use the best electric bikes on their daily commute. To ensure that you will not experience any problem in the middle of the road, make sure you charge up before leaving the house or a workplace. For long trips with friends, having an extra charger can be a life saver as well. Go ahead and purchase one!

Maximizing the enjoyment when using the best electric bikes highly depend on the amount of power supplied by the battery and your physical contribution to it. You can always pedal harder if you wish to save more power and use it later. Understanding how your battery works and knowing to keep it in top shape is also immensely helpful. Your bicycle range may also depend on how it is originally designed. Therefore, checking e-bike specification and understanding it is highly recommended. If you are ready to take your bike for a long ride, get ready to apply the tips mentioned above. Considering them can give you the utmost enjoyable and extended ride that only the best electric bikes can offer.

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