Necessity and Convenience: The primary reasons to ride an Electric Scooter

The first electric scooter came out in the late 1980s as more of a  necessity and convenience than a luxury. Gino Tsai, the inventor and president of JD Corporation in Taiwan found it necessary to ride an electric scooter because he could not walk around his factory. The board then came to a decision to launch the first e-scooter known as the Razor Electric Scooter.  


The earlier versions of the scooter date back 100 years ago that used wooden planks for platforms. The launching of the Razor electric scooter sold five million units in the year 2000. The first mass production units came out using aluminum sheets for the e-vehicles.


Here are some reasons for you to ride an electric scooter


No more gas stations

There will never be a need to buy gas for your e-bike when you ride an electric scooter. Petrol cost too much and our dependence on it will never end unless we use renewable energy for our vehicles. The electric scooter will reduce our consumption of gas and other oil products. You can charge your batteries in the comforts of your home.


Reduces Carbon Emissions

Carbon dioxide and other harmful elements pollute the air we breathe when we consume petroleum products.  When you ride an electric scooter, no pollutants and greenhouse gases will contaminate the environment. The electric scooter is friendly to our surroundings is independent of the use of fossil fuels.


Avoid Traffic Congestion

One way to get you out of a traffic rut is to ride an electric scooter out of the mess. Enjoy the freedom of cruising the long lines of cars with your e-ride. Your electric scooter is one of the solutions for traffic congestion, especially during rush hours without detours.


Riding in Silence

To ride an electric scooter means to have a quiet ride with no mechanical engine accelerations that is deafening and harmful to our sense of hearing. You ride in comforting silence and in peace. No annoying motor engine disturbance. To ride an electric scooter means an effortless mode of transportation under your control. You don’t have to exert much effort as you do when riding a bicycle. Another thing about this e-transport is you will not be sweating when you arrive at school or in the office. The e-vehicle brings you closer to nature during your daily rides ushering in the fun and joy.


Easy on the Pocket

It does not cost much to have a comfortable urban area ride. To ride an electric scooter means that you do not have to pay taxes, petrol, no traffic congestion charges nor pollution penalties. Reliable e-scooters cost from $150 to $600.


Trendy and Fashionable

Electric scooters grew more trendy and fashionable. Today’s modern technology allows classic and futuristic designs to capture the imagination of artists and come up with electric scooters that look great and deliver better mobility.


Reduced Parking Spaces  Issues

The electric scooter provides the solution for problems for parking spaces. Foldable e-scooters takes care of parking area issues as the e-vehicles are portable, placed in a carrier bag, and slung over the shoulder. You can store it under your office table.

ride an electric scooter

Things to consider before you ride an Electric Scooter


One of the things to consider when you want to purchase and ride an electric scooter is the quality of your e-transport. You should have a quiet ride free of noise and other roaring humdrum. The DC motors that run the e-scooters make it possible for the silent ride. E-scooters travel in silence and is not a nuisance on the road.

The Cost is something to think about if it fits the budget. Electric scooters can range from $140 to $1000. The units could even cost more with additional accessories to make the ride fun and trendy. There are e-scooters for adults and there are items for kids too. The kids’ scooters would cost less than a $100 to $600.


Most commuters prefer to ride an electric scooter due to its environment-friendly attribute. No harmful gas emissions spewed into the air and do not add to the global warming problem. The electric scooter mainly depends on renewable electric energy to power it. Carbon Dioxide is the main pollutant of the planet’s air supply and it comes from the combustion of fossil fuels. If you ride an electric scooter, you are part of the solution of the air pollution. It is a healthy transport and best for the environment.


Features of vital importance for electric scooters


Check if the e-scooter’s body composition is sturdy and made of lightweight material. The lighter the e-scooter the more it is efficient with respect to power consumption and mileage. An excellent example for one to ride an electric scooter is the EcoReco Model XS. Its ultra lightweight is only 15 pounds, yet it is sturdy with its carbon fiber and aluminum frame. It has foldable handlebars and could perfectly fit in the trunk of your car, lockers, and under your office table with superb portability.  


The EcoReco has a top speed of up to 13 mph. It could travel from 5 to 13 miles on one single full charge. The unit has energy recovering brake system, this means that it recharges the batteries when you press on the brakes. The model has bright LED front lights and with rear step brakes.


Know the distance your electric scooter can travel on a fully charged battery. Lithium-ion batteries last longer than the lead acid dry cells. Since e-scooters run on DC motors, it will not take you far after the batteries run out. Some two-wheeled vehicles have pedal-assist features for the riders to have a longer efficient ride on an electric scooter. An average electric scooter could travel a distance of 10 miles. But with a pedal assist mechanism, the e-vehicle can traverse up to 30 miles.


Factors that affect battery efficiency and the distance an electric scooter could travel.


The rider is a major factor that can affect the electric scooter’s performance. Your weight will affect the transport’s functionality when you ride an e-scooter. The lighter the weight of the rider, the longer the batteries will last and the longer the travel distance the e-scooter will run. Heavy riders will expect a shorter ride and the batteries exhausted faster compared to skinny riders.


The road or terrain will be a major factor for battery efficiency and travel distance. When the road you travel with an electric scooter is flat and smooth, the transport will give you a better travel distance then terrains that are hilly and the road is rough.


Your battery will generate more energy on rough roads that will result in a faster consumption of its power. When your e-scooter consumes all its electric power, it will not run any further. Roads with uphill elevations will consume the battery faster than with flat elevated roads. Scooters, gas or electric, have designs to run on paved flat roads. Avoid rugged paths to save on power and also to protect your electric scooter from damage.


There are instances that batteries deplete faster than usual. When the batteries are often spent this way, have your batteries tested and checked. The cells could be defective the could lead to further spending on chargers and power. A replacement could be in order. Opt for a better quality battery set; buying cheaper ones that do not serve the purpose could be more expensive in the long run. One of the practical features, when you ride an electric scooter, is its capacity to charge on an ordinary outlet. You can charge the two-wheeled transport in your home, office or in a gym when you are doing your workouts.


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