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The self-balancing smart electric hoverboard has become extremely popular nowadays. From simple people to celebrities, all are dreaming to have one. Considered as the first on the wish list for a holiday season; these hoverboards make everyone curious and wanting to take the first time ride. While the original version was authentically constructed by Segway, lots of other companies opened up to supply the ever ending demands for these self-balancing electric hoverboards and even the Chinese people which are known for greatly imitating products were able to make their own cheaper versions. From the plain black color, several colors are now available in the market. Plus with different designs, innovations and additional features, making it more eye-catching and interesting to try.

1. Razor Hovertrax Smart Electric Hoverboard

Popular for creating high quality kick scooters, Razor’s version of the self-balancing smart electric hoverboard is now on the highest demand. The Hovertrax design is very conventional, patented from the latest technology, easy to use and equipped with quality and durability. Hovertrax smart hoverboards can go at the fastest speed of 6 kph in a single charge, giving 115 minutes of battery. Its gyro-sensor technology is safe and has a durable body able to do a smooth and stable ride. Fully certified by the United States safety and authenticity agencies; making this product of Razor, ahead from other smart electric scooter in the market.

2. Hoverboards’ Powerboard

Literally one of the most expensive self-balancing smart electric hoverboards, Powerboard from Hoverboard is worth the price. Powerboard ‘s battery is very powerful lasting up to 6 hours of use from a single charge while charging time consumes only less than an hour and it is already full. It is very energy efficient and eco-friendly. Powerboard smart electric hoverboards body is firm and well built weighing only 30 pounds, good for those who are looking for an easy to carry self-balancing electric scooter. Other feature includes its maximum weight capacity for a rider up to 220 kilograms. It also comes with a carrying bag on its package for convenient carrying.

3. Swagway XI Self-Balancing Smart Electric Hover Board

The lightest and fastest smart hoverboard on the market, Swagway X1 only weighs 26.5 pounds and can travel at the speed of up to 10 miles per hour. Made from a thick aluminum alloy, its body has also a hard ABS coating making it fully resistant from dents and scratches. Available in 7 amazing colors; black, red, white, blue, green, brown and a limited edition color pink. It can be able to carry a maximum weight capacity of 200 kilograms and can run up to 20 miles in just a single charge which is approximately 5 hours of battery capacity. Its selection modes of beginner and performance, makes it differ from other smart electric hoverboard.

4. Skque 10” Two-Wheel Smart Electric Hoverboard

Skque 10” two-wheel smart electric hoverboard would probably everyone’s best choice. It is fully equipped with twin motors (located on each foot pads) making it eventually easy to control when turning, rotating and accelerating. On a single charge, it can run up to 15 miles away at a maximum speed of 6.2 mph. On the contrary, it has long charging hours of up to 2 hours. Another good thing with Syque 10” self-balancing hoverboard is that it can hold up to 260 kilograms of weight perfect for those people who is a bit heavier.  Its wheels are suggested for traveling in terrains.

5. Hovertech’s My Color Self-Balancing Hoverboard

Hovertech’s My Color self-balancing hoverboard is in demand because of its Samsung battery giving it a long lasting battery life of up to 6 hours in just a single charge. It is available in four different colors- black, white, blue and green plus an added LED light making it useful and fashionable at night. My color by Hovertech has a Samsung battery known to combust; this is because of the Samsung battery which is sometimes an imitation. Be careful in buying Hovertech My color hoverboard; choose only the right distributor of the original products. Remember that the manufacturer is giving a 1 year warranty for the original Hovertech My Color products.

6. Electric Skateboard Self-Balancing Hoverboard plus LED Light

Electric Skateboard plus LED light self-balancing smart electric board is based from a US company. This can go up at the maximum speed of up to 15-20 kph. A single full charge of 2 hours can last 4 hours long and can run at a distance of 12 to 18 miles. There are 5 available colors to choose from- black, red, white, yellow and green.  It is able to climb at angle of 15 degrees, has a waterproof body, ABS plastic coating and a LED light to indicate the battery information. This LED light flashes when the battery is getting low.

7. Erover Drifting Board Smart Electric Board plus LED lights

When you are looking for more color options, then the Erover drifting board self-balancing smart electric hoverboard plus LED light is the best one for you. It is the most popular in the market weighing only 27 pounds. This model can carry up to 100 kilograms and can travel up to a maximum of 20 kph in every single charge. The voice assistance and LED lights are the main features of this  hoverboard making it advanced from other available models in the market. A product under a US company and provide a 1-year warranty period for their customers.

8. Monorover R2 Mini Smart Hover Board

Monorover R2 Mini hoverboard is the model which is recommended for a child, because of its foot grips design. Its tilting capability makes it easy for moving into different directions, speeding up and turning. Only weighs 10 kg, and can carry up to 100 kilograms. Single color is the only available and that is white.  In every single charge which takes up to 3 hours, it is ready to run up to a maximum of 18 miles. This Monorover R2 is distributed by a US company with a 1 –year warranty from an authorized distributor.

9. Outtop Two-Wheels plus LED Light

Outtop two-wheel is best on its LED and voice alerts when its battery is turning low. 4 colors are available to choose from- red, gold, black and white. Its maximum speed of 15-20 kph can be attaining upon single charge of 2 hours. This hoverboard is able to carry a load of up to 110 kgs. The body is not waterproof with ABS coating which easily gets scratches and dents. Its maximum climbing angle is 15 degrees and price is a bit high than others in the market and on the internet.

10. Coolreal Two-Wheels Board Drifting plus LED Light

When it comes to appearance Coolreal self-balancing smart electric hoverboard would probably be the first choice for everyone. Anyone can travel for a to a maximum of 12 kph making it recommended only for 15 years old to 45 years old adult for safety reasons. It has two foot pads used for tilting forward and backward depending upon the direction you want to go. It requires mastery for the perfect foot tilting operations. The reason why, those who do not belong to this age limit but wishing to use this one, needs to be aided with a learning partner.

Choose the best hoverboard to suit you. There are several kinds, styles and functions to choose from. Keep in mind being wise in looking for the right one. Remember first that it is an eco-friendly gadget and is beneficial to the environment.

Secondly, consider your area, if you are living in the urban and always finding ways to take a hassle free and fast ride going to your office, buying some groceries or roaming around the neighborhood; then the hoverboard is best for you. And lastly, it requires only a low maintenance cost. Nothing else needs to be frequently checked, it’s just the batteries, but if you are confident with your manufacturer, there’s nothing to worry about.

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