Picking the Right E Bike for You

Picking the Right EBike for You

Picking out an ebike is an important step in getting yourself out there in the world of e bike lovers. However, if you’ve never bought an e bike before, it can be a bit daunting to make a choice when there are so many options out there. How do you know exactly which e bike will speak to you? Here’s a brief guide to picking the perfect e bike for your needs.

Start By Deciding You Want an EBike

The first thing, ironically is that you need to decide that you actually want to own an ebike. That’s because people tend to confuse the terms e bike, moped, scooter and motorcycle, thinking that they’re all basically the same thing. They aren’t.

It Has Pedals

The fact is that an e bike, unlike the other three items above (which are themselves quite different from each other) has bike pedals, just like a regular bike. An ebike will also almost invariably require that you pedal in order to make the thing run. Without your own power, it becomes a powered motor vehicle and subject to the laws governing motorcycles, in which case they may not be street legal in some parts of the country.

Check Out the Battery Life

Once you’ve decided that you want an e bike and not a completely motorized conveyance, your next big decision is going to be the battery. Typically, an e bike will be able to provide around 15-20 miles of pedal assist before the battery gives out. However, there are some options for buying an e bike which will give you much longer endurance than that. This becomes especially important if you happen to be on the heavy side. Not to insult anyone, but basic physics comes into play – if the motor has to carry additional weight, then the battery isn’t going to last as long.

Look at Seat Options

Another important decision about your new e bike is deciding what kind of seat you want it to have. Most times, you’ll that an e bike comes with a traditional bicycle style seat. For some people, this is perfectly fine, however, others may want to look into alternative seating options, including bucket seats which may be more comfortable for long commutes than the standard bicycle seat that your e bike came with from the factory. There are even a handful of options which come with the bucket seat factory installed, though those are quite rare.

Ask about Brakes

Most of the time, your e bike will come with standard bicycle brakes since it is in fact a bicycle (kind of like a souped up bicycle, but a bicycle all the same). However, there are some high ends options which will provide you with electronic braking systems which may provide additional safety options, though the price will of course increase exponentially when you purchase such an e bike.


Finally, an ebike should have decent bicycle tires and not motorcycle style tires. Remember again, that even though it’s called an e bike, it is still a bicycle. That said, there are different grades of tires and it’s useful to look for a better quality of tire for your new e bike.

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