Owning an e-bike

Owning an E-Bike Makes Economic Sense

Owning an e-bike just makes economic sense, no matter how you look at it. It’s true, an e-bike, basically an electric bicycle, is a hybrid of a traditional bicycle and a scooter/motorcycle and it’s probably the most economical choice of all for those who want the convenience of owning a scooter without the headaches that come from owning such a vehicle. Here’s why:

No License Needed

In most cities in the United States today, an e-bike is perfectly road legal as long as it’s what is known as a “pedal assist” bike. What this means is that the bike is able to work with just pedaling and indeed, the motor will not operate without pedaling, however, when you use it with the motor, you’ll find it easier to pedal. Plus, because it’s legally classed as a bicycle, you don’t need a license to ride such a vehicle, unlike a scooter or a moped.

How the Technology Works

In essence, the technology for an e-bike works by giving you a boost of power when you pedal away. It’s kind of like the feeing when your dad was teaching you how to ride a bike and you felt him holding the back of the seat and pushing you along. It’s not that you don’t have to pedal, but it is that instead of pedaling fast enough to go 10-15 miles per hour on e-bike, you only have to pedal fast enough to go around 3-5 miles per hour. In order to keep such bikes road legal, they are designed to only kick in when you pedal.

But What Makes Them Economical?

We’re glad you asked that question. An e-bike allows you to save money in a wide variety of ways. First, as noted above, you don’t need a license to ride one. Not only does this mean no expensive lessons in how to ride an e-bike (motorcycle and scooter licenses require extra lessons to learn how to ride them), but you also don’t need to worry about purchasing insurance (though in some cases, you can do so anyway if you’re worried about the possibility of being held liable for damages).

Gasoline Is a Thing of the Past

As if that’s not enough, consider the fact that gasoline is a thing of the past when you have an e-bike. You charge the batter at home and all you need to pay for is the cost of the electricity, which is a fraction of the cost of paying for gasoline. Even scooters can’t beat these kinds of economics and you know that scooters get crazy gas mileage of anywhere from 100-200MPG.

Parking and Tickets Disappear Too

Finally, the thing that makes an e-bike so economical is the fact that you never have to worry about parking it – just find a pole and park your bike there with a good, thick chain to deter thieves. Plus, tickets are pretty much never issues to bike owners meaning that alternate side of the street parking and the attendant tickets are a thing of the past when you use an e-bike.

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