New Player EPIKGO Unveils its Own Electric Hoverboard

If you think that the electric hoverboard is a thing of the past – well, think again.  With the number of innovation flooding in from the electric vehicle sector, many are wondering as to whether the issues faced by electric self-balancing scooter makers in the past may have put a halt in the business. The good news is, the electric hoverboard industry continues to thrive. In fact, several key players are also starting to unveil their own brand and model of electric hoverboards. One of them is EPIKGO which happens to be another player which now attempts to put a twist on the classic electric self-balancing scooter. So, what’s new with EPIKGO?

The Birth of EPIKGO

EPIKGO is  another electric hoverboard producers which hail from California where startups in the field of electric vehicles are abundant.  As with many makers of electric hoverboards, EPIKGO is now making a massive attempt in changing the way we look at the classic electric self-balancing scooter. In a nutshell, it is known to have addressed the many problems encountered by the pioneering electric scooters in the past. In a nutshell, the latest EPIKGO electric hoverboard boasts more powerful and  more durable self-balancing scooter that is perfect for new riders.

Another interesting upgrade seen from this newest electric hoverboard in town is the presence of a battery that is 100%  UL 2272 Certified. This means that the battery system used in this electric hoverboard has been tested and has passed the quality standard set to all electric self-balancing scooters. EPIKGO made sure that there will not be any issues linked to fire or overheating as these were massive problems encountered in the past by other manufacturer. All units produced by this new Silicon-Valley-based electric hoverboard maker are powered by Samsung LG battery.

The Right Way to Charge these Electric Hoverboards

As with the rest of electric mobility vehicle, a warning sign or an alarm sound is set off whenever the battery of this electric hoverboard is about to get drained . This is a clear indication that the Samsung LG  battery used in EPIKGO needs to be recharged immediately. Note that it is not advisable to continue to using it once the alarm is set off. In that at this point, continuous use of the electric hoverboard may result in serious damage to the battery. This may likewise  deteriorate the life cycle of the battery. When charging , see to it that you get to unplug the battery pack instantly once  it is fully charged. It is not also recommended for the EPIKGO electric hoverboard to be charged overnight.

How the EPIKGO Self-Balancing Scooter Works

The EPIKGO self- balancing boards or electric hoverboards are equipped with  sensors that can  instantly detect the angle or direction you are heading to. It is likewise designed with an installed apparatus specifically used to sustain the balance  equilibrium.  The units also remain upright thanks to balancing technology used with this electric hoverboard.

You may also see an infrared led  light is used to give the commands. This will automatically work once you have already stepped on the pad. Your presence and your weight can be instantly recognized by EPIKGO electric hoverboards. Adding  a slight pressure using your feet can help you navigate the use of this electric hoverboard.

It is normal to feel slightly wobbly at the beginning as you would need to naturally get accustomed with the platform and the use of this electric hoverboard. The good news is – as this electric hoverboard is designed to aid electronic balancing, you will get acclimated to it in no time. Once you have learned how to keep your balance,  you can now practice maneuvering it in different directions.

Why Try the EPIKGO Electric Hoverboards

Firstly, the EPIKGO electric hoverboards are hailed to be 80% more powerful than all the existing electric self-balancing scooters today.  This electric hoverboard can be used in all types of terrains making it one of the most efficient and effective to use.  It can easily climb roads or paths of up to 18 degrees in angle without losing grip on its 12 kilometers per hour average speed. There have been no other types of electric self-balancing scooters that have achieved such mobility power.  The dual-power motor that is used in each unit of EPIKGO electric hoverboard makes it an undeniable contender for the title of the best electric self-balancing of today.

Another reason to try this electric hoverboard is the advantage you can get in terms of safety.  The  4300mAh/37V Samsung LG batteries that power each unit have been certified safe and of quality standards. With the UL2271 certification, you can be sure that each unit is safe to be driven  even by young users. It also gives you that certain peace of mind when it comes to recharging the units at home. When the thought of electric fires or overheating scare you, then it is best to go for the electric scooter with certified safe batteries and EPIKGO electric hoverboard is certainly one of them. Note that for this type of electric scooter, recharging only requires two short hours.

Aside from being equipped with 100% safe battery system, the EPIKGO electric hoverboard is likewise IP56 waterproof certified. This means that  for instances that the unit is being used during a sudden rain pour or snowfall, users need not worry as the unit can be used and will remain safe.  The wheels used in the EPIKGO electric hoverboards are quite different as well. These are made from solid rubbers which make them suitable for any type of terrain. They can likewise absorb shock which makes each unit more stable.  The wheels possess a rating of IP56 when it comes to water resistance and solidness. Whether you are bound to cruise along a muddy, sandy, or grassy surface, this electric hoverboard can certainly give you the kind of safe ride you deserve.

Other Features of the EPIKGO Electric Hoverboard

Aside from the top-notch battery system  and the power that this electric scooter has, there are other features you can watch out for. The maximum speed is up to 10mph and the battery life lasts up to a range of 12 miles. The weight of the unit itself is  26 lbs, but it can accommodate as much as 260 lbs of live weight. The size of also quite distinct as this electric hoverboard is 30% bigger than most of the electric self-balancing scooters to date.

Moreover, the  fast-charging technology also makes it a step further than its competitors. While most fire-related incidents are brought about by overnight charging, the EPIKGO electric hoverboard only requires 90-120 minutes of charging for the entire energy to be replenished. The  quick charging capabilities, the bigger size, and the power are three of the top reasons as to why this electric hoverboard could beat the competitors in no time. Also, the warranty that comes with the products also offers another advantage to those who wish to purchase an electric scooter soon.

Final Words

As a final advice, it is imperative that when looking or buying make it, sure that they pass in safety or quality standards as with the EPIKGO electric hoverboard. Another is to also check the quality of the materials as well the  quality of the batteries. It is interesting to know that while the electric vehicle industry remains to be cut-throat one, there are still companies who are in the quest of providing the best innovation and  features.  Checking what new companies such as EPIKGO electric hoverboard and taking these extra steps  to check the quality of the electric self-balancing scooters before making  the final purchase can be particularly advantageous on your part. Get to know more about EPIKGO electric hoverboard by checking the latest reviews and checking the videos about it.

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