Is Your Motorized Scooter Legal

If you are planning on buying a moped or motorized scooter, it is important that you first do your research and become acquainted with your state and local laws.


For example, motorized scooters are not permitted on public motorways in the state of Florida. While they are classified as a motor vehicle, they cannot be registered and subsequently insured. This is because they do not meet the requirements of Florida’s motor vehicles manufacturing standards. If you do decide to buy a motor scooter in Florida, you can only legally ride it on private property. You run the risk of being ticketed if a police officer catches you riding on the street or sidewalk.

New York

New York State also prohibits the riding of motorized scooters on its sidewalks and motorways. Motorized scooters, mini-bikes, dirt bikes, Golf Carts, and Go-Karts are unable to be registered at the state DMV. Because of this, they cannot be operated on public roads. While these machines can be ridden on private property, they are virtually impossible to use in New York City on account of how developed and expensive property is. That is not to say that people still don’t use them on the streets and alleyways of New York City, which is resulting in a city-wide police crackdown.


The state of California, however, is a bit more lenient. In order to drive a motorized scooter on public roads you are required to have a valid driver’s license or learner’s permit. However, the device doesn’t need to be registered or insured. As long as you operate it at a speed no greater than 15 miles per hour, and ride it only in the bicycle lane, you are operating within the confines of the low. However, you must never ride on the sidewalk or carry passengers.

Before you purchase a motorized scooter, like a GoPed, you should do the research regarding your state and local laws. A good start would be to browse your state’s DMV webpage and see if you can find any specific information that pertains to motorized scooters. If all else fails, ask someone at your local law enforcement agency. Ultimately, you, as the driver, have the responsibility to find out the rules and regulations of the road.

But what about mopeds?

Mopeds are a bit different. Much more powerful than their motorized scooter counterparts, but weaker than motorcycles, mopeds have been used as a means of transportation for years. While the laws behind riding a moped vary city to city, state to state, a general rule of thumb is to have a driver’s license. In some states, like California and Texas for example, you will be required to have:

Special Driver’s license for motorcycles and mopeds.

Special Driver’s license for motorcycles and mopeds


Mopeds might also require insurance before they are permitted on public motorways, so be sure to check your state’s laws before you make a purchase. Additionally, due to their low power, mopeds are not permitted on fast expressways like the Interstate Highway. With that said, they do make an excellent mode of transportation around neighborhoods and areas of a city.

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