Buying a Gas Bike? Be Sure You Understand the Differences in Models.

Purchasing a gas bike means learning a whole new language. In essence, it’s not enough to simply walk into the local scooter store and say, I want a gas bike. You need to know the difference between different models and why one might be more worthwhile than another one. Here’s a brief primer to help you understand what you need to know when purchasing a gas bike:

CC – Bu I Don’t See

Yes, it’s confusing when you walk into a store looking for a gas bike and the first question you’re asked is how many CC you want. In essence however, CC stands for cubic centimeters and it’s the amount of displacement that a gas bike will get when its motor is running. If that sounds really complicated, think of it this way: the higher the CC rating, the more power your gas bike will have.

Why It Matters

You may be tempted to settle for a cheap gas bike which has a 50 CC rating. After all, you rationalize, I just want it for getting around town, so I don’t need more than that. Sure you don’t need more than that, as long as you don’t want to live to see tomorrow.

The fact is that a 50 CC motor is like a toy – it’s not really meant for city driving and it will not get you where you need to go. It’s entirely likely for example that even going up a small hill with a 50CC engine could mean the bike sputter and die, sending you flying backward into traffic. Generally, most experts recommend a minimum of 125 CC and even that is just the bare minimum for getting around. Don’t forget as well that at times you’ll need to speed up, but with such a tiny motor, you won’t be able to do so.

Does It Carry Two People?

Another thing to consider when looking at buying a gas bike is whether or not it carries only one person or two people. Remember, you’re planning to use this thing on the street and so a gas bike which is designed to carry only one person is never going to be adequate for carrying two people along a crowded street. You need to make sure that the gas bike you buy is properly rated for two people, not to mention that the seat is designed to be comfortable for two people. A professional in a local scooter store can help you make an informed choice on this question.


Finally, don’t forget to ask about safety when you are looking for a gas bike. Make sure that the breaks are something you can rely on and make sure to buy proper safety equipment. The fact is that more people die while riding a gas bike for lack of proper safety equipment than for any other reason you can think of. This means that you get a helmet which is properly rated for a gas bike as well as the right kind of jacket, which can actually help absorb an impact if you should have an accident while riding your gas bike.

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