Mobility Scooters Increase Happiness

Mobility Scooters Increase Happiness

Mobility scooters are an excellent option for elderly and disabled individuals. While they are similar to wheelchairs in function, mobility scooters are more powerful and much easier to navigate. The main problem with wheelchairs is that they strip individuals of their independence. Unless the user has strong upper body strength, which senior citizens generally do not have, he or she will need somebody to push the wheelchair. Mobility scooters are motorized and function similar to an electric cart. Riders can keep their independence as they are allowed to move around as they wish.

Mobility Scooters vs Wheelchairs

Another feature that separates mobility scooters from wheelchairs, even the motorized variety, is that they can come in a variety of body styles. The scooters can look like carts or they can be designed sleek and like a motorcycle – one thing that they won’t look like is a wheelchair, which immediately presents the mental image of someone who is disabled.

best Mobility scooters

Drive Medical Maverick 3-Wheel

One of the most popular mobility scooters is the Drive Medical Maverick 3-Wheel Mobility Scooter. Not only is it designed to look like a motorcycle, but is can travel up to 9.5 miles-per-hour. In addition, this mobility scooter can handle a number of conditions. It is suitable on pavement, grass, gravel, carpet, and dirt. By virtue of being motorized, it can easily climb steep hills and roll over bumps in the road while carrying up to 400 pounds of weight. This makes the Drive Medical Maverick ideal for anyone with mobility issues.

Heartway USA S12X Vita Monster

Coming in second place is the Heartway USA S12X Vita Monster Mobility Scooter. It is designed to look and feel like an ATV, and it has the durability of one as well. It can easily carry up to 350 pounds of weight while traveling 28 miles. It reaches the maximum speed of 11.5 miles-per-hour. One of the best perks of S12X Vita Monster is that comes with a soft-top cover which protects you from rain and sun. It also comes with cup holders inside, so you can travel with a coffee, water, or your favorite beverage of choice.

Shoprider Flagship 4-Wheel

The Shoprider Flagship 4-Wheel Mobility Scooter is a great choice for riders who are often outdoors. It is completely enclosed, which means that the rider is protected from the elements. While not as fast as the aforementioned scooters, it travels at a reasonable seven miles-per-hour while carrying 350 pounds.

AFIKIM Afiscooter Breeze C Mobility Scooter 4-Wheel

Another good scooter for first time riders is the AFIKIM Afiscooter Breeze C Mobility Scooter 4-Wheel. This scooter is more traditional in its design, and looks similar to a buggy than the previously mentioned sleek and stylish scooters. While it can only carry 330 pounds of weight, it can travel as far as 25 miles on one charge. In addition, it can move up to 9.3 miles-per-hour. Many customers who purchased this scooter have reported satisfaction with the comfort and easy maneuverability that this scooter provides.

Overall, scooters are an excellent choice for people with disability or low stamina. They greatly improve the quality of life for their customers by providing them with independence and mobility.

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