Mixing Fitness and Transport with Specialized Electric Bikes

Specialized has just released the newest edition to its Turbo electric bike lineup, the Specialized Turbo Vado SL. With “SL” which stands for Super Light, this is one amongst the lightest e-bikes in Specialized’s lineup, weighing in at 33 lb (14.9 kg). Mixing transport and fitness is the way to go thanks to Specialized electric bikes.

The New Specialized Turbo Vado SL

While a number of Specialized’s lightweight electric bikes have carried heavy price tags, the new Specialized Turbo Vado SL is shockingly light on the wallet. The company is preparing to position this new model in the market. It is only the tip of the iceberg on what is to come from the Specialized Turbo electric bike team.

Ian Kenny is the leader of Specialized’s Turbo e-bike brand described it best as the core match-up between transportation and fitness. The model represents a shift, a pivot that bends the principles of what the cycling industry has been willing to take on.

The Turbo Vado SL may seem like a fitness bike. But it’s also packing features that speak about its local transportation role. From the flat bars to rack and fender choices and integrated lighting. There is room for up to 42 mm tires on 700C wheels, or 47 mm tires if you go to 650B wheels. Those are practically fat tires by road bike terms. And there’s even front suspension hidden within the headset, giving the rider 20 mm of comfort on rough commuter roads.

The Turbo Vado SL could be a high-speed electric bike capable of 28 mph (45 km/h) of assisted speed, with a motor designed by Specialized to produce up to 240W of “continuous” power, more in peak usage.

Electric Bikes by Specialized

The bike is made around an ultra-lightweight aluminum frame and magnesium motor mount. That SL 1.1 motor, which we have seen before on bikes just like the Turbo Creo SL and the Turbo Levo SL. Was made and designed by Specialized and weighs just 1.1 kg (2.4 lb) — around half the weight of most mid-drive motors.

The motor is intended to produce up to 200% of the rider’s pedaling output. And specific emphasis was put on programming the controller and motor to feel as natural as possible when it rolls on the power.

The idea is to keep the rider as the central unit of the bike and to keep the assist to a minimum. An assist system that does not detract from the ride experience that cycling enthusiasts find so important.

Battery Units

An internal 320Wh battery is used to provide up to 80 miles (128 km) of range. A minimum of when used in Eco Mode.

Higher-power modes will reduce that range by a small amount. Though Specialized also offers a range extender battery that matches in one of two bottle holders and could add another 40 miles (64 km) of range. Bringing the max range up to 120 miles (193 km).

Specialized Electric Bikes

Smartphone App on Electric Bikes

Specialized also offers a smartphone app called Mission Control that enables riders to customize a wide range of specs and controls on their bike.

In addition to basic telemetrics that several e-bike apps offer. Mission Control gives users more fine-tuned control, like adjusting the breakdown of power modes. For instance, if Eco Mode is not quite eco enough for a rider. He or she could actually adjust the amount of power that every mode can provide. Fine-tuning to the rider’s own desire.

The Specialized Turbo Vado SL is now available starting today from as low as $3,350. That is pretty pricey if you compare it to budget e-bikes. But it’s downright affordable considering other Specialized Turbo price tags we’ve seen. And considering that Specialized’s e-bikes are built to last for years of daily use. That is a good price, in my opinion.

For Fitness or Transport

A mixed fitness/transport bike would be great for those who live in the city that want to downsize their footprint without limiting their choices.

It’s a widely known undeniable fact that e-bikes are one amongst the most effective  and efficient ways to roam around cities. But if you’ll be able to add some decent exercise into that equation too (and perhaps save on the gym membership). Then they become even sweeter and practical options.

People would question that 80-mile range figure, considering the Turbo Vado SL’s 320Wh internal battery. Which is not winning any biggest battery awards compared to the remainder of the industry. But with efficient pedal assist, that number is entirely doable. A 30-mile ride on a pedal-assist bike with a 180Wh battery would use half the battery. At that rate, an 80-mile range on a 320Wh battery of Specialized will suffice. For an ordinary rider that is not a powerful cyclist.

The last thing that is favorable with this bike is the price. At $3,350, the Turbo Vado SL actually starts near the lower end of Specialized’s price range. A wide range that notoriously shoots up pretty high once you get into their ultra-premium e-bikes. But this price also brings a high-end and light-weight multi-use e-bike into the range of hobbyist and enthusiast riders. Not just hardcore athletes.

Social Distancing and Electric Bike

The Pandemic Lockdown in some World Governments is coming to an end. People are uncertain of their safety with the premature release from the lockdown. The contagion is still lurking and you are unsure if the person sitting beside you is free from the COVID 19.

Specialized Electric Bikes will fill the role in urban transport. It’s important that mass transit be limited to a specific number of individuals before health protocols are placed. The safest option is to ride healthy and free from those that may be carriers of the dreaded COVID 19. Our electric scooters and bikes are the answer to social distancing concerns in the field of urban transportation. Visit our site for more information on electric scooters and bikes at www.electricscooters.com.

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