Mini Micro Safety Issues

Scooters are popular for people of all ages and Mini Micro is one of the most popular with the young. Typically, adults use mopeds and powerful electric scooters to commute across town. There are also a number of trick scooters, like GoPeds and push scooters that can make for a good time outdoors.

With the popularity of scooters soaring since the invention of the Razor Scooter, there have been a number of scooters designed for young children between three and five years. These scooters can be low power, electric scooters or the classic kick scooter.

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Mini Micro

About the KickBoard USA Recall on Mini Micro Scooters

Scooter company, Kickboard USA issued a recall recently on its Mini Micro.

The Mini Micro is a three wheeled scooter for children between three and six years old. It is a kick powered scooter that is designed to give young children a smooth and stable ride.

Unfortunately, the Mini Micro has a flaw that can cause serious injury.  The plastic base where the rider rests his or her feet has a weak point that is prone to breaking. Not only does this run the risk of cutting the rider’s legs, it can cause a serious accident.

The scooter has been sold at a variety of stores, including on and the company website,

What You Can Do

On the bright side of things, Kickboard USA has been proactive in their resolution. They have issued a recall before receiving any reports of injury. The recall, which is expected to affect roughly 5,600 Mini Micro scooter owners, covers the following models numbers:

  • MM0079

  • MM0080

  • MM0109

  • MM0113

If you have one of these numbers, contact Kickboard USA at (888) 236-5657 or sent an email to Kickboard USA will replace the board free of charge.

Choosing Your Next Scooter

While three wheel scooters can be a fun and exciting way for children to ride around, it is important that they do so safely. When choosing a scooter for a young child, it’s important to follow these guidelines:

1. Look at weight and height capacity

Check the weight restrictions before you let your child ride a scooter. Children who are not heavy enough can be thrown from the device, and children who are too heavy may throw off the balance of the scooter. Also check the handlebar height and ensure that it is at a comfortable level for your child. If it is not, then see if the handlebars can be adjusted.

2. Evaluate the wheel size

This is especially important for scooters that will be ridden by young children. You don’t want to give your child a scooter with thin wheels, otherwise he or she runs the risk of hitting a stone and flipping over. The thicker the wheels, the better.

3. Check the stability of the scooter

Have your child stand on the scooter and see if he or she feels comfortable on it. Better yet, if you are able to, let him or her give it a quick test ride around the aisle. Your feet should rest comfortably on a good scooter.

4. Check the brake

This one is often overlooked, but it is very important. Some scooters have no built in brake mechanisms, and require you to drag your foot to stop it from moving. These scooters are not good scooters for children from three to six years old. Make sure that your scooter has a good braking system that your child can easily use.

With these safety tips, your child should be able to ride safely.

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