Looking for a High-end Electric Scooter? Check This buyer’s guide first!

Looking for  a high-end electric scooter? Check this  buyer’s guide first!

Are you ready to hover around with a high-end electric scooter?  With many scooters to choose from, how would you know the best one for you? People have become keen on buying a scooter, particularly when  it comes to the self-balancing  two-wheeled types. If you have been saving up for a high-end self-balancing scooter, you still need to know a thing or two before actually making a purchase. Here’s a hint – first you need to LOOK, then secondly, you need to ASK. Lastly, you need to FEEL or even try the item out.  In addition, there are a couple of things you need to do before applying these three steps.

Firstly, it is essential to know that the manufacturers, importers, distributors, and retailers of these self-balancing scooters are required to secure UL certification for safety.  This certification means that the batteries  or motors of these scooters have been tested.  Secondly, reading reviews on-line is also highly recommended. You may learn from other people’s first-hand experience. Moreover, you can check the website of the manufacturer to learn more about their quality standards. Now, that you have sufficient information from the Web, you can go to your favorite retailer shop near you and apply the three steps  below. Read on and learn.

Step #01:  Look and look carefully

The first thing you need to check is the car itself. The packing is also important.  See how the foam  board and the bubble are intact to protect the car itself and the spare parts that come with it. The workmanship of the car should also be inspected.  Check the shell well, a see which material is used. Is the shell made from a private mold or a universal mold? Does the light for the power indicator work well?  Know the brand of the tire so you can further research if it is worth your money or not. Other parts to be inspected include the pedal material and the gap in the power switch.

Another tip is also to also use the instruction manual as a guide. See all the parts indicated in the manual if they are all intact.  Next is to check the warranty card provided with the item. See if the model indicated on the card correspond to the high-end electric scooter you have been eyeing on.  See all the accessories that come with the package – training wheels, charger, cables, etc.   Counting  and seeing every corner of each item could give you less headache in the future.  This is one of the advantages of purchasing your item in person rather than doing it on-line.

Step #02: Ask questions – the more, the better!

OK, it could possibly annoy the salesperson ,  but as a consumer, it is your right to know all the details of your products you intend to buy. So, ask way!  For a rather pricey item, you need to check the quality of the self-balancing scooter.  This means you need to verify the hardware configuration used for the item, the gyroscope, the controller, the electric motor used, and the battery. See if a seller has also obtained a UL certification for safety, which is now a requirement for all manufacturers , distributors, importers, and retailers of self-balancing scooters.  This would essentially mean that your scooter has been tested for safety. The policy has been made mandatory by the U.S.  USPS which sent a letter to these manufacturers and retailers earlier this year.

Other factors to ask about include the waterproof performance of the item.  Can your scooter be used on specific conditions? Does it have other applications? How can overheating be avoided? You could also ask a few questions about the manufacturer and how the warranty works. The after-sales services should be also be checked with the seller.  Ask what you should do if it breaks down- how to send it, who takes care of the freight cost, etc. Most of the people, people tend to forget to ask these questions and they eventually get surprised with extra charges to pay when having their scooters repaired.

Step #03:  Have a feel of the item

Touching the hoverboard scooters is as essential as ‘test-riding’ it.  The general idea is not just to find a scooter that is aesthetically pleasing, but also easy to navigate or use.  Testing it would enable to see how you can keep your balance, and cruise around on narrow paths. The brake performance is also paramount for any scooter. Learn how to calibrate or change your speed and how to maneuver the angular turns. Also, see how to connect the cables properly when charging and learn the meaning of the light indicators. Know the impact you may feel when losing the balance. Test ride your scooter to  anticipate the level of difficulty in maneuvering it.

These three steps will enable you to fully understand the product you wish to have. For balancing scooters, the price should also be a key indicator of the quality. As a general rule, think twice if the hoverboard being sold costs significantly lower than $300. It is safer to go for known brands. Note that when buying a self- balancing scooter on-line, you may encounter a counterfeit item, so make sure that you ask the sellers all the questions before making any transaction. Only purchase in legitimate websites to ensure the quality of the scooter and to have the seller verified. At present, Amazon has removed several scooters on their platform after hoverboard have been deemed ‘unsafe’ unless tested and certified.

Other Quick Tips Before You Shop for Self-balancing Scooters

So, if you are truly in a hurry and cannot wait to have your very first high-end scooter,  you can follow these  tips. It is recommended that you consider U.S. brands first. For instance, with Razor, the company does not only offer warranties, but also reliable customer support. Expect that these hoverboards may take a few hours to be fully charged.  You can also research the weight of the high-end electric scooter of your choice so you would know what to expect in the shipping cost. Buying one that cost more than $600 is not really practical unless you intend to purchase one as a sports equipment. Avoid using these hoverboards in steep hills, they are not designed to ‘climb’ on an elevated platform.

It is also not recommended to purchase hoverboards for individuals below 12 years old.  As these hoverboards can go  up to 15mph, it is not suitable for younger users. The usual recommend age by experts is 12  years old and above. To better protect yourself from knockoffs, only purchase items that come with Return Policy. Legitimate items do and these policies are usually indicated in their respective websites.  Another important tip is also to check with your local state law or ask the police department where hoverboards are prohibited to be used. You can ask about the fines or penalties as well.  Get to know these information and you can maximize your enjoyment in using your self-balancing scooters.

The Future of Hoverboards

With people getting more and more aware on the use of electricity to power up transportation modes or vehicles, it can be inferred that these scooters are here to stay.  However, it is essential that governments and consumer groups become more vigilant in identifying the safer brands of self-balancing scooters. According to Professor Jay Whitacre of the Carnegie Mellon University,  many Chinese manufacturers make use of cheaper and low-quality Li-ion batteries which have caused several problems leading to explosions and fire. Another improvement that many engineers and experts wish to see in every high-end electric scooter to be released  in the future is on the quality of chargers.  Poor chargers have the tendency to make the batteries dry out and eventually pop. These and all should be factored in when purchasing a self-balancing two-wheeled scooter.

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