Latest Electric Scooters in the Market

The deployment of electric scooters in urban cities began in 2017 at Santa Monica, California. In just several days, the volume of these vehicles significantly grew followed by other e-scooter companies who want to emulate the pioneer of the shared electric scooter rides system. In the following years, a number of riders using the shared e-scooters began purchasing their personal e-rides and explored on the latest electric scooters in the market.

Private Ownership of Electric Scooters

Getting tired of electric scooter ride sharing? You can purchase your own among the latest models of 2019.

The Glion Dolly

Portability of an electric scooter is a feature that riders want with their equipment. The users want to carry it wherever they may go. An equipment that can be folded up and taken in your car, buses, or on trains are practical for the e-riders. Unfortunately, e-scooter  manufacturers have kick scooters that are burdensome when folded up, weighing heavily on the rider. A portable machine should be lightweight for users to easily bring along on long trips aboard mass transit or other vehicles.

If you want a portable electric kick scooter, Gion Dolly is the right one for your needs. This model weighs only 26 pounds when folded and carried on the go. The Dolly Model is one that has a design like a trolley when folded; there is no need to carry this unit, just pull the handle extension from the frame and you can roll the folded scooter along. 

The Glion Dolly comes with a 250W motor, not much power but its light aluminum frame is sturdy enough to give you a 15 mile travel distance in a single charge of 3.5 hours. The maximum rider capacity of the Glion Dolly is 250 pounds and price tag starts at $599.

The Scrooser

The Scrooser electric scooter is not a cheap ride. This model is manufactured in Germany and has the slick design of class and elegance that delivers a smooth ride. This model has speed settings from 3.7 mph, 12,4 mph, or 15.5 mph and could deliver a travel distance of 34 miles at a 2.5 to 4 hours on a single charge. A two-hour charge can fill up to 80% strength on the batteries. The Scrooser carries a 500W motor situated at the drive train.

The Scrooser is top heavy at 123 pounds excluding the battery. The unit has a load capacity of 330 pounds. The Scrooser’s price tag starts at $4,999.

Works Electric BR2

There are riders who want the best money can buy. Introducing the Works Electric BR2. Brad Baker, the creator of this bad ass electric scooter isn’t called the best maker of these electric equipment for nothing in Portland, Oregon. The motor of this beast is 4000W ZM2 Brushless Drive System, has a top speed of 35 mph with an acceleration rate of 4.1 seconds from 0 to 30 mph.delivering a travel range of 30 miles on a single charge.

Baker claims that his work of art has a design consisting of the best components, the best performance delivered with the best batteries. The equipment will provide riders the unique product that normally cannot be bought. Baker’s Works Electric BR2 just created a serious ride for hardline scooter revelers with this serious electric machine. 

The Works BR2 electric scooter weighs an average of 95 pounds. It has a battery pack similar to the Tesla S electric car with a powerful motor and heavy acceleration

performance. A segway has no match for the BR2 Rover’s speed. Even the fastest Razor electric scooter can only go as fast as half the speed of BR2. The Rover has a charging time of 4 hours with only 18 cents cost of electricity. Price tag of the Electric BR2 Rover starts at $5.950. Probably the most expensive kick scooter in the market.

Latest Electric Scooters

Raptor CZ

The latest electric kick scooter with a superfast top speed of 80 kph. Its battery is 60V/35Ah with 11 inches vacuum tires. Its battery charging time is from 14 to 17 hours that will deliver a travel distance of 120 to 150 km, depending on its load and the terrain it negotiates. 

A note to owners of this latest electric scooter in the market: please allow the battery to cool down after a round of high speed scooting. Once the batteries cools off, you may start charging the power packs for its protection. 

The Raptor CZ can manage steep angles up to 45 degree inclines and has a net weight of 35 kg. It has front and rear disc brakes with shock absorbers on both front and rear suspensions.  

Gotrax GXL Electric Scooter

This Gotrax e-scooter is ideal for men with its modern design and structure. The item is foldable and has a lightweight of only 31 pounds but can carry a weight of up to 220 pounds. The Gotrax is a sturdy e-vehicle that can handle bumps and rough terrain mounted on 8.5-inch pneumatic tires that compensates its suspension issue. The uphill power can negotiate inclines of up to 12 degrees on a motor power of 250W situated at the front hub of the equipment, giving it a little kick will help start it up. 

The Gotrax Glider has a top speed of 15.5 mph powered by a 36V / 187 Wh battery that could bring you to a travel distance of 12.5 miles at a charging time of 4 hours. The brakes are mechanical on the rear end while the regenerative brakes are on the front end. Both brakes are effective under a torture test in rain and not so welcoming conditions. The Gotrax GXL has LED headlights, speedometer and battery meter display, dual speeds, and a cruise control feature.

The tough Gotrax GXL is one of the best and latest selling electric scooters in the market. The sturdiness was battle tested in the  harsh two degree centigrade winter streets of Chicago and it prevailed under the potholes littering the streets of the “Windy state”. The speed started off at 16 mph, but as soon as the battery meter registered at one bar, its speed dropped to 12 to 13 mph as expected from electric powered scooters. 
The Gotrax GXL is a fun and tough machine going under abuse on the streets of Chicago and its not bad at $299.

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