The Invasion of the Best Mini Electric Scooter Today

A gigantic success in one small package – this is how the Airwheel S8  was hailed as today’s best mini electric scooter. As the cliché goes – the best things indeed come in small packages. In this era where makers of electric scooters are focused on providing superb performance, Airwheel took the opposite road and put ‘conventional’ out of its equation. Contrary to the scooters produced by other companies, the mini electric scooters released by Airwheel are likewise considered intelligent as they make use of other added features that are perfect for the type or riders of today. So, how did Airwheel do it in the first place?  What make its mini electric scooter series the best so far? How different is the overall riding experiencing? Read on and find out more about today’s best mini electric scooter.

The Company Behind the S8 Mini Electric Scooter

The goal for Airwheel is crystal clear – to produce the best mini electric scooter that would wow the riders and still provide them the best riding experience. The company, Airwheel, has been committed to adhering to three fundamental principles –innovation, sustainability, and user-friendliness.  These three  principles have laid the groundwork for the company to produce what is regarded as the line of intelligent electric scooters which includes today’s best mini electric scooter. True enough after years and years of painstaking efforts, the company’s product line is now  hailed as one of the best in the entire electric scooter manufacturing industry.

The Smart Concept Behind the Best Mini Electric Scooter

When size has become more compact than usual, there is a need to optimize the sophisticated technology installed in every unit. Indeed, the technology itself results in the creation of  a series o saddle-equipped electric scooters. Another focal feature of the S8  mini electric scooter is the inclusion of an Electric Brake System which makes it the best mini electric scooter even for the novice. This breakthrough is just one of the best features of the S8 mini scooter. Another unique feature is that it allows users to be in a sitting posture as though sitting on a chair when using it.  The introduction of this ergonomic design is a great contributor to the convenience and comfort of the users.

How Does the  S8 Mini Electric Scooter Differ from the Rest?

This intelligent scooter has taken the world of electric vehicles by storm. It has started to gain grounds as many users from across the globe began to upload videos about it.  In fact, even the distributors of today’s best mini electric scooter also encourage users to  interact with fellow users through on-line communities so as to allow many of new electric scooter enthusiasts be acquainted with the Airwheel products. As the mini scooter that enables users to be in a sitting position, it  has also stepped up its game to produce scooters that are equipped with saddles. Thus, these utterly new concepts have given the existing manufacturers of electric scooters something to ponder on.

The Ergonomic Saddle Saddle

The main reason as to why the Airwheel S8 was designed to be used in siting –position is to challenge the conventional self-balancing scooters which are mostly operated standing up. To make it work, Airwheel had to rewrite the algorithm on top of modifying and upgrading the Pressure Sensitive System. A typical electric scooter has a two-shaft driving mode whereas the best mini electric scooter has three. The change in the design allows users to avoid fatigue brought about by the standing position. The comfort and convenience that riders experience in using this best mini electric scooter contribute to the joyful and stress-free riding experience.  When in a sitting position, the driver relies upon on his feet, hip, and hands for more control as opposed to using  the legs alone.

The Pneumatic Tires

Female scooter riders also need not worry when using the best mini electric scooter.  The design and height and ease of brakes are also designed to be suitable for women’s use. The wheels used are also different making them highly viable for use on any given surface. In addition, the wheels are made from materials that enable them to absorb shock, keeping you safe even on bumpy roads.  The use of 10-inch tubeless pneumatic tires also immensely helps in keeping the riders safe all and the ride as steady as possible. With the type of tires installed in this mini scooter, it can be inferred that S8 is not only potentially the best mini electric scooter today, it can also be one of the safest on the market.

The Smart APP

Airwheel has also envisioned producing self-balancing electric scooters that can keep up with the demands of technology and the changing behavior of the riders or consumers as a whole.  This best mini electric scooter comes with a smart APP to allow users maximize its functionality. The APP can be downloaded directly from the manufacturer’s site.  The APP allows users to use their own mobile phone in checking important data or stats. For instance, to know the remaining battery charge left in your best mini electric scooter, simply access the APP. Users may likewise see the amount of time spent in using the S8 scooter. If the users wish to modify the speed, this can be done as well via the smart APP. Another key feature of the APP is that it allows different users to be part of an active on-line community of Airwheel users.

Improvements from the Initial Models

While it is true that Airwheel had already released other intelligent electric scooters prior to launching the S8 series, enthusiasts and followers of the company may see the amount of improvements done on the S8 model. The improvement ts made on the latest model inevitably makes it the best mini electric scooter at present. One of the improvements can be seen on the operating rod. The S8 model has a c-shaped rod which boosts the aesthetic value. Secondly, the model has real motors that ensure continuous and steady power output. This makes riding on the rough road still as enjoyable. Moreover, the type of tires used is also different and is a couple of notches better than in the previous models. Another important change can be seen on the Airwheel APP. There is a massive tweak on the IM social system which allows users to freely communicate with other users. The new APP feature also enables photo and video sharing and only the best mini electric scooter can offer this.

From the facet of physical appearance, it can be seen that the S8 model is close to the S6 Airwheel. The former is also one of the two latest additions to the S-series which were released this year 2016. This saddle-equipped self-balancing electric scooter is also expected to be one of the best-selling S models of Airwheel.  Apart from the overall appearance and uniqueness in operating this model, the type of batteries used in each unit is also one of the biggest reasons as to why this is considered as the best mini electric scooters today.

Final Thoughts

For many riding enthusiasts, the performance of the vehicle is paramount to finding the best mini electric scooter. However, when it comes to comfort, added support, uniqueness, and the overall riding experience – you can never go wrong with the Airwheel S8 mini scooter. The APP that comes with it makes the riding experience even better. What  makes this intelligent self-balancing scooter stand out, even more, is that it has been designed to suit women as well. Taking into consideration the difference between the riding behavior and needs of women and men certainly makes this scooter an instant favorite and a top choice for many. It would no longer be surprising if the Airwheel will take over the world’s best with its innovative concepts. If you are looking for a self-balancing scooter that is generally safer and easier to use, you may opt to get this intelligent scooter. Overall, the Airwheel S8 scooter can certainly be hailed as the best mini electric scooter of this year.

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