How To Ride An Electric Scooter?

More people are riding electric scooters than ever before, and their popularity is only increasing. You probably know that electric scooters are fun to ride, more economical than gas-guzzling cars, environmentally friendly and weave through traffic easily. Electric scooters are so popular, many companies have started ride-sharing services, so you don’t even have to buy one!

However, if you are like me, someone who had never ridden an electric scooter before, it can be a bit scary to start. After all, it’s been years since I even drove a two-wheeled bicycle, and these scooters look much harder to balance!

I decided to swallow my anxiety and learn how to ride an electric scooter. In this article, I will teach you how to ride an electric scooter the way I learned! 

It is not difficult once you learn the proper technique, so don’t worry at all. If you have ridden a kick scooter as a kid, it will be easy for you to learn to ride an electric scooter. Even if you haven’t, it’s not a big deal.

Like all skills, you just need to have two virtues: practice and patience. Once you master these two things, you will confidently ride your electric scooter around town.

How to Use an Electric Scooter?

Learning how to ride an electric scooter is not a difficult task. Even kids find it easy to ride an electric scooter, so it will be easy for you. You just have to follow the steps below to become a master of riding an electric scooter on your streets.

#1. Find a Large Area to Practice

Your first duty is to find a large area where you can practice riding your electric scooter. The place should not be crowded, and it should be away from traffic. You can choose empty parking lots or back roads for practice.

You need some time to become a master of riding an electric scooter on the street. Until then, it is safer for you to first practice in a large area like an empty parking lot. Then, once you are confident in riding, you can drive in the bike lanes of your city.

#2. Rent an Electric Scooter

If you don’t have your own electric scooter to practice with, you can rent one. There are many electric scooter rental companies such as Lime, Bird and Razor. If you are renting an electric scooter, then always be careful not to damage it during practice!

Once you learn all the skills required in riding, you can invest in a good electric scooter. You can also buy a good second-hand electric scooter. There are many available on Amazon – look for savings with the used-like new radio button on the right-hand panel where the prices of a product are listed. 

Used scooters are typically half the price or less than a new scooter, depending on their condition. You can always try Craigslist or your local bike and scooter shops as well. 

#3. Wear Protective Accessories

You should wear a helmet. The helmet is an essential protective accessory. It will protect your head and face if you accidentally fall while practicing on an electric scooter. So even after mastering your electric scooter, don’t forget to wear your helmet.

You can visit your local sports gear shop to find a helmet that fits your head well and has moisture-absorbing capability, so you can feel comfortable while riding.

#4 Wear the Right Clothing and Equipment

Proper protective gear and clothing are essential. You should wear appropriate clothes in the winter that will protect your arms and legs. You can choose from a variety of long-leg pants, jackets and gloves.

In the summer, wear comfortable and breathable clothes such as shorts and a t-shirt. 

How To Ride An Electric Scooter Safely

Other than the helmet, you can wear other protective accessories that protect you from injuries like knee pads or elbow pads.

#4. Familiarize Yourself with Your Scooter

Before riding, you should familiarize yourself with the various components of the scooter. You should know where the accelerator, brakes, light, horn and other components are in an electric scooter. 

Again, you should know how your electric scooter brakes work before learning how to ride an electric scooter. You should be well acquainted with the folding mechanism of your electric scooter. Most electric scooters have handlebars and a folding stem. You should know how to lock both of them properly.

#5. Precheck Your Electric Scooter

Precheck your electric scooter to make sure that your electric scooter is in good condition. You need to check a few things such as:

  • The tires should be in perfect condition. 
  • Ensure the brakes are easily adjustable.
  • Make sure there aren’t any strange noises coming from your electric scooter.
  • Check the charge of your battery. You should fully charge your battery before you start learning how to ride an electric scooter

You can read the user’s manual to learn how to charge the battery of your electric scooter. Some electric scooters require 2 – 3 hours to charge, while some may require overnight charging to reach completion.

#6. Seek the Help of a Friend

If you have a friend that is well acquainted with electric scooters and knows how to ride, then you can seek their help. They can teach you some skills and give you guidance about various components. In addition, your friend can share some tricks with you.

#7. Place the Electric Scooter on a Flat Surface

Now it’s time to learn to ride an electric scooter. First, you need to place your electric scooter on a flat surface. Then, it will be easy for you to learn how to get on.

#8. Raise the Kickstand

You can use either of your feet to raise the kickstand of your electric scooter. Then place one of your legs on the deck with your foot facing forward. 

Lean forward slightly and hold your handlebars. Once you start to move, place your other leg on the deck of your electric scooter, which allows you to maintain balance while riding an electric scooter.

#9. Press Throttle Steadily

In every electric scooter, you find a throttle. When you press the throttle, the motor provides power and propels you and your electric scooter forward. You can use the throttle to increase or decrease the power of your electric scooter. 

As you are new to an electric scooter, you need to press it lightly. Make sure to start pressing the throttle in a smooth and slow motion.

#10. Rotate Handlebars to Turn

If you want to turn, then you can use your handlebars. Keep your movements slow and smooth, even while turning.

#11. Use Brakes

Your electric scooter has brakes similar to bikes. You have to pull the brake lever to stop your electric scooter. However, don’t abruptly pull the brakes, or you may be thrown off your electric scooter.

#12. Check Mileage and Battery Life

During your ride, you should keep an eye on your battery life and mileage. When it comes to mileage, if you have read the manual of your electric scooter, you will be acquainted with its range. 

While riding, have a look at the mileage of your electric scooter. If you see that your battery has been drained of almost all its power, then it’s time to go back home to recharge. You don’t want to have to push your electric scooter for a long distance, making you tired and irritated.

Common Mistakes While Riding

#1. Pushing Your Throttle too hard

If you push the throttle of an electric scooter too hard, your electric scooter may jump forward, and you may lose control and fall from the deck.

Some electric scooters have multiple modes. You need to set it to the slowest mode for your safety while learning.

#2. Pulling Brake Lever too Hard

When you pull the brake lever too hard, your electric scooter may suddenly stop, and you may lose control and fall from your electric scooter. You need to pull your brakes gently to avoid falling.

#3. Leaning on Your Electric Scooter

When you lean or slightly bend your body while riding your electric scooter, it changes your center of balance, which may cause you to fall from the electric scooter.

#4. Turning Handlebars too Far

Your center of balance is slightly disturbed if you take a turn on your electric scooter because you need to shift your weight correctly. But turning the handlebars too far away may prevent you from keeping your balance, leading to a fall.

#5. Not Wearing Any Protective Accessory

If you don’t wear a helmet when riding and suddenly fall from your electric scooter, you can sustain a head injury. You may get injuries on your knees or elbows if you don’t wear knee pads or elbow pads. So, you should always wear safety devices before riding.

How To Safely Ride An Electric Scooter

#6. Without Reading Manual

The instructions may slightly differ from one electric scooter to another. So, you should always read the manual before riding.

If you don’t read the manual and start riding, you will not be aware of various instructions. That may create a problem.

#7. Understand Your Local Laws

Before riding or purchasing an electric scooter, you should be aware of the rules and regulations of your locality.

The laws and regulations for electric scooters vary from one state to another and from one locality to another. 

For example, in some states, you cannot ride an electric scooter at all, whereas in others, you can ride in bike lanes but can’t ride on sidewalks. 

So, get aware of all relevant laws before you start riding. Otherwise, it may put you in a predicament where you will be compelled to pay a fine to authorities.

Wrap Up

Riding an electric scooter on the road is quite thrilling. If you are new to electric scooters, then follow the steps in this article and practice thoroughly. You can master riding an electric scooter in a few days. 

You should ride slowly when you begin, and after practicing for several days, you can increase your speed. Don’t forget to wear protective accessories while riding! They will protect you from accidents.

Please share your experience if you follow these steps and learn how to ride an electric scooter. I would love to read about your experience.

Happy riding!

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