How To Fix An Electric Scooter

Electric scooters have a lot of charm. A quick ride around the neighborhood with the wind in your hair can change your mood for the better for the rest of the day. These fast, trendy scooters attract all age groups. They are no longer only for kids; there are some electric scooters with incredible firepower out there that attract adults too. 

There is a range of electric scooters available from kids to adults. The electric kick-and-push scooters are great fun to ride and are very easy to maintain. The best part is, they have controlled speed, are environmentally friendly, and offer an excellent transportation alternative for short distances, including for students on college campuses or commuters. 

If you regularly use your electric scooter, then there is a chance you may run into some operational issues. You might face a sudden breakdown. You might have problems starting the scooter.

Perhaps your motor is slowing down? I understand what is going on with your scooter and have a super-easy guide on what problems you may face and how to fix your electric scooter on your own. Here are step-by-step instructs to check what your problem is and instructions to repair it.

Finding the Problem

When one of our electrical gadgets is having a problem, we tend to get irritated and take it straight to the repair station without trying to figure out the problem first. 

To find a solution to the problem, you first have to know what the problem is. So, if your electric scooter is throwing tantrums, you should inspect it properly and look for the root cause. I am sharing a few tips that will help you to identify the issue. 

Suppose your scooter does not start with your switch key. Do not panic. Give it a few minutes. The very first thing you can do is to try pushing it along for a short distance. It may help to get things rolling. 

Sometimes, you can troubleshoot that easily. Just push the scooter for a few yards, and it might ignite the engine. If it still does not start, you can check through the following steps and find out the real problem. 

Check the Power Switch

Whenever your electric scooter gives you trouble, start looking for the problem by checking the power switch. We tend to look for complicated problems, but most of the time, the problem is right in front of us.

If your scooter is not responding, then put the power key in and click it from off to on and back off again few times. 

There is a high chance the switch is a little loose. It may start, but if not, then check it with a multimeter. If the multimeter shows the key switch is properly functioning, move on to check the other components. 

Check the Motor

The motor is the main component that keeps your electric scooter moving. If you are having a problem starting it, then check the engine. Pick up each wire and patiently check to see if there are loose or disconnected wires.

If you find loose wires, then put them back correctly. If not, then there is also a slight chance that the coil has overheated. There could also be a short circuit in the motor. You can check this by touching or smelling the engine. 

If you can smell something burning, then it seems you have found the problem. Under such circumstances, you need to change your motor

Examine the Battery

If your motor seems to be doing fine then, the next possible problem might be the power source. The next step is to check whether the battery of your electric scooter is working correctly. Is your charger charging the battery or not?

Fixing An Electric Scooter

Check the indicator and give it some time to be sure. Longer rides can cause problems for the battery. If you identify the problem is with the charger or the battery, you can quickly get those replaced. 

Watch Out for the Fuse 

If it is not the motor and the battery, then check the fuse. There is a small chance that something with the fuse has gone wrong. This can be because of the common error of overcharging. 

Check the circuit with a multimeter and find out if it is working correctly. If not, then you have to get it changed. Do not delay: a lousy fuse can cause a lot of problems.

Run a Test on the Throttle

What should you do if you find your electric scooter throttle is not working correctly? It means that the speedometer is the real cause for the trouble. Run a test on the throttle. It is advisable to use a 4.5-5 V DC power source along with the multimeter. A multimeter cab show if there is a problem. Once you have confirmed the throttle is the source of your headache, you can quickly get it fixed at a repair station. 

Running Out of Battery too Quickly

There may be times when you find that you are running out of battery too quickly. You have charged it for enough time, but your scooter is not working well. What should you do? Here is a simple formula: exhaust the battery entirely and then allow it to charge for 8 hours straight. Do not disturb it. 

Once you have completed the process, begin using it. If it is still giving you trouble, then run a voltage test to check. If the test indicates the battery is weak, then it might be the right time to get a new battery.

If the Fuse Keeps Blowing Out Regularly

If a fuse blows out once in a while, that’s a natural occurrence and you have nothing to worry about. If it is a routine matter, then you need to run a thorough check. 

Blowing a fuse is an indication of overload, so be cautious about the possibility of discharge. Also, check if the scooter is missing an electrical part. With this problem, you may want to keep an eye on the speed controller too. 

Brake Issues

Brakes are one of the essential components of any vehicle. They help you maintain steady control over the electric scooter. Trouble with the brakes is a severe issue. 

Another situation can be that one out of two or three of your brakes is not working correctly. You still should not ignore this problem. 

First of all, check the brake shoes. Then check the cables linked to the brakes. There is a chance of loose wires. Fix them first, and then drive your scooter. If the brakes still do not work, you might have to replace the brake shoes with new ones.

The Motor is Not Accelerating

If it isn’t easy to speed up while driving, and the scooter motor is not picking up speed while running, do not get agitated. 

There is nothing wrong with the engine. It might be that the speed controller is causing the trouble. Run a throttle check. It will give you a fair idea of what the problem is, and then you can get it replaced. 

Chain Falling off the Motor

Another common issue is when the chain falls off the motor, this may turn into a hazard. You may lose your balance. 

If you have such an experience, immediately inspect the chain, look for a breakage. If not, then align the sprockets. If that too does not work, then get it changed. Do not delay, as this serious problem may lead to an accident. 

Another possibility might be that your rear wheel is misaligned. In this case, you have to get it aligned properly by a professional.


Where to Fix an Electric Scooter

Various repair centers exist to help you keep your scooter in pristine condition. Another exciting way to get support is to get connected to ESG forums. This is an online community of electric scooter enthusiasts who share problems and offer solutions to each other. 

Where To Fix An Electric Scooter

How to Repair a Schwinn Electric Scooter 

Currie Technologies (also known as Ezip) created a line of scooters under the brand name of the hugely popular bike manufacturer Schwinn. Schwinn electric scooters became very popular, however, they were later discontinued. Seated electric scooter models like the S-500 and S-1000 and those meant for kids like S-150 sold quite well. 

Due to them no longer being in production, it is notoriously difficult to get replacement parts and troubleshoot these scooters. You can click here to get your Schwinn electric scooter repair manual. Reading the manual will provide you with insight into how your electric scooter works. It shares general warnings and step-by-step details to solve every problem. From scratches to significant issues, this manual contains comprehensive solutions. 

Ezip 400 Electric Scooter Troubleshooting

The Ezip line of scooters was the natural successor to the Schwinn electric scooters. Suppose you own an Ezip 400 electric scooter and are experiencing electrical problems, then here is how to fix it. First of all, use the multimeter for checking wires. Charge your batteries before conducting checks. Once the battery is charged, you can check it with the multimeter. If the batteries are fine, then check your charging port and the cables for the problems.

Another component that may be causing the problem is the powerful motor. Use a multimeter and check it. Through a multimeter, you can give your electric scooter a complete check-up. Read the manual for more information about Ezip 400 electric scooter troubleshooting.

Pulse Charger Electric Scooter Troubleshooting

What if you own a Pulse scooter and your Pulse electric scooter won’t run? Here is a guide to troubleshooting these popular electric scooters.

Pulse Charger Battery Pack Replacement

If you need to change the battery, then you can do it yourself. Begin by unscrewing the nuts and removing the upper cover, then remove the plugs from all the wires. Now reinsert the new battery carefully. Be very careful that the cables do not touch each other or tangle up. This may lead to problems.

Pulse Charger Belt Replacement

Unscrew the cover board at the back wheel from both sides. Remove the break. Now take out the belt and replace it with the new one.

Pulse Charger Motor Replacement

Remove the cover board and the boards at the back wheels. Now you will find the motor. Carefully remove the old motor by disconnecting wires. Now place the new motor in and attach it to wires. You are done!


We hope that these simple steps have helped you find answers for fixing your electric scooter and where to fix an electric scooter. I have tried answering with all possible situations in mind.

You have to follow them step by step for maximum efficacy. It may also help you save money and avoid rushing to the repair station every time you encounter an issue with your electric scooter. So, relax, you can fix any problem, and there is nothing to worry about. Enjoy your rides!

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