How To Charge A Razor Electric Scooter?

I should first congratulate you on purchasing a Razor electric scooter! It’s one of the most sought-after and popular brands of scooters, and for good reason: you will find that its performance, safety features, and style is second-to-none.

So now you want to ride your new electric scooter on the street and have fun with your friends. But to do this, you first need to completely charge your battery. The battery is the most essential component in a Razor electric scooter, as it is the fuel tank that stores power and supplies it to the motor.

You might be confused about how to charge a Razor electric scooter? Maybe you know already but want to make sure you’re doing everything correctly? Don’t worry at all.

In this article, I will answer this question in detail so that after reading, you can properly charge the battery and enjoy a ride on your electric scooter.

Properly charging your electric scooter also has the benefits of being able to travel longer distances if your battery has a full charge. Correct charging can also increase the lifespan of your electric scooter’s battery.

How Can You Charge An Electric Scooter?

In the manual, you can see all the instructions regarding how to charge an electric scooter. They can often be incomplete, however, or have missed a few steps.

So, I will discuss with you step-by-step how to charge your electric scooter. The steps are as follows.

#1. Allow Your Electric Scooter to Cool Down

If you have ridden your electric scooter, then don’t start charging it immediately. Instead, you should leave some time – at least 30 minutes to 1 hour – so that battery and the other electronic components will cool down.

If you immediately charge the battery while it is still hot, it may shorten the lifespan of your battery.

#2. The Battery Charger and E-Scooter Must be Dry

If you have ridden your electric scooter in the mud, rain, or snow, don’t charge it immediately. Instead, you should leave some time so that water in the electric scooter evaporates completely. You should never use a hairdryer to dry your electric scooter because that will allow the water to get inside your electric scooter, damaging the components. If you are in a hurry to charge your electric scooter, it’s better to use a vacuum cleaner to dry it.

#3. Use Charger From the Same Brand

Suppose the original battery charger of your electric scooter has been damaged or broken; you should not use a battery charger of a different model to charge your electric scooter. It can damage your battery.

How To Charge Razor Electric Scooter

It’s best to repair your original charger or purchase a new battery charger.

#4. Prefer Cool Dry Environment

You should seek a cool, dry place to charge the battery. Try to avoid charging when the temperature of your area goes below 32° F or above 104° F. If you charge your scooter’s battery in the direct sun, it may permanently damage your battery and other electronic components. The battery might even explode and cause harm to those in the vicinity. So, it’s better to avoid charging in direct sunlight.

#5. Switch Off Your Scooter During Charging

You must be sure to turn off your electric scooter while charging, so that there will not be an unnecessary discharge of your battery. If your electric scooter indicates the battery level after switching off the scooter, then it’s all well and good. But if your electric scooter does not show battery level after turning off, you might be tempted to switch it on while charging – don’t do it!

#6. Put Your Battery Charger on Power Source

Your first duty is to plug the charger into the wall to avoid any short circuits. Try to confirm this from your manual, as every model of electric scooter is different. So, read the instructions before charging. In most cases, you need first to plug the charger into the wall and then into your scooter.

Once you plug your charger in, you will see a green light. If you don’t see the green light, then there is a fault in your charger, so please refrain from charging your electric scooter with that charger. Instead, try to repair your charger or purchase another one.

#7. Put Your Battery Charger on Charging Port

Your electric scooter may have a port cap. Remove the port cap when you want to charge your electric scooter, then plug the head of the charger into the port of your scooter. Now your electric scooter will begin charging.

#8. Wait for Charging to Complete

Once you connect the charger to the port, you will see a red indicator light which means your battery needs charging. After some time, depending on the battery, the indicator light will automatically turn green, which means that your battery is 100% charged.

#9. Charge to 100%

You should always charge your battery completely – until you see a green light on the charger. Once you see the green light, unplug your charger from your wall.

#10. Don’t Try to Overcharge

Overcharging your battery is not a good idea. It may damage the life of the battery. So you should unplug your charger once you see the green indicator light on your charger.

#11. Don’t Ride Immediately After Charging

You should not ride immediately after charging, as this increases the change of your battery overheating. So you should allow at least some time to cool down, and then you can start your ride.

How to Charge a Razor Electric Scooter?

Razor is a famous brand of electric scooter. The process of charging is almost the same as described above. I will still list the charging process specifically for a Razor electric scooter, so that you will not get confused.

  • You should use the razor model charger to charge your Razor electric scooter. You should first connect your charger to the wall. You will see a green light appear immediately on the charger.
  • Then connect the head of the charger to the charging port of your Razor electric scooter. Once you connect it, you will see a red light that indicates that your battery needs charging. After some time, it turns green, which means the battery has fully charged.
  • Remove the charger.
  • Wait some time and enjoy your ride on a Razor electric scooter.

Charging Time of Razor Electric Scooter

A Razor electric scooter requires almost 12 hours to charge completely. If you notice the green light on the charger appears after charging for just 1 – 2 hours, then this is an error and your battery is not fully charged. It may indicated a problem with the charger.

How to Charge Electric Scooter Without Charger?

The battery is the heart of your electric scooter. It needs charging from time to time so that you can ride your electric scooter on the street.

Modern black electric scooter

However, if your battery charger has been damaged, you should not worry about being unable to charge your electric scooter. You can charge your battery without a charger, you just have to purchase a portable jumper and follow these few simple steps.

#1. Try to Remove Your Battery

You should first remove the battery of your electric scooter. Your battery lies under the deck or bed of your electric scooter. You have to remove the deck by unfastening the screws with a screwdriver. If you directly charge your battery with the help of a portable jumper when it is inside your electric scooter, it will create a lot of heat that will damage various components.

#2. Disconnect the Positive and Negative Terminals

You need to disconnect the positive and negative wires of the battery to avoid discharge.

#3. Keep Your Battery in a Safe and Dry Environment

You should keep your electric scooter battery in a dry and safe environment so that your battery will not receive damage from moisture or anything else.

#4. Connect the Portable Jumper with the Battery

Now you need to connect the red cable of a portable jumper with the positive end of the battery and the black cable with the negative end of the battery.

#5. Switch on Portable Jumper

Now you can switch on your portable jumper to transfer the power to your electric scooter’s battery.

#6. Time to Disconnect

When your electric scooter battery fully charges and the green light appears, you can disconnect the jumper.


Charging an electric scooter is not a complex process. You just need to be sure to charge the battery of your electric scooter correctly. For example, a Razor electric scooter requires almost 12 hours to fully charge the battery.

So, in that case, you can charge overnight so that after waking in the morning, your electric scooter is fully charged and ready for riding. Other models of electric scooter usually take 3 – 8 hours to charge the battery fully.

The charge lasts for a maximum of 6 hours. If you ride at top speed, then the battery drains its charge faster.

My discussion in this article regarding how to charge an electric scooter will help you charge the battery of your Razor scooter. If interested, I also wrote an article on how to fix an electric scooter.

Please don’t forget to share your suggestions for this article. Please share your experience regarding charging the battery of your electric scooter, I would love to read it and learn some new tricks!

Happy riding!

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