The Halo Rover: The All-Terrain Electric Hoverboard to Add to Your Shopping List

When it’s time to go shopping for a new toy, the new Halo Rover by the HaloBoard can be a perfect addition to your list. With the many electric self-balancing scooters available today, you will find yourself looking for that one with the unique selling point. The most important features sought by consumers today when choosing the best electric hoverboard goes beyond price and overall appearance. The quality, safety, and tech features are now considered as the top concerns or factors considered by consumers when selecting mobility devices.

Why Choose the Halo Rover

Watching videos of users enjoying their daily cruise using the electric hoverboard Halo Rover can instantly capture your attention due to one interesting capability. Yes, this electric hoverboard can be used in all types of terrain. An all-terrain electric hoverboard that also boasts an interesting appearance and size, the HaloRover is one of the few electric self- balancing scooters that are completely safe for daily use.

This electric hoverboard has a unique design starting from the types of wheels used. This electric scooter can be used in all kind of terrain thanks to its durable and shock-absorbent 8.5-inch tires. The tires are also equipped with sensors which help the users navigate the electric self-balancing scooter more easily. With a maximum acceleration of 10 MPH, even going uphill, the Halo Rover is certainly one of the top-performing hoverboards today.

Top Features of the Halo Rover

The Halo Rover electric hoverboard can be used up to 10 miles of range in a single charging. Users can also enjoy its 10 mph maximum speed. It comes with headlights to improve visibility during night time. In addition, it is also equipped with Bluetooth. The batteries used are UL certified LG Li-ion. Its charger is UL certified and tested as well. Another interesting feature of this electric hoverboard is tat it is certified ipx4 water-resistant. The body is made from indestructible materials such as the aluminum board. This makes this electric hoverboard truly durable. Therefore, users can still enjoy it even amid a sudden rainfall. The unit can also be used in a terrain of up to 20 degrees hill grade. Each purchase also comes with a 6-month manufacturer warranty.

The Company Behind the Halo Rover

With the Halo Board electric skateboard as its flagship product, the company that goes with the same name –Halo Board, is a US-based small sized enterprise established in 2015. Anchored to the goal to manufacture electric self-balancing scooters and electric skaters that would give the sensation of riding a snowboard or a surfboard, Halo Board worked on its own Smart Halo Technology .Each electric hoverboard under the brand name Halo Board is equipped with the said technology so as to provide the riders the best experience possible.

The said technology enables users to sync the Halo Board app and the electric hoverboard. This means that the rider can listen to his or her favorite music while onboard the Halo Rover. The application can be accessed in order to adjust or configure the settings of the electric hoverboards produced by Halo Board. The speed, power, as well as the steering sensitivity of the electric self-balancing scooter and electric skateboard of this brand can also be set by the user with the help of the app. In short, the app allows the users to take full control of the mobility gadget to maximize the riding experience.

Another key use of the app that comes with this electric hoverboard is that it is able to track location in real time. The GPS tracking system adds a layer of security protection. More so, this electric hoverboard can be used by riders of different experience levels. For instance, it can be used by beginners, experienced, and advanced users. The users can use any of the three modes.

Aside from the official app that comes with the electric hoverboard, Halo Board is also a company that is keen on providing a self-balancing scooter with a sleek design. The sweeping curves, the polished finish, and the perfect lines that are evident in every model are just among the few design tweaks that new users can expect from the latest electric hoverboard and electric scooter from Halo Board. Without any doubt, the massive following that the firm is getting at present can very well make them one of the electric scooter makers to watch out for in 2017.

Halo Rover and its UL Certification

Safety is also ensured to those who intend to purchase or use the Halo Rover as this electric hoverboard is UL 2272 Certified. This means that the product’s battery system has been subjected to fire-safety and electrical testing. The presence of the UL Certification is an essential indication that the hoverboard’s electrical drive train system, the charger, and the battery pack itself have successfully passed all essential tests. However, consumers must also remember that having UL certification does not cover evaluation or tests on reliability, rider safety, or general performance.

Safety Precautions on Using Hoverboards As Per UL Recommendation

While UL conducts tests on the quality of the battery system and electric drive system, it also has its own recommendation on proper safety precautions that consumers should take into account. Firstly, consumers are advised to check for the UL Mark on both the packaging and the product. Note that a UL-certified electric hoverboard should bear a UL holographic label that comes with an enhanced marking placed at the bottom part of the electric self-balancing scooter.

Another recommendation is to ALWAYS keep the electric hoverboard from any flammable materials while being charged. The electric hoverboard has its own recommended charging period and this should be followed accordingly. Using a charger that is different from the one that came with a product may likewise pose risks and fire hazards. Only use the designated electric charger. Make sure that you also read the manual and the packaging to know more about the hazards and warnings.

Other Products of Halo Board

Aside from the Halo Rover, Halo Board has other products to offer its growing customer base. The Halo Board is an electric hoverboard with a single wheel that lets users experience hovering to a different level. As its slogan states, this electric hoverboard lets users zoom through the air with a speed of 12 mph. It is designed with a step-and-go type of platform which allows even novice riders to get the hang of the ride in no time. The Halo Sensors t and its new Halo Riding Technology are just two of the freshest innovations that can be found in the Halo Board. Each unit is also equipped with Halo LED lights which allow users to navigate even during the night time.

The Halo Go is also another flagship product of Halo Board alongside the other electric hoverboard, the Halo Rover. The Halo Go has a completely chromed out finish. It also comes with rubber wheel protector that allow smooth rides. Each Halo Go is also engineered to last and is highly durable as each is made from top-notch grade components. The dynamic LED lighting design that is evident in Halo Board products is also used in this particular model. Customers are also provided with Halo Go bags for proper storage and portability.

It is apparent that with the features of the Halo Board products, efficiency, technology, and appearance can be infused well in a single product. With the different issues faced by other manufacturers of electric scooters and electric hoverboards, the firm behind the Halo Rover certainly considered all of them in researching and developing the product. If you wish to experience what the best electric scooter has to offer, you may opt to check the latest models from Halo Board. Get to know more about the electric hoverboard and electric skateboard offered by the company by checking reviews online.

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