Gogoro, the Future of Electric Scooters

Gogoro Smartscooter, the Future of Electric Scooters

CEO of Gogoro Horace Luke’s passion to design was made possible four years ago after revealing this smart electric scooter inhabiting the capability that anyone has never imagined before. His creativity was popularized in Microsoft, HTC, and Nike and now in this Gogoro smartscooter. The company raised $150 million with the shared investments of HTC’s founder Cher Wang and co-founder Matt Taylor who is Luke’s colleagues. Defined as the world’s admirable ebike, the smartscooter started from nothing but purely designs. It was derived from Taiwan, being the top rated country in owning the coolest scooters worldwide, Gogoro, built the smartscooter little by little, until finally they arrived in the most innovative way and the best in finding answers on every tiny necessity of ebikes around the globe.

The Power Shortage

Due to lacking in public infrastructure’s charging station that will take of up to 4 hours or more to get a full vehicle charge, Gogoro devised a way and solve the problem through opening their own stations in Taipei for charging the electric scooters. So, instead of consuming a couple of hours just to charge your electric scooter, a two new fully charged batteries will pop out of the station and it’s for you to change the depleted batteries of your smart electric scooter. The most convenient and fast way is to drop by on Gogoro’s charging hub which you can locate thru the use of the Gogoro app. You can also make a battery reservation using this app in the nearest charging hub.

Experience a Techy Ride

Nothing is comparable to a smart electric scooter like Gogoro Smartscooter. For an instance, HTC as one of Gogoro’s founders added one of its features and that is to enable sound downloads and all the bells and whistles. It has a sleek design and an always on Bluetooth enabled smartkeys linked to the smartphone app, totally wireless connections, a multipurpose USB charger and 80 digital sensors. Gogoro electric scooter is also extremely customizable. The additional features of an unlimited tweaking of speedometer’s colors and sounds are programmed in its digital interface. You can also replace the faceplate because it is attached magnetically and you can barely choose any designs that you want.  There are also programmable LED headlights and tail lights which is very aesthetic in nature.

It’s a scooter-nothing more nothing less except the alien-like infrastructure

From 0 to 50 kph (31 mph) in 4.2 seconds, is the Gogoro smart electric scooter’s regular rate of travel. It can reach up to a maximum of 60 kph which then is slightly comparable to the 57 kph of Vespa 946. Upfront view shows a safe and slow drive away, but then it can drive a faster punch of about 125cc gas engine. This makes it very appealing to young riders who look for neatness, coolness and enjoyment on the road. Indeed, this electric scooter is like as the usual scooter except its design which is very unique (looks like the one in the star wars).

Smartscooters’ Smartphone Integration

Real-time feedback can be experience due to Gogoro smart electric scooters’ linkage to smartphone apps. Truly inevitably that Gogoro comes up with an app that can run diagnostics, monitor battery levels, provide Bluetooth function, instruct you to enhance your riding experience, and even gives you notifications when there is any malfunction in the system of your electric scooter. You can also automatically set schedules of your maintenance and change of your batteries to charging hubs. Moreover, you can use wireless capabilities to show maps on where to find the closest charging stations for your depleted batteries. As well as maximizing your axis range and accelerate faster.

Gogoro Riders Subscription Plan- GoStations

Subscribing for a monthly plan for the Gogoro batteries on charging stations is a bit expensive. Aside from batteries of the Gogoro electric scooter, roadside travel assistance is also included when you subscribe to the monthly plan. These stations have two categories; the lower-use station hubs and the higher station hubs. And of course, high traffic can charge batteries faster, while lower traffic takes a whole night to completely charge two pieces of batteries. The Gogoro electric scooters’ GoStations sometimes empties a supply of these batteries that’s why it is suggested for you to have your battery scheduled for you.

Two Gogoro Batteries last for a Maximum of 60 miles

As Luke said, “Way back then- the AA battery has done a great shift in the consumer electronics industry. We think, these batteries- the Gogoro batteries/smart batteries would enable such huge innovation in wider industries”. There will also be no pollution problems anymore; only electricity must be produced somehow. Electric scooters batteries will last up to maximum of 60 miles before the rider has to change it on smart charging hubs. The reliability and efficiency of these batteries was proven and actualize in lighting homes and powering small appliances. Thus, it is not unusual to lose its effectiveness in the electric scooters.

Gogoro Smart Batteries Saves A Lot

Swapping batteries of the Gogoro electric scooter saves a lot of time for you. You can find the 2 pieces of battery docks under the lighted cargo area of the round shaped seat of the smart scooter. This is your way to change the battery of your electric scooter , you just have to slide the batteries into the spring slots.When the Gogoro batteries are not usable on the road anymore for the electric scooters, almost 70% of its capacity is refused by the Gogoro for recycling. Instead, they prefer to use it to power cells at home for small appliances and lighting purposes.

The Price is Right

After series A in 2011 which gathered around $50 million, Gogoro is planning to open a series B to expand the business of smart electric scooters. Regular price for Gogoro Lite is about NTD 88,000 or equivalent to US$2,716. For the midrange model, NTD 98,000 or US$3,025 and for the Gogoro smart electric scooter plus model it is around NTD 108,000 equals to US$3,334. Each model only differs in their level of customization. For instance, the USB enabled charger is not available in the Gogoro Lite model. Taiwan is eager to move their city forward to the use of cleaner energy, the reason why they are offering subsidies to those who are willing to purchase the electric scooters. Such case in Taoyuan, a NTD 26,000 was given on non-gasoline users.

The future of Gogoro

Gogoro smart electric scooter is continually improving its own way to the future. People from all over the globe are expecting these electric scooters to be available in their markets in more affordable prices. Luke eagerly willing to provide remedies and alternatives to any problems that Gogoro is encountering in these smart scooters. He already mentioned that in a year or two, there will be more GoStations and Gogoro smart batteries to be released soon. Taiwan is very lucky to have the Gogoro smartscooters first hand. Gogoro and its HTC investors are expected to add more features on the soon to release models of Gogoro smartscooters. It’s power saving and eco-friendly purpose to lessen to use of fuel and electric charging is expected to be more advanced in the future.

From the use of fuel engines, and now electricity and battery powered motors, cars and vehicles are now available. This realization of electric scooters had brought forth the dreams to reality concepts of mankind. Aside from being cool in nature, eco-friendly and travel buddy, you can ask nothing more. Luke did everything to make it look perfect. They are very certain that people would likely to adapt their product not only in Taiwan but also globally. Pros and Cons in this Gogoro smartscooters will arise, it is for you to balance your ideas and understanding whether you will like to have the Gogoro smartscooter in your place or not. Extreme ideas just like this smartscooter will continuously mark its name in the world market; join the flow of better living.

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