Get Mesmerized by the Best Electric Cars 2017 Has to Offer

I know, I know – it is quite tough to consolidate a list of the top electric cars 2017 is bound to offer us. But, we can’t help it – this year seems to be the year when technology and eco-efficiency are going to drive the realm of an automobile into a frenzy. Before we say bonjour to the number of electric cars 2017 is throwing our way, let’s take a quick look at the reasons as to why you should think about switching from gasoline-powered cars to battery-powered types.

Why Take the Switch?

The first and probably the most important reason to finally replace your gas-guzzling automobile is to drastically reduce CO2 emission which has a massive impact on the environment. Going for a more environmental-friendly option when it comes to automobile choice can be considered as a great personal contribution to caring for the environment. For sure, all electric cars 2017 has to offer consumers are guaranteed with the minimal or practically zero emission.

Another factor that you may want to take advantage of is the number of incentives you can get from availing an electric car. There are federal and state incentives that could give you a nice deal when purchasing a unit of the best electric cars 2017 has to offer. So, this should dispel the myth that electric cars are only for those who have a lot of cash to spend. The truth is – with the savings you get from using an electricity-powered vehicle in the long run plus the tax breaks and incentives you get, we can safely say that these electric vehicles are designed to be enjoyed by all types of drivers.

So, are you now thinking of making that lifestyle adjustment and embrace the idea of riding o

one of these top electric cars 2017 has in store for you? If your answer is YES, it’s time to see the units that made it to the list of exciting electric cars 2017 has.

Jaguar I-PACE

Surprise! Surprise! Jaguar has an entry too. While most people are more familiar with the fossil fuel-powered Jaguar cars,  the I-PACE is now putting the name into the list of exciting electric cars 2017 has to offer.  This particular model exudes the charm of the F-PACE. Experts also believe that this is the car that could compete well against the Porsche Macan.  The electric motor of the I-PACE also allows the car to propel at 60mph within just 4 seconds.

Both power and performance are just two of the reasons people should be excited about Jaguar’s first electric car.  Moreover, the charging capacity is also one of the best in the electric vehicle industry. In Just 90 minutes, you can enjoy driving the car again as it is recharged by 80%. This year, Jaguar is keeping its followers and clients updated about the car and is also accepting pre-orders.  The addition of a Jaguar EV is certainly one great reason to be excited about the electric cars 2017 has to offer.

The Faraday Future FF91

There is no way that the Faraday Future FF91 be omitted on the list of the top electric vehicles to watch out for. Firstly, this beast could essentially be one of the contenders for being the fastest car to be ever developed. Yes, the car can go from 0 to 60 mph in just 2.37 short seconds. This is even faster than Tesla Model S (Sorry, Elon).

While the speed is one of the top reasons the FF91 is listed as one of the top electric cars 2017 has to offer,  this electric vehicle has so much more to offer. The self-parking ability, the facial and owner recognition, and the technology-laden safety features are among the top reasons car enthusiasts should consider getting a Faraday FF91.

At present, this model is already in its pre-production phase and the manufacturer is now accepting pre-order or reservations.  A deposit of $5000 is all it takes to secure your spot and get one of these best electric cars 2017.

Tesla Model 3

There is no way we are not including a Tesla car on the list.  While the Model Sis now undergoing tweaks and updates to wow its customers and reach a record-breaking acceleration, it is safe to say that we are just as excited as to what the Model 3 has to offer. For sure, this should be included on the list of most exciting electric cars 2017.

The Model 3 is now being marketed as the ‘affordable’ model of Tesla.  Equipped with the same incredible and high-performing battery technology,  top speed, and better range,  this is certainly a good Tesla option for those who are not ready to spend a lot but are aiming for their own Tesla car. This model is already in its pre-production and release of the actual units is expected sometime late 2017 or early 2018.  It’s always a good idea to settle for one of the top electric cars 2017 has to offer.

The Volkswagen ID

When affordability is one of your top considerations in getting an electric car, then the Volkswagen ID is a great option to explore. Not only is this one of the top electric cars 2017 has to offer but is also one of the car models that is making noise in terms of the built-in autonomous driving technology. Compared to the VW Golf, this model is designed to completely rely on electric sources.

With the technology used in this car, you simply have to drive around while within a town or city, but when you hit the motorway, the car takes full control of the driving.  When you need some extra space, you simply push the steering wheel into the dashboard and you now have some free space for other activities. If you are interested in getting your hands on this car, going ahead and pre-order this year.


Are you ready to hear the great stat of NEVTEV NIO EP9?  Here’s an exciting one —  NIO can zoom for standstill to astonishing 124 mph in just 7.1 short seconds.  Yes, this is far better than the typical 0-60mph  acceleration capability of most cars.  It does not end there – this car has a top speed pf 194 mph.  Simply put, this car has made it easy to score a spot and worthy of a place in the top electric cars 2017.

Moreover, this c ar is the current record holder of the all-electric lap which transpired in Nurburgring.  It is apparently a sign that the concept of motor racing can be incorporated into electric vehicles as well. If you cannot wait to drive one of these beasts, see to it that you have the money for it as the price per unit is no joke at all.  One unit is said to cost around $1.2 and only about six units are expected to be produced for low.

Porsche Mission E Concept

While Porsche Mission E Concept is current in the pre-production phase, there is no doubt that this could be one of the top electric cars 2017 that is most looked forward to.  Equipped with no less than three electric motors, this AWD can take you for 0  to 60 mph is just 4.6 seconds. The top speed is electronically set to 131 mph.

Another impressive feature of the Porsche electric car is the range that goes up to 310 miles. Yes – 310 miles of great driving experience.  Other features that may tickle your fancy includes the solar panel roof, the battery technology, the integrated security platforms, and the OLEX headlights.

If getting your own electric vehicle is in the pipeline, then checking the electric cars 2017 has to offer makes perfect sense. This year is bound to be an exciting one in the electric vehicle industry as the luxury brands are also starting to join in. Get ready to get some updates and do some extra research to find which among the best electric cars 2017 has to offer is the right one for you.

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